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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2514 - To Remove and Replace(2)

Chapter 2514: To Remove and Replace(2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Oh my god, Little Xie… Your plan… This is insane!” Qiao Chu slapped on his forehead with his eyes widened.

The troops from the Lower Realm were going to intercept and kill the people from the Upper Realm?

No one in this world would believe it if they heard those words!

“I like it.” Fei Yan grinned especially brightly. Jun Wu Xie would always come out with various strange and eccentric ideas, and this was absolutely fascinating.

At the current time, the decision made by Jun Wu Xie was unanimously agreed by everyone. There were only parts of the members of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army on the ten ships as the second batch was yet to arrive. Jun Wu Yao had sent his order out so that all the members of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army could change their sailing routes and head to the isolated island. He had also made an agreement with Zi Fei, that if there were any extra people, they would be staying on the island while waiting for messages to be sent to them anytime.

The isolated island wasn’t really far away from the Upper Realm, if something happened, they should be able to reach the Upper Realm at full speed within half a month.

Though Zi Fei was surprised at their plan, she was pleased about it as she would always support any movement that was targeted at the Upper Realm unconditionally.

The dead bodies of the Sea Spirit Beasts were left on the boats of the Sea Spirit City so that they were able to conduct the plan even smoother without raising anyone’s suspicions.

From that day on, the ships of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army no longer stopped around the island. Instead, they took the route map and went to intercept the ships of the Sea Spirit City. Every ship from the Sea Spirit City had a complete route map that was marked with the responsible sea regions that were taken by each ship.

It could be said that the Night Regime and the Ghost Army had basically held tightly onto the itinerary of every ship from the Sea Spirit City with their hands when they got the route map. It was just a matter of time for them to intercept and kill them!

Jun Wu Xie and the others did not hurry themselves to the Sea Spirit City. The most critical point for them was to be able to take over as many ships as possible to ensure that there were enough numbers of ships for the members of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army to board the ships. Luckily, there was no need for them to worry about the rotting of the carcasses of the Sea Spirit Beasts as the Sea Spirit City had their own method to preserve the bodies.

During the period of time, Jun Wu Xie had been staying on the island for most of the time to cultivate her psychic force along with the guidance of Zi Fei.

The Night Regime and the Ghost Army acted so quickly that more than ten ships had been taken over by them within three days. Each ship was able to accommodate hundreds of people and the crews of half of the ships which were dispatched by the Sea Spirit City this month had already been replaced with their members!

After Qiao Chu and the others saw that the psychic force cultivation of Jun Wu Xie was going well, they too, surreptitiously pleaded Zi Fei to teach them. When facing Qiao Chu and the rest of them who had the similar age as her kid, Zi Fei certainly wouldn’t reject their request, and thus, she had also taught them the cultivation method.

However, the progression of their cultivation didn’t run well as strenuous efforts were often made to cultivate the psychic force. Except for Rong Ruo, she was slightly better than them, but still, it wasn’t comparable to the progression of Jun Wu Xie’s cultivation.

This had caused the few of them who were full with confidence at first to receive a huge blow.

They knew that Jun Wu Xie was a genius who was born to beat the others, but… they wouldn’t think it was necessary for her to even go so far and crash them with the pace of the cultivation of her psychic force…

Their hearts were painfully hurt.

Without any other choices, Qiao Chu and the others could only give up the cultivation of the psychic force while Rong Ruo was the only one who was able to withstand it.

Was the cultivation of the psychic force an intrinsic advantage for the females? Qiao Chu and the rest couldn’t help but doubted.

Zi Fei smiled after listening to their words.

The tranquil isolated island was the place where everyone was able to enjoy their last moment of peace before they headed to the Upper Realm.The moment they stepped onto the ground of the Upper Realm was the moment the battle began.

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