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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2522 - Let’s Beat Him at His Own Game (2)

Chapter 2522: Let’s Beat Him at His Own Game (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The first thing Jun Wu Xie did in Yan Hai’s mansion was to hold a large scale of personnel transfer, replacing all the servants and the guards in the mansion with the members of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army. Ye Gu was an attendant who served for a scholar while Ye Sha and Ye Mei were the stewards, and even Jun Wu Yao had become her “bodyguard”.

Without everyone in the Sea Spirit City realizing, Jun Wu Xie had already been mapping and arranging her plan.

The steward of the city palace visited Yan Hai’s mansion in the afternoon. While looking at Jun Wu Xie who was sitting on the main seat, his face beamed with a courteous smile. “Congratulations, Young City Lord! The City Lord was really satisfied with the result of your first hunting experience, and so, the City Lord had decided to let you take over some of the duties in the Sea Spirit City. Please be prepared, Young City Lord.”

Though that person was smiling on the face, inside him was actually trembling. Yan Wan’s decision seemed ostentatious, but as long as one was not an idiot, he or she would immediately figure out the hidden intent behind it after thinking deeply about it. In the Sea Spirit City, Yan Hai was infamous for his superciliousness and his arrogance, the steward was so scared that he would slaughter him on the spot due to anger.


The expected wrath did not appeared.

Jun Wu Xie slightly nodded her head while Ye Sha, the disguised steward, instantly stepped forward and received a letter from that person.

“Alright, I got it,” responded Jun Wu Xie.

The steward couldn’t help but felt a little surprise. The Young City Lord usually didn’t seem to be someone who was able to keep his equanimity. He was clearly being fooled by Yan Wan, but why was he acting so calmly?

Not being able to think further more, the steward could only leave as Jun Wu Xie had already requested him to go.

When the steward walked out of Yan Hai’s quarters, still feeling a little strange, he turned his head and looked at the entrance door that was already closed. He then glimpsed over the guards who were standing at both sides of the door. This was weird since he normally wouldn’t think that there was anything impressive about the guards of the Yan Hai’s mansion, but today, he suddenly found out that these guards who were guarding at the entrance were sharp in their eyes. The aura they gave out was cool and solemn, seemingly to be different from the past.

Nonetheless, this question just ran across the steward’s mind for a short while. Not having the courage to stay for a longer time, he left hurriedly.

After the steward from the city palace left, Qiao Chu and the others who were standing behind the main hall all the time came out and nimbly found themselves a seat each to sit down.

“Let’s take a look at the letter! Faster!” Qiao Chu looked eagerly at Ye Sha.

Ye Sha opened the letter and handed it over to Jun Wu Xie for her to glance through it.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows, “It’s just some chores. Planning the schedules of the departure time of the ships and handling the things in the workshop.”

Yan Wan was quite smart in this case. These were just some trivial matters. They weren’t related to the main authorities of the Sea Spirit City.

“The workshop?” Qiao Chu was slightly confused.

Jun Wu Yao explained, “The workshop of the Sea Spirit City is the place where they process the Sea Spirit Beasts. It will take Little Xie a lot of time to carry out the duties given by Yan Wan to her, and she can’t play any tricks when dealing with those works, or else, once there’s any problem issued, even if Yan Wan chooses to not blame her, the other people in the Upper Realm will still not ignore it.”

Jun Wu Yao went through the paragraphs on the letter. He must admit that there were still some brain cells existing in Yan Wan’s head. The demand for the Sea Spirit Beasts was directly related to the entire Upper Realm. Even if Yan Hai wanted to fight against him, he wouldn’t have the guts to make any mistakes in this matter.

“It’s really hard to accept the relationship between the father and the son in the Upper Realm.” Rong Ruo shook her head. The fact that she had just arrived at the Upper Realm but had already been witnessing the way a father persecuted his son, this place was seriously such a disappointment.

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