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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2524 - An Interesting Piece of News (1)

Chapter 2524: An Interesting Piece of News (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The workshop of Sea Spirit City was located at the corner of the city and covered an enormous area.

The reason why Sea Spirit City could maintain its position amongst the seventy-two cities was because it was close to the Sea of Death and the residents here were very good at hunting Sea Spirit Beasts.

Every day, Sea Spirit City will provide a large amount of Sea Spirit Beasts’ blood, bones, skin and bones. These items were then distributed to various places in the Upper Realm to meet various demands.

It was still early when Jun Wu Xie and friends arrived at the workshop. However, in the afternoon, there were many people busy in the workshop. They were smothered with the pungent smell of blood. The whole workshop was filled with the disgusting scent of blood, death and blood. Every square inch was permeated.

When they entered the workshop, many people recognized the identity of the “Young Master”. Many people wanted to ingratiate themselves but they were ignored.

From the moment Jun Wi Xie and the rest stepped into the workshop, their moods sank to an all-time low as they looked around. The dirty ground was stained with blood. The ground meat was embedded in the cracks in the floor, already turning black.The pungent scent of blood mixed with the smell of raw meat made people felt like they’ve entered hell.

The few of them only stayed in the workshop for a short while, but felt that they were unable to continue tolerating it.

On that island in the Sea of Death, they had spent much time with innocent little Sea Spirit Beasts, but today, all they could see were numerous carcasses of the Sea Spirit Beasts in that bloody workshop.

Even if it was described as ‘to pile up like a mountain’, it was not an exaggeration.

Rong Ruo and the rest were like escaping the workshop as they ran out. Once they were out, their faces were so unsightly. They could not forget what they had just seen, those dismembered pieces of Sea Spirit Beasts, just like a nightmare.

Especially the jars that were filled with the blood of the Sea Spirit Beasts, the number was downright shocking. When they left, most of the jars were shipped out of Sea Spirit City and sent to the Upper Realm.

“This is the way that the Upper Realm gain the Gold Spirit?” Rong Ruo’s complexion was deathly white.

On the isolated island, she spent the most time with the Sea Spirit Beasts cubs, and that bloody scene caused her heart to be alarmed and she trembled in fear. Compared to the number of Sea Spirit Beast onboard the ships, the number in the Sea Spirit City workshop is truly terrifying.

Jun Wu Yao nodded slightly, “The blood of the Sea Spirit Beast can be fed to a newborn child, and their flesh and blood can also speed up the ascension rate. Within the army of the Upper Realm, the meat is the best tonic for cultivation.”

Having already played witness to the actions of the Upper Realm. Jun Wu Yao was abnormally calm. He was only concerned about Jun Wu Xie, but he did not find any abnormality on her face.

Everyone knew that such a scene was familiar to Jun Wu Xie, but only the time and place have changed.

Qiao Chu and the others could no longer endure it and so they chose to go home. Just as they were prepared to leave, a man with an emancipated face and evasive eyes suddenly walked towards Jun Wu Xie.

“Young Master! You’re finally back. While you were not here, I have waited patiently. The previous thing, I have not clearly explain to you.” That man saw Jun Wu Xie and his eyes lit up.

Jun Wu Xie paused slightly in her walk. The tone of this person’s speech was different from that of others. He obviously had some close connection to Yan Hai.

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