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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2526 - An Interesting Piece of News (3)

Chapter 2526: An Interesting Piece of News (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“But those few young masters, for reasons unclear, died in the earliest training phase. I’ve been with the palace for many years, and I have heard bits and pieces of the story. Looks like the deaths of those young masters are connected to the Master.” That person was more forthcoming after receiving money, as he told Jun Wu Xie everything he had found out.

Jun Wu Xie discreetly sent a signal with her eyes. If Yan Wan is only taking precautions against Yan Hai, she could accept that. But if Yan Wan had continuously murdered his own children, then that was simply too crazy and ridiculous.

Even tiger will not devour its cubs.

If what this person is saying is true, then Yan Wan is simply too ruthless, it’s too shocking!

“Is there conclusive evidence?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

That person shook his head.

“I’ve heard all these things from various people in the palace and pieced them together myself. This matter is a forbidden topic in the palace, hence no one talks too much about it. There is no smoke without fire, so it’s most likely true. If not, how is it possible for the sudden deaths of the young masters, and after their deaths, the Master was not sad at all. Even you, Young Master, when you were born, they examined you and found that your innate talent was just average, just slightly weaker than the others. But thankfully, you were fortunate to survive. This matter… Is truly odd. Now that Young Master has displayed your abilities, I am worried that the Master would harm you.”

This person didn’t have pure intentions, but he knew how to adapt to circumstances. He knew that Yan Hai was his last hope so he was trying his best to board the Yan Hai ship.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t say much after she finished listening. She instructed the man to be careful, and let him leave. They then returned to Yan Hai’s mansion.

When the door was closed, the faces of several people sitting in the hall were not so good.

“Oh, Yan Hai is such a brute but I didn’t expect that his father is even more ferocious. Even after killing a few of his own sons, he didn’t even feel troubled.” Qiao Chu sat on a chair, he was really shocked by the news they obtained today.

Who would have thought that the struggles in the Upper Realm were this terrifying?

To protect one’s own position from being threatened, Yan Wan would actually murdered his five children without blinking an eye?

You know, if you really count it, Yan Hai could only be regarded as the sixth child of Yan Wan, and the few of them have already died in infancy.

“This is the Upper Realm.” Rong Ruo sighed. The cruelty here was indeed frightening.

“Since Yan Wan can kill five of his own children, now that Little Xie is assuming Yan Hai’s identity, judging from Yan Wah’s precautions against you, it won’t be long before he makes his move. I think he gave you more tasks to keep you occupied and trick you. I have a feeling that he’s planning something behind your back.” Fan Zhuo rubbed his chin, he didn’t think that Yan Wan would spare even his adult son. Especially since this son and him were at loggerheads.

The five were already killed, this is the last, and he won’t escape that easily.

“After all this time, Yan Wan married Liang Shi Shi, just to have another child? This means that he’s already decided to kill Little Xie?” Fei Yan opened his eyes wide.

They didn’t think about it before, but after listening to all that, they suddenly realized……

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