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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2537 - Femme Fatal (2)

Chapter 2537: Femme Fatal (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Lian Xin is smart. She knows which one to choose.” Old He was very sure about this.

But Yan Wan was a bit hesitant, “But, if it raises Yan Hai’s suspicion, wouldn’t it be…”

“Don’t worry, Master. This old one here will handle everything.” The lips of Old He curved into a sneer. He was once fooled by Jun Wu Xie, but that didn’t mean he was no match for a green horn.

After getting the idea decided, Old He immediately sent his people to contact Lian Xin, and as expected, Lian Xin assented to his proposal. She then went to weep and wail at Yan Hai’s mansion the following day.

She was straightforward, saying that she was having a rough time as her parents had gotten into trouble with someone and were murdered yesterday night, and she herself had dodged the tragedy because she was outside the house during that time.

Despite having a beautiful face, Lian Xin was also good at benefiting from her own advantages. Even when crying, she looked so pitiful and tender. The heart stirring sobs was the only sound to be heard in the large hall.

“Young Master, Lian Xin is all alone now, please do do justice for me.” Though crying like a weeping beauty, Lian Xin didn’t forget to shoot a vulnerable gaze towards Jun Wu Xie who was sitting on the main seat.

Not to mention that, inside the main hall, how fascinating were the expressions of Qiao Chu and the others who were invited to come over and watch the soap operas.

Before this, Jun Wu Xie had already learnt about the background of Lian Xin. She was a close confidante of Yan Hai, with a little intimate relationship in their friendship. However, the woman’s timing of visiting was quite interesting.

Although Lian Xin had a very close relationship with Yan Hai, she knew about the thoughts of a man very well. She understood that hassle made no deals, and thus, she never took the initiative to meet Yan Hai. Today was the first time she came to find him. Yesterday, Jun Wu Xie had thrown all the killers’ dead bodies in front of the entrance of the city palace, and today, Lian Xin came and wept out her grief about both her parents being killed.

This was such a coincidence. Generally speaking, everyone would think that Lian Xin was the one who was being swept by the wave of Yan Wan’s wrath, which it was also a way of Yan Wan to teach Yan Hai a lesson.

But this matter didn’t seem to be what it actually was in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

Jun Wu Xie supported her chin with one of her hands while looking at Lian Xin who was crying pitifully. Neither did she speak something to console her nor did she step forward and get her up, she was just sitting quietly there, as if those wretched weeping sounds had not gone into her ears, not even a bit.

Lian Xin cried so strenuously to the point her eyes began to swell, but there was still no any expected consolation coming from Yan Hai, leading her in feeling slightly confused. Yan Hai usually treated her really well, there was no way he was reluctant to let her shed even a drop of tear, how was he such a stony person today that he didn’t even want to listen to her grievance?

Lian Xin was inwardly puzzled but she did not dare to question her confusion directly. She could just only covertly observe every movement of Jun Wu Xie, with a sorrowful and pitiful expression still holding onto her face.

With an extremely subtle expression on their faces, Qiao Chu and the rest looked at Lian Xin and then moved their eyes onto Jun Wu Xie who was sitting on the main seat.

And the thing that had gotten them to feel even more interesting was Jun Wu Yao who was sitting beside Jun Wu Xie. Although he had changed his face, there wasn’t any diminution in his aura at all. There was always a devilish smile hanging on the corners of his lips, but today, there was less craftiness in his smile but more of a killing intent.

Qiao Chu and the others couldn’t help themselves from feeling sorry for Lian Xin. Why would she find Jun Wu Xie, of all people, for help? Didn’t she know that the time when Jun Wu Xie married Qu Lingyue in the Lower Realm, there was a satan who had gotten all his eyes green?

And now, Lian Xin actually had the guts to constantly flirt with Jun Wu Xie in front of Jun Wu Yao. She was surely tired of living and was seeking death!

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