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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2540 - Ruthlessness Is The Mark of A True Great Man(2)

Chapter 2540: Ruthlessness Is The Mark of A True Great Man(2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Yan Wan suddenly stood up and threw Liang Shi Shi who was in his arms onto the floor!

Liang Shi Shi fell onto the floor, causing her body to ache all over. She looked terrifyingly at Yan Wan who had broken into an outrage all of a sudden.

“Ma-… Master…”

Without even casting an eye on her, Yan Wan looked at those guards who were kneeling on the floor and said, “Today, she’s yours.”

“What!” Those guards widened their eyes incredulously. With their gaze sweeping over Liang Shi Shi and Yan Wan, they simply couldn’t believe what they heard.

The face of Liang Shi Shi went deathly pale with the colour of blood completely draining from her lips.

“Master… What… What are you talking about…” It was as if all the warmth in Liang Shi Shi’s body had faded away at the moment, she felt so cold that even her blood was going to freeze.

She was theirs?

What did he mean by those words?

Not speaking a word, Yan Wan was just standing there with his hands clasped behind his back in a dull face.

Old He who was standing aside began to speak at that moment.

“You guys want to die? You don’t even want to listen to the Master’s orders now?”

Old He’s voice had made those guards shudder. While looking at Liang Shi Shi in disbelief, they had no way to link Yan Wan’s words to everything that was happening now.

“If you guys don’t do it, don’t ever think of leaving here alive today.” In a cold tone, Old He continued.

Those guards had been serving in the official residence for years. Listening to Old He’s way of speaking, they knew that he was serious about it, and that he really meant to kill them if they chose not to follow the instructions. For the sake of their lives, they could no longer care for anything else. Every single one of them then pounced onto Liang Shi Shi who had a complete paleness on her face just like a ravenous wolf predating for its meal!

There were dreadful screams coming out one after another from Liang Shi Shi’s mouth. It was such a shrill scream that it made everyone’s blood run cold.


Yan Wan was just standing there, watching his official wife ended up turning into the plaything of the guards with not one bits of sympathy in his eyes but hatred.

Liang Shi Shi’s screams became weaker as the guard lying above her was constantly being replaced one after another. She went from struggling in the beginning to staying all numb at the end. It seemed like she had had her soul lost, lying on the floor without moving even a bit.

How would she ever know that it was just her being self-opinionated that she had even lost herself in the reverie when she was married majestically into the official residence? And how could she know that there would be this one day where she was being pushed into the deepest abyss by her husband with his own hands!

Yan Wan looked at the scene for quite a long time before he kept his sight back and moved his eyes onto Old He who was standing aside.

“Is the crime of raping and murdering his own stepmother heavy enough?” Yan Wan’s voice was so cold that there wasn’t any bits of warmth felt in it.

Even Old He was appalled by Yan Wan’s cruelty. He knew that Yan Wan was always brutal with his actions, but he never expected him to be such brutal. He had personally sent his wife into the Hell just for him to defeat Jun Wu Xie.

“Yeah… This is more than enough,” anwered Old He in a deep voice.

Satisfyingly, Yan Wan nodded his head. “Sent an invitation card to Yan Hai. Tell him that today is the birthday of his stepmother and ask him to attend the ceremony in time.”

“Yes!” Old He responded.

“You should know what to do tonight. This is the very last chance and I don’t want to see anything goes wrong, or else you and I will be the one to suffer. Do you get me?” Yan Wan stared at Old He with his cold and gloomy eyes.

Even the ruthless Old He broke into a cold sweat after being glared at by Yan Wan. He then quickly promised, “This old one here has got it. I’ll definitely place all the experts in the residence, and there surely won’t be any problem happened again!”

“Alright.” Yan Wan slightly nodded. He then glanced over Liang Shi Shi who was breathing weakly, and without even turning his head back, he left.

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