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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2541 - Ruthlessness Is The Mark of A True Great Man (3)

Chapter 2541: Ruthlessness Is The Mark of A True Great Man (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

In just a short time, the invitation letter from the official residence had already been sent to Jun Wu Xie. The expression of Jun Wu Xie became really subtle when she saw the letter as she was just planning on how to deal with Yan Wan at the moment.

“What’s Yan Wan planning to do again?” Stretching his head out, Qiao Chu glanced through the letter. The only thing stated in the letter was that it was the birthday party of the City Lady and Jun Wu Xie was invited to attend the dinner tonight, plus the person who sent the letter to her had also mentioned that besides Jun Wu Xie, many moguls in the Sea Spirit City were also invited to the event.

This seemed to be something real.

If Yan Wan hadn’t tried to assassinate Jun Wu Xie and set her up with the honey trap after that, then this party might be much more credible.

But Jun Wu Xie had just thrown Lian Xin’s body out of the mansion this morning, and Liang Shi Shi was then going to celebrate her birthday tonight, wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?

“Little Xie, are you going?” Rong Ruo looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and simply threw the letter on the table, she then slowly said, “Since they have invited me, of course I’m going.”

“But there is definitely something wrong about the event. Who knows if Yan Wan has secretly designed something vile to point against you?” Rong Ruo slightly frowned. The thoughts of Yan Wan in killing Jun Wu Xie had earlier been known by everyone. Would there be any nice things for him to invite Jun Wu Xie to the official residence during this sensitive timing?

“Even if it’s a banquet of treachery, I’ll still be going. Didn’t the person Yan Wan sent here just now had said that a lot of moguls in the Sea Spirit City were invited to the birthday feast? If that’s so, why shouldn’t I go?” With a touch of coldness coming out from her eyes, Jun Wu Xie arched her eyebrows.

Looking at Jun Wu Xie, Qiao Chu widened his eyes with a thought suddenly appearing in his mind after listening to Jun Wu Xie’s words.

“Little Xie, is it that you are actually thinking of… taking over the Sea Spirit City by this opportunity?”

“Why not?” Jun Wu Xie said flatly. The appearance of Lian Xin had already touched Jun Wu Yao’s bottom line, even if she chose not to make any movement, Jun Wu Yao still wouldn’t let Yan Wan survive through the night. It was, as well, better for her to settle everything when all the people in the Sea Spirit City gathered in the same place.

“Then… can we go too?” The heart of Qiao Chu was heavily pounding. It felt like the party that Yan Wan had prepared for Jun Wu Xie would certainly become the thing he regretted doing the most in his whole life. Such an entertaining drama, how was it possible for them to miss it?

“Just go if you want to.” After finishing her words, Jun Wu Xie stood up and spoke to Ye Sha, “Choose a pretty box as the birthday gift.”

“A box?” Ye Sha stunned.

“Do you really want to send him a gift?” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows.

Her words had left everyone in the main hall speechless.

Not to mention that Jun Wu Xie had accumulated a large amount of wealth during the years when she fought all around the countries, even the piles of betrothal gifts given by Jun Wu Yao were already massive enough to scare a person to death. They had never thought that there were actually times when Jun Wu Xie was trying to be stingy, but they wouldn’t have known that…

Her first time in being stingy would come so suddenly.

But after all… even if the present was sent out, sooner or later, it would still have to return to Jun Wu Xie’s pocket. But this small little lady actually became so petty all of a sudden that she didn’t even want to let Yan Wan to have a look on the present.

At that moment, everyone was in a dilemma, not knowing whether if they should cry or laugh upon her behaviour.

Ye Sha was a frank one as he had seriously gone to do what Jun Wu Yao had ordered him to do. He had found an extremely splendid brocade box, but except for a stone that he picked up from the ground, there wasn’t anything else inside the box. Just by looking at the appearance of the box… Well, it was really a suitable one to fool someone.

The night had arrived. There were quite a number of noble families in the Sea Spirit City that had been invited to the birthday party of the new City Lady.

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