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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2542 - The Banquet of Treachery(1)

Chapter 2542: The Banquet of Treachery(1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Everyone didn’t even know what the lady looked like, but she seemed to be targeting Yan Wan’s reputation and she was fully prepared at that, as she sent many a great gift to celebrate.

Jun Wu Xie and others left the mansion unhurriedly. On the way, they saw many splendid horse-drawn carriages heading towards the official residence. It seemed like there would be no intrigue and tricks, all these appeared to be just a regular birthday celebratory banquet.

Upon reaching the main door of the official residence, the inside and outside the official residence was decorated with lanterns and colored banners; full of joy and excitement. The guards at the front of the house were welcoming guests who were arriving.

When Jun Wu Xie and the others appeared, it caused a strange vibe to settle upon the excitement that was otherwise surrounding the mansion.

The people who were originally noisy, upon catching a glimpse of Jun Wu Xie, suddenly quieted down. The eyes of those guests could not help but fall on Jun Wu Xie, with many complicated emotions arising within those many pairs of eyes.

Everyone knew that the Young Master was currently Yan Wan’s one and only child. But this relationship of the father-son pair was extremely poor. It can be said that the old and dead were never in contact. It was unknown why Yan Wan suddenly gave Jun Wu Xie quite a bit of privileges. However, as a result, instead of using this chance to solidify his position in Sea Spirit City, he even caused harm to more than a hundred vessels, which went out on a voyage, to return empty.

He caused a great loss to the whole of Sea Spirit City, and angered Yan Wan so much that Yan Wan took back control of the sea routes and workshop.

Nowadays, the conflict between Yan Wan and Jun Wu Xie had become more and more ferocious. Everyone could see that Jun Wu Xie had arrived with a group of guards, bearing a gift. One could not help but guess, what interesting things would happen during the birthday banquet?

The methods employed by Yan Wan were so cruel that it was known by everyone within Sea Spirit City. If someone else had gone against him, that person would have died multiple times. And Jun Wu Xie was the one person that he could not touch.

In Sea Spirit City, many people were secretly guessing what kind of means Yan Wan will use to deal with Jun Wu Xie, who was getting more and more out of control.

Everyone knew that just this morning, Jun Wu Xie’s apparent ‘confidante’ Ling Xin had met with a calamity. A delicate beauty who ran to seek protection from Jun Wu Xie, but… not long after entering, she was carried out of the mansion by some men, and had already taken her last breath.

Regarding this, many people deeply felt that the methods of this Young Master was growing more alike in cruelty as Yan Wan.

The cold eyes of Jun Wu Xie swept over the guests and although there was no expression on any one of the faces, but the people who had been touched by her cold gaze felt shivers down their spines and they subconsciously avoided her gaze, and dared not oppose it. Unknowingly, they didn’t even have the courage to look her in the eye.

“Young Master has arrived?” Old He remarked, as he stood by the side of the door welcoming guests. Suddenly, seeing the arrival of Jun Wu Xie, his eyes flashed a sneer, but his face did not reveal anything strange, just flashed an amiable smile and ushered Jun Wu Xie into the residence.

“My Lord and Lady have been waiting for you. Please quickly go ahead and enter.” Old He smiled as he affected a benign countenance.

Jun Wu Xie threw a glance at him and lifted her chin at Ye Sha. Ye Sha, at once, handed a steel box that contained some sort of secret, to Old He.

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