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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2544 - The Banquet of Treachery(3)

Chapter 2544: The Banquet of Treachery(3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Today’s birthday banquet, there will be a problem.” Hua Yao barely sat and he commented to Jun Wu Xie in a low voice.

“Brother Hua, what do you mean?” Qiao Chu asked curiously.

Hua Yao’s gaze swept past their surroundings, after he made sure that there was no one nearby, he said, “We know very clearly what that box that Little Xie gifted contained. Little Xie has also found out from those killers that Old He’s powers are almost equal to Yan Wan. With his powers, as long as something touched his hand, he will know what it is. Just now, when he took the metal box, his expression was frozen as he knows what the box contained, and he had to suppress his unhappiness, and still smiled as he welcomed us in. If you think that nothing is going to happen during the banquet, I won’t believe it.”

If there was an abnormality, there would be a demon.

Today, Old He would ‘endure humiliation as part of an important mission’, he would not attack Jun Wu Xie as the Young Master of the city because there were more important things to be accomplished.

“Tsk tsk, that old ignorant person’s laughing face is just like the folds of a bun, he looks like he doesn’t have good intentions. Little Xie, later you should watch out.” Qiao Chu nagged at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie just gave a perfunctory response

Be careful?

The one who should be afraid is not her.

Jun Wu Yao, who was seated beside Jun Wu Xie, had not spoken at all, he just held a hint of a smile as he accompanied his little fellow, being especially intimate.

As the banquet was about to start, Yan Wan and Liang Shi Shi, who were the main stars today, have not appeared.

Everyone was curious but didn’t dare to say a thing; they just sat there earnestly and waited.

Old He suddenly walked into the banquet hall with an anxious expression. He walked past all the guests, and headed straight for Jun Wu Xie.

“Young Master!” Old He’s expression was unsightly as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

“Yes?” Jun Wu Xie replied calmly.

“Young Master, it’s time to start but My Lady doesn’t want to come out to greet the guests. My Lord has been trying to persuade her but to no avail. My Lady said that Young Master is not pleased with her, and she doesn’t dare to meet the guests. As you can see, the whole mansion is filled with awaiting guests. My Lord has requested your presence to help persuade My Lady. Even if you are not happy, but for My Lord’s reputation, please at least give some perfunctory comfort to My Lady.” Old He was being very earnest, as he affected a helpless demeanour. Whoever saw it would feel like he didn’t have a choice.

Old He’s voice was not loud, but who could maintain a high position in Sea Spirit City with just average strength? Those people have already erected their ears at that moment since Old He had appeared and everything said had fallen into their ears.


This banquet hasn’t begun, and there’s a good show to be watched?

Don’t wish to see guests? It was obvious that this was a ploy to make things difficult for the Young Master.

The crowd were clear but no one wanted to vocalise it. They could only wait for Jun Wu Xie’s reply eagerly.

Jun Wu Xie’s cold gaze fell upon the wrinkled face of Old He, there was no expression on his face but he was sneering in his heart.

Was he going to make his move?

“Since she doesn’t wish to, as a junior, I should go to pay my respects.” Jun Wu Xie agreed generously.

With that agreeable countenance, it made Old He, who had prepared a speech, stunned.

Like this… and he agreed?

Isn’t that a little too easy!

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