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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2545 - The Banquet of Treachery(4)

Chapter 2545: The Banquet of Treachery(4)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Why? Is there still any other thing?” Calmly, Jun Wu Xie asked.

Old He suddenly recovered from the daze and quickly responded. “No, no! This old one here will now bring Young Master there. Young Master is certainly a sensible person, please follow me.”

Speaking, Old He stretched open his arm as he gave his way out so that Jun Wu Xie could leave her seat first.

While watching Jun Wu Xie leaving, the curiosity of every single person there was left hanging in suspension. How they wished they could follow them and have a look on what was going on.

However, the moment Jun Wu Xie just left the banquet, Yan Wan had already stepped forward with his speech explaining that the reason she left was just to have some conversation with the City Lady, and this had successfully reassured quite a number of people.

On the other side, following behind Old He, Jun Wu Xie walked through the long corridor from the front yard to the backyard of the official residence.

It was completely silent inside the yard with only the moonlight showering on the tranquil compound. There were quite a lot of flowering plants in the yard, giving out a delicate fragrance. There was the brightness of the candlelight coming out from the house in the yard. Old He brought Jun Wu Xie to the front of the door and stopped his steps.

“Young Master, please wait for a moment, let this old one here inform the Mistress first,” said Old He.

Jun Wu Xie slightly nodded her head.

Old He knocked on the door and there came a little maid quietly opened a narrow gap of the door from inside the room. After she saw that it was Old He who had knocked on the door, only then she let him in.

Jun Wu Xie waited for quite a long time outside the door. With the beam of the candlelight, all she could see on the window was only the shadows of the two people inside the room, seemingly to be talking about something.

After waiting for a while, Old He finally walked out from the room. Upon seeing Jun Wu Xie, he then smiled and said, “The Mistress is in the room. This old one here has already informed her. The mood of the Mistress has stabilized quite a lot, please do convince her well, Young Master. Everything that has been prepared today was all out of the Master’s good intention, if the Mistress insists on not showing up, it will be difficult for us to explain to the guests outside there.”

“I get it,” Jun Wu Xie responded flatly with still no expression on her face.

Old He then once again expressed his gratitude before he continued, “Then this old one here will leave the Mistress to you, Young Master. I’ll return to the banquet first to take care of the guests, otherwise they will complain that the official residence has no etiquette.”

Old He was humble with his words. There wouldn’t be anything wrong if these words were spoken by the others.

But in the Sea Spirit City of the Upper Realm, Yan Wan was the one conquering the land, those people wouldn’t have the guts to even fart if they were being left sitting at the feast for the whole night, let alone delaying the starting time of the event.

However, Jun Wu Xie did not mention about the issue but just nodded her head with whatever Old He said.

Old He left after that.

The yard was quiet. After Old He left, Jun Wu Xie was the only person left standing outside the door.

It was all bright inside the room. Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie hooked the corners of her lips up, curving her lips into a sneer. She gently pushed open the door but there was just the colour of blood permeating all around the room in front of her!

Liang Shi Shi, who was originally the main character of the birthday feast, was lying on the pool of blood, naked. There were bruises all over the face which was once coquettish. The beauty she once had looked extremely gruesome in the blood.

“Ahhhhhh! Someone has been killed!” A bloodcurdling scream came out abruptly from the room. The maid who was standing behind the blood pool gave out an ear piercing scream all of a sudden. Before Jun Wu Xie could even take any action, she knocked her head onto the hard wall and the small little figure then collapsed limply onto the cold floor.

“I see.” A trace of a smile suddenly appeared on Jun Wu Xie’s face as the cold clear gaze glanced across the bloody room.

It seemed like Yan Wan had truly done something big to frame her this time… How evil.

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