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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2548 - The Banquet of Treachery(7)

Chapter 2548: The Banquet of Treachery(7)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Strong spiritual inscriptions made the guests fearful, as Jun Wu Xie was a dead person in their eyes!

Everyone knew that although the Young Master’s powers were considered top amongst those of the same age range, but truthfully speaking, compared to Yan Wan’s powers, the disparity was like night and day. It would be impossible for him to even deflect two attacks.

However, just as everyone placed a death sentence on Jun Wu Xie, her gaze simply swept past Yan Wan’s spiritual inscription as something appeared in her eyes. It was not fear, but instead a type of… Ridicule.

That’s right!

That actually saw mocking laughter from Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

Had the Young Master gone insane? He dared to laugh at Yan Wan’s spiritual inscriptions? Did he not know how powerful the spiritual inscriptions were!

The intensity of the spiritual inscriptions had already exceeded the ordinary Gold Spirit, even if it was the peak of the Gold Spirit, as long as it could not condense the spiritual inscriptions, there was a stark difference.

The number of Yan Wan’s spiritual inscriptions was almost ninety percent. Although it wasn’t as strong compared to a Spirit Ring exponent, it was more than enough to deal Jun Wu Xie’s Gold Spirit.

“Bastard! Come and accept your death!” Yan Wan’s eyes shone with malicious and murderous intent.

Liang Shi Shi’s death did not leave him with any regrets. In fact, he was extremely pleased. As long as he could kill Yan Hai, sacrificing a woman was not a big deal.

For as long as he was the Master of Sea Spirit City, he could have any woman he pleased.

“Die?” Jun Wu Xie lifted her brows slightly as she looked at Yan Wan who was filled with murderous intent. The smile hanging at the corner of her lips intensified.

“Who are you talking about?”

The moment Jun Wu Xie’s cold voice rang out, a ray of dark blue light emanated from her right hand!

That light ray was intensely glaring as it completely covered the radiance of Yan Wan’s spiritual inscriptions. When that glare dissipated, everyone stood in a daze.

They saw that in Jun Wu Xie’s right hand, there was an actual completed Spirit Ring!!

The present crowd was momentarily shell-shocked at the revelation. Their eyes were widened in disbelief as they stared unblinkingly at the Spirit Ring nestled within Jun Wu Xie’s right hand. There were some who were rubbing their eyes, doubting their eyesight and wondering if this was just a hallucination.


The Spirit ring with the dark blue light was indeed real as it has appeared on Jun Wu Xie’s hand!

Yan Wan’s face became white in an instant, and he couldn’t believe everything he saw.

This brat! How can he actually possess a completed Spirit Ring?!!

Previously, Yan Wan was so arrogant and confident, but now, he was shocked and in a panic. He wouldn’t have believed it even if it killed him. He had tried so hard to kill Jun Wu Xie, but it turned out, she was actually a Spirit Ring exponent.

If a person condensed the spiritual inscriptions, he could kill a Gold Spirit in a flash without hesitation. In that same vein, for a Spirit Ring exponent, to kill a person with condensed spiritual inscriptions, would be just as easy.

Yan Wan’s confidence which was built upon for years, in that moment, was trampled to dust by Jun Wu Xie.

“You…… How could you…… Could have… Spirit Ring…” Yan Wan’s heart screamed wildly, and even his breathing seemed to have stopped. He had already condensed the spiritual inscriptions, and naturally he could feel how strong the breath of the Spirit Ring.

The Spirit Ring in Jun Wu Xie’s hand was real, it wasn’t any sort of trickery. In fact, it was an exceedingly strong Spirit Ring!

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