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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2559 - Chaos in the Soul World (4)

Chapter 2559: Chaos in the Soul World (4)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Long Jiu’s words made the others’ expressions turn bitter.

The former Soul World was a place of peace and harmony. Nowadays, it was not the place it once was, where they have chosen to settle down. When the rebels rose, the souls of the Soul World were completely in shock. They simply have never thought that their compatriots who would betray the Soul Tree. For thousands of years, they had been living in the soul world so peacefully, serving the Soul Tree.

It was this sudden change that made those soul entities, who were used to the ease and comfort, unable to respond. They were caught off guard by the traitors. Before they could organize an effective resistance, the Soul Tree had already fallen into the hands of those traitors.

Since then, they have completely lost their chance and became passive targets.

The more Long Jiu thought about it, the sadder he became. Qin Song and him felt very responsible for the current situation in the Soul World. Situ Heng and them were together for many years, and yet, they didn’t realise anything strange about Situ Heng. If they had discovered this earlier, perhaps they would have had the chance to turn the tide of this situation and things wouldn’t have taken a turn for the worse.


They all missed the best opportunity. If Jun Wu Yao hadn’t discovered that Situ Heng had murderous intentions towards Jun Wu Xie, they would still be kept in the dark. Unfortunately, the day that the Soul World was destroyed, they realised how stupid they had been.

The soul entities’ faces were ashen. Even though they had gained freedom, ‘freedom’ has lost its meaning for them. As long as the Soul Tree was in the hands of the traitors, they were unable to change anything.

Long Jiu took a deep breath and looked toward Jun Wu Xie, “Jun’s little lass, thanks for your help today. But the Soul World now isn’t as before, peaceful and comfortable. Your powers of chaos… I’m afraid… You can’t stay long in this place. You better leave before they discover you.”

Long Jiu and Jun Wu Xie worked together for five years. Within these five years, although at first it was because of the seed of the Soul Tree that they first got into contact, but as time passed and they worked together, Long Jiu had long considered Jun Wu Xie as his little sister. The Soul World now was chaotic, and the chance to change things was lost. If Jun Wu Xie continued to stay here, there would be trouble.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t say anything as she looked at Long Jiu, whose face was full of pain and sorrow. Since when did this frank, outspoken and heartless man was able to express such pain?

“I’m afraid… We are not prepared to leave.” A voice containing laughter suddenly drifted into Long Jiu ‘s ears. Jiu Long subconsciously raised his head, only to discover, a very familiar figure that stood beside Jun Wu Xie.

Long Jiu’s eyes widened in shock, even those soul entities behind him looked at the person and widened their eyes…

“Ye… Ye Jue!!!” Long Jiu lifted his hand and pointed to the tall man who stood beside Jun Wu Xie, as he let out an earth shattering roar.

Standing beside Jun Wu Xie was the person they had been chasing for a thousand years, Jun Wu Yao!

“What are you doing here?” Long Jiu stared unblinkingly at Jun Wu Yao, if not for the wrong situation, he could not wait to rush up and punch Jun Wu Yao’s handsome face!

How many years had Qin Song and him been chasing Ye Jue?

Every time a little breath was felt, and the ‘item’ would disappeared without a trace. For many years, they have never seen even a strand of hair of Jun Wu Yao’s!

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