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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2560 - Chaos in the Soul World (5)

Chapter 2560: Chaos in the Soul World (5)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

In the end……

He actually appeared now!

Long Jiu’s ‘red-hot’ gaze was like a person who had been starving for years, drooling with desire when he saw a plate of meat.

“Why can’t I be here?” Jun Wu Yao quirked his brow, as he placed his arm naturally on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder, putting on the smug and aloof expression like a deity’s.

Long Jiu took a few steps back in shock, his hand that was at Jun Wu Yao was shaking violently.

“You… You both…”

“This is my wife. Do you have an opinion?” Jun Wu Yao’s smile took on a maniacal gleam.

Long Jiu felt that if he was human, he would have vomited a basin of blood.

He knew that Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao had a relationship, if not, the Night Regime would not be controlled by Jun Wu Xie. But… Knowing and seeing were two different things.

Regarding Jun Wu Yao, he’s been on the ‘most wanted’ list for the past thousand years as the Soul World’s ‘important criminal’. A group of spirit entities, who had now seen the emergence of Jun Wu Yao, didn’t know how to react. If it was in the past, they would have rushed up to Jun Wu Yao and clung onto him, while shouting for others to attack him. But now, Jun Wu Yao was together with Jun Wu Xie, the person who had just rescued them, and they were so intimate…

The spirit entities with simple inclinations felt that their views were severely tested.

Long Jiu’s expression was bitter and hateful, he didn’t utter a word for a long time, and he felt like his chest was suffocated.

“Put away you face full of grievance. It’s time to discuss proper business.” Jun Wu Yao had finished appreciating Long Jiu’s expression, and reminded them.

“Proper business?” Long Jiu still hadn’t recovered from the blow just now, his face still in a daze.

“Little Xie’s chaos energy can only be solved by the Spirit Tree, so I plan to make a deal with you.” Jun Wu Yao’s smile was not vile, but the smile was like trying to fool them into doing something.

“What deal?” Long Jiu was alarmed. There was no credibility in what Jun Wu Yao said, especially since Jun WuYao stole the seed of the Spirit Tree.

“We will help you neutralise the crisis of Soul World, and the seed issue will be written off. At the same time, the Spirit Tree must neutralise the chaos energy within Little Xie’s body. Deal?” Jun Wu Yao said straightforwardly.

Long Jiu widened his eyes and looked at this devil who was trying to rob them halfway. If the situation had allowed it, he would have strangled Jun Wu Yao.

What is called “to profit from someone’s misfortune”?

This is exactly it!

“The matter of neutralising the chaos energy can be done but not for the matter of the seed!” Long Jiu spend a large effort to repress the surge of emotions in his chest.

“No bargaining.” Jun Wu Yao did not give an opportunity for Jiu Long to negotiate.

“With one seed, in exchange for the safety of Soul World, this is a very worthwhile deal, isn’t it?” Jun Wu Yao highlighted.

The faces of Long Jiu and a group of spirit entities were frightful, and the previous good mood from the reunion with Jun Wu Xie had vanished like a puff of smoke.

The Spirit Tree seed within Jun Wu Xie’s body was the chosen successor for the next Spirit Tree. However the situation in Soul World was already extremely terrible, and although what Jun Wu Yao was asking for was daylight robbery, but everything was true; if this crisis could not be endured, whether the Spirit Tree would be safe and sound was an unknown. Successor and the likes… was more of a fantasy. There was the uncertainty if they could even keep the Soul World intact.

After Long Jiu thought it through over and over again, and looked at his compatriots, finally he gritted his teeth and agreed, “All right! We can temporarily agree to your deal!”

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