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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2562 - Soul Prison (2)

Chapter 2562: Soul Prison (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

To Long Jiu and the rest, their lives and deaths were not a big deal. The safety of the Spirit Tree was their priority.

As they could not ascertain the condition of the Spirit Tree, they did not dare to act rashly.

For a lack of a better option, they could only go to the Soul Prison.

The soul entities who were with Jiu Long wanted to follow, but was persuaded to stay back by Long Jiu. The strength of these soul entities were average, and during this time, don’t talk about helping, but if they didn’t hinder anything, it would be a great help. He could only coax them to find a safe place to hide as he didn’t dare to let them follow.

The Soul Prison sat in the corner of Soul World, it had a large area. Everything in Soul World was transformed by the Spirit Tree. Although the Soul Prison was a place to hold the criminals, but the Spirit Tree made the place elegant and quiet.

After passing through the mountain path and stepping through the meandering stream, in a bamboo forest, Jun Wu Xie and the others saw the legendary Soul Prison.

The cells were made up of bamboo houses, and based on their appearance, they weren’t any different from regular bamboo houses, there was no sense of darkness or depression. Outside the bamboo houses some uniformed guards were patrolling back and forth.

“This is the prison of Soul World?” Jun Wu Xie looked at the comfortable and elegant bamboo houses, her expression was strange as she looked toward Long Jiu.

To be honest, even with Jun Wu Xie’s two lifetimes added up, she had never seen such an ‘exquisite and refined’ prison.

Long Jiu flushed, as he naturally understood the meaning behind Jun Wu Xie’s words, and he could only answer in a low voice, “The Spirit Tree is merciful, even if it were soul entities who committed crimes, it is very tolerant. To the Spirit Tree, we are like its children. It has never maltreated any soul entities, even if the soul entity has disrespected it.”

The creation of the Soul Prison was completely different from the Dungeon. It is more like giving the errant soul entities a decent residence to examine one’s conscience. Even if they were locked up here, they would not suffer any torture.

The Spirit Tree never punished any soul entities, just like a mother, caring for a naughty child, giving the greatest tolerance.

Jun Wu Xie did not speak. Although she hadn’t seen the Spirit Tree before,but from the looks of this Soul Prison, it wasn’t difficult to see that the Spirit Tree was extremely benevolent. It believed that all soul entities were good and honest. Perhaps it was the Spirit Tree’s perfect ideal that made Soul World take on its present look.


All of this, Jun Wu Xie just thought to herself, she won’t say a word to Long Jiu.

To know, Long Jiu’s admiration for the Spirit Tree had already surpassed any belief.

“Do you have a way to make the guards lose consciousness for a while?” Jun Wu Xie tugged at Jun Wu Yao’s clothes. Before the situation was made clear, she did not want to startle the enemy.

Jun Wu Yao smile slightly and said, “Of course I have.”

The moment he spoke, a few ink snakes escaped from his sleeve. Those ink snakes were tiny, and once they entered the grass, no one could tell they were there. The hidden ink snakes noiselessly slid towards those guards.

The guards were unaware of the impending danger, as they continued to walk around without concern.

Suddenly, there was a slight tingling in their heels, like a mosquito bite, and the tiny one that could hardly attract their attention.

But in just a few seconds after the pain appeared, the guards who were outside the Soul Prison fell to the ground, sleepy and unconscious!

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