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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2563 - Soul Prison (3)

Chapter 2563: Soul Prison (3)

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Qin Song sat in one corner of the bamboo house, using the light that streamed through the window as he looked at his companions locked in the same house.

This particular cell housed more than twenty Spirit Envoys, and their hands and feet were shackled with chains inlaid with Soul Reaping Stones.

Soul Reaping Stone was a type of stone in the Soul World. It looked like regular stone but as long as it touched a part of the spirit life, its entire soul power would be suppressed, unable to be used.

“Brother Five, you think… We can still get out?” within the bamboo house, a youth who looked like he was eighteen or nineteen, with a pale face and curled legs, clung tightly to Qin Song in the corner, he had a pair of confused eyes fill with unconcealed fear and anxiety.

He was a recently born spirit life, and truthfully speaking, with slightly more than a decade of light and dark, he was considered really young in the Soul World. He was born at the wrong time, he was at this chaotic time, with a heart that had not matured, had long been scared witless with the chaos of Soul World.

He was captured on the same day as Qin Song and sent to Soul Prison, before that, he had not seen Qin Song before. Until he was jailed with these people, Qin Song and Old Five, the youth then realised that Qin Song was from Soul World, and that he was mentioned many times as an extremely strong Spirit Envoy.

He just did not understand how did Qin Song get caught.

Qin Song leaned against the bamboo wall and lifted his gaze towards the sunlight streaming in from the window, after a long while, finally answered, “Don’t know.”

He really didn’t know…

After witnessing what he had, Qin Song no longer knew if Soul World could even be saved.

The whole room descended into silence, all the Spirit Envoys sat on the icy cold floor, looking lost.

Qin Song’s words caused the youth to tremble, as he unconsciously moved closer to Qin Song.

“Brother Five, isn’t there anyone who will come to rescue us? There are so many amazing Spirit Envoys… They won’t come and save us?”

Qin Song reached out and stopped the trembling shoulders of the boy, but words of comfort, he just couldn’t say it.

Strong Spirit Envoys?

Qin Song wanted to laugh.

Soul World had a lot of strong Spirit Envoys, but… there were more traitors among them!

The few Spirit Envoys who were strong, and still retained loyalty to the Spirit Tree, were in the same situation as him, they were imprisoned. How to fight back? How to rescue?

For the first time, Qin Song was experiencing the taste of despair.

“Brother Five, I’m afraid… Will they take us away?” the youth trembled even more. After they were locked up in this bamboo house, many Spirit Envoys were taken away periodically. After that, however, they never saw those Spirit Envoys again, they didn’t know what happened to those Spirit Envoys and where they were taken to.

A youth’s intuition, vaguely let him feel that it was definitely not the answer he could accept.

Qin Song still didn’t speak, he didn’t know how to console this ‘new-born’ spirit life. Even to him, he could not see any hope for the future of Soul World

Who else can save the Soul World?

Qin Song let out a bitter smile.

Light footsteps came from outside the bamboo house. The teenager leaning against Qin Song subconsciously shrank his neck back. He was afraid of such footsteps. Every time it sounded, it meant someone would be taken out.

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