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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2565 - Meng Qiu (1)

Chapter 2565: Meng Qiu (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“It doesn’t matter what have I found, there’s nothing to do with you. You don’t belong to the Soul World, don’t get yourself involved in the matters here. Things are way more worse than what we’ve thought, you and Long Jiu need to get out of here as soon as possible.” With an unhideable despair in his tone, Qin Song frowned.

What had actually happened, to the point that it had gotten Qin Song to lose all his confidence?

Though Jun Wu Xie was confused, she did not follow what Qin Song had asked her to do.

Long Jiu who was standing aside got more distressed as he listened to Qin Song’s words. Anxiously, he squeezed himself beside the door and said, “Old Five! What the hell are you talking about? Why should we leave the Soul World? The Soul World is our home, and now it’s in danger, how could we leave? Old Five, what have you found? I won’t believe that you would say such words.” Long Jiu stared at Qin Song. He often had the impression in his mind that Qin Song was always loyal to the Soul World. Even though he knew that the Soul World was fraught with peril, he had still chosen to come back no matter what, and even sneaked into the surroundings of the Spirit Tree to spy on the land, but the Qin Song in front of Long Jiu now was so strange to him. He shouldn’t be speaking such things.

A trace of bitter smile appeared on Qin Song’s face. If he was able to, how was he willing to give up on the Soul World?


“Meng Qiu has betrayed the Soul World,” said Qin Song all of a sudden.

The sentence had caused Long Jiu to be thunderstruck at the moment. With his eyes widened implausibly, he looked astoundingly at Qin Song.

“Master… Master he-… had betrayed the Soul World? That’s impossible!! How would Master betrayed the Spirit Tree!!” Long Jiu couldn’t accept everything that Qin Song had just said at all.

“Who is Meng Qiu?” Jun Wu Xie gathered her brows into a frown. Considering Long Jiu’s reaction, Meng Qiu should be a spirit envoy who had a very high standing position, and he was also the Master of Long Jiu. But why was it that the betrayal of a spirit envoy would let Qin Song experience such despair?

With the shock and puzzlement interlacing in his eyes, the colour on Long Jiu’s face turned pale in a split second. It was such an appalling news that he had lost the ability to regain his consciousness.

Qin Song let out a soft sigh, he then looked at Jun Wu Xie and explained, “Meng Qiu is the First Spirit Envoy in the Soul World. He is also one of the oldest souls created by the Spirit Tree. He could be commensurate with the Spirit Lord of the Spirit World, but in terms of strength, Meng Qiu is stronger than the Spirit Lord. Though the Spirit Lord has left the Soul World in the early years, Meng Qiu has always been staying here. He is deeply trusted by the Spirit Tree, and throughout all these years, Meng Qiu is the one to manage all the things in the Soul World, no matter if it’s the trivial one or the important one. Even when we, the spirit envoys, are created, he’s the one who teaches us… He is also the Master of mine and Long Jiu…”

The moment those words came out from Qin Song’s mouth, a trace of agony flashed across his eyes.

He believed that all the spirit envoys would betray the Spirit Tree, but he would never want to believe that Meng Qiu would actually do something like this.

Meng Qiu had already obtained the highest status in the Soul World, and he was such an upright and honourable person in front of the public. Although he did not speak much, he was a man of the highest integrity. Meng Qiu was once the role model that most of the spirit envoys looked up to in the Soul World. All the spirit envoys trusted him and admired him very much.

It had never occurred to Qin Song that Meng Qiu would betray the Spirit Tree. Compared to the betrayal of any spirit envoys, this was even more unacceptable to him.

“Is he strong?” Jun Wu Xie raised her brows.

Qin Song forced a smile and said, “Of course. Even Long Jiu and I team up against him, we would probably still be defeated by him within three attacks. He is the strongest soul entity. Among the entire Soul World, no any other soul entity is able to fight against him except for the Spirit Tree… If it isn’t for his betrayal, how is it that there are so many spirit envoys who have chosen the path of rebellion?”

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