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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2569 - The Hidden Conspiracy (1)

Chapter 2569: The Hidden Conspiracy (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“People from the Upper Realm have spent so much effort, what exactly do they want from Soul World?” Jun Wu Xie squinted her eyes, it wasn’t an easy thing to bribe Meng Qiu and the rest of the Spirit Envoys. Even though they were not as loyal as Qin Song and Long Jiu, but they were souls of the Soul World, they were born with a high degree of loyalty to the Spirit Tree. To have made them completely abandon the Spirit Tree and choosing to rebel, was absolutely not a simple thing.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t know exactly what scheme the Upper Realm used to poison such a large number of Spirit Envoys, but even Spirit Envoys the likes of Meng Qiu could be persuaded by the Upper Realm showed that the Upper Realm spent considerable effort to do so.

They paid a great price that even Meng Qiu was willing to use The Contemporaneous Knot, what was their purpose?

This point, Jun Wu Xie still could not comprehend.

She did not think that the Upper Realm was simply trying to attack the Soul World. After all, the Soul World had existed for so many years. Before Jun Wu Yao left the Upper Realm, he often went into the Soul World, with his acute intuition, if at that time, there were Spirit Envoys who had rebellious intent, he couldn’t not realise it.

Very clearly, everything started after Jun Wu Yao left the Upper Realm. Within this thousand years, what was it that the Upper Realm have discovered in the Soul World that made them pay such a great price to control the Soul World?

The more Qin Song spoke, the more Jun Wu Xie could not comprehend the secret. The more energy the Upper Realm spent, the more it proved that the Soul World was of great significance to them.


Exactly what is it?

Jun Wu Xie’s suspicion caused Jun Wu Yao to be a little shocked. The little guy’s thinking was always a step ahead of others. She was thinking not only about the conspiracy she sees right now, but also the purpose behind the conspiracy.

“Qin Song, did you discover anything abnormal here?” Jun Wu Xie looked towards Qin Song.

Qin Song looked at Jun Wu Xie in a daze, Jun Wu Xie doubt he heard her question. This point… they have not thought of before.

“Strange? I…” Qin Song tried hard to recall more details, but all that he could think of was just too little.

“Those seniors who were taken away…” A shy voice suddenly sounded from inside the house.

Qin Song turned around and looked at the boy who spoke. It was the scared teenager from before.

When the boy and Qin Song looked at each other, the boy was a bit timid. He was not sure if what he said was considered abnormal. But it was what he felt in his gut, so he said it.

“I… I am not sure too… I just…… Just feel… There is something wrong… Apart from the detention place in Soul World, they only took the seniors away from Soul Prison… And they never came back… Isn’t this… strange?” The youth stuttered as he spoke, the fear and helplessness in his heart made his voice tremble.

But what he didn’t know was, his stuttering speech made a new idea pop into Qin Song’s head.

An idea that had always been ignored!

“Kid! You are right!” A touch of joy flashed in Qin Song’s eyes as he turned and looked at Jun Wu Xie.

“If there’s anything abnormal, then the Spirit Envoys locked up here and the way they are treated in itself is a very abnormal occurrence.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Jun Wu Xie quirked her eyebrows.

“I haven’t been locked in here long, so I don’t know the details. But since I’ve been here, there were many Spirit Envoys who got taken away.”

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