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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2570 - The Hidden Conspiracy (2)

Chapter 2570: The Hidden Conspiracy (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Those spirit envoys who were taken away had no commonality at all, but everyday, there would be a batch of spirit envoys being brought out of the Soul Prison, and they would never appear again after that.

At first, Qin Song did not notice anything suspicious about this matter but the words from the boy had reminded him something.

If they wanted to destroy their souls, they could just burn them down with the spirit fire, why would they need to bring those people out everyday?

In the Soul World, the Soul Prison was the only place which was suitable to lock the soul entity up. Where had those spirit envoys been taken too? Were they dead? Or were they still alive? If it wasn’t for the purpose of slaughtering them, why were they brought out?

A huge mystery was brought up due to the fact stated by the boy, causing Qin Song to be at a lost, enshrouded with a dense fog, not being able to view or touch anything, and there was only the cold breeze blowing bleak across his neck.

Listening to Qin Song’s every single word, Jun Wu Xie could vaguely notice the fact that those spirit envoys were being taken away was unlikely to be a simple matter.

“We can slowly think about these later, or we can just find a way to beat Meng Qiu and asked him.” Standing aside, Long Jiu said. Even Qin Song and Jun Wu Xie weren’t able to figure it out in the meantime, it would be even more confusing for him to understand it.

Since Jun Wu Yao had the solution to remove the Contemporaneous Knot, then… let’s just save the Spirit Tree first!

Though Long Jiu was really anxious, he did not dare to show any signs of him restlessly prodding them to quickly take action in his words, worrying that the moody Satan might be annoyed and decided to leave right away without giving any help. By then, they could do nothing except to bawl their eyes out.

“There are a lot of spirit envoys around Meng Qiu. I’m afraid that it won’t be easy for us to deal with him if we go face to face against him.” Qin Ge frowned. Of course it would be good if Jun Wu Yao was willing to intervene in this matter, but the problem now was that… if they were going to have a fight with Meng Qiu, then the Spirit Tree would be the one to be hurt.

“If he carries out the threat using the Spirit Tree…” Looking at Jun Wu Yao, Qin Song spoke hesitantly.

Jun Wu Yao cocked his brows.

“What does it have to do with me?”

“…” Qin Song looked unbelievably at Jun Wu Yao with his eyes widened.

What… What did he say?

What did it have to do with him?

“Hold on! Lord Ye Jue… What do you mean?” Long Jiu couldn’t hold it back anymore. Didn’t Jun Wu Yao have just agreed to help them? Why… did he change his mind in just a blink of an eye?

“Wu Yao is right,” said Jun Wu Xie suddenly.

Long Jiu almost broke into tears.

What was wrong with them?

“Jun’s girl, you guys… Don’t you guys… This is such a critical moment, you guys can’t just leave it alone!!” Long Jiu was so close to kneel down for both the two of them. What were they going to do if the couple just threw everything up and left after getting all the information? How about the Soul World?

Qin Song staggered. It was as if the whole room of spirit envoys who had just gotten their hopes up were being splashed with a pale of frosty water from the top at the very moment, causing them to shiver in cold.

While looking at their reactions, Jun Wu Xie gave out a small sigh and said, “Are you guys going to let Meng Qiu know that you guys have teamed up with Wu Yao? Isn’t this a way to give the others the opportunity to trip you up? Don’t forget that he’s the top “wanted” man in the Soul World.” Speaking, Jun Wu Xie lifted her hand up and gently knocked on Jun Wu Yao’s chest.

At that time, everyone regained their wits and had finally gotten the exact meaning in Jun Wu Yao’s words!

Yes, Meng Qiu was able to threaten all the spirit envoys in the Soul World using the Spirit Tree, but he couldn’t apply the threat on the people outside the Soul World.

And Jun Wu Yao…

He belonged to the latter!

Meng Qiu had been staying in the Soul World for years, there was no way he wouldn’t know about the things that were done by Jun Wu Yao during that year. He would have never thought that the return of Jun Wu Yao was to help the Soul World.

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