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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2571 - The Hidden Conspiracy (3)

Chapter 2571: The Hidden Conspiracy (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The identity of Jun Wu Yao was originally very sensitive to the Soul World, but for the Soul World now… there was no any identity that could be more well-suited than his when dealing with Meng Qiu.

Qin Song and the others were immediately enlightened. With the despair on their faces turning into surprise, every single one of them stared at Jun Wu Yao. Gazes flaming, as if they were going to pounce onto Jun Wu Xie and gave a kiss on his handsome face.

“So, shall we let Old Five and the others out and find a place to hide them, and after that we would just need to wait for Lord Ye Jue you to take action?” Long Jiu clenched his fists and set his jaws, making the posture as if he was ready to smash open the door of the Soul Prison.

But Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her hand and stopped Long Jiu’s behaviour.

“Qin Song and the others can’t leave now.”

“Why?” Long Jiu stunned.

They had already found the people but they couldn’t save them?

Qin Song agreed, “Miss Jun is right. If we leave, Meng Qiu will surely be aware of it and start to take precautions. There are so many guards in the Soul Prison, if it isn’t someone with a very powerful strength, there’s absolutely no way that the spirit envoys who are being locked up in here can be saved. Once we leave, with the acuity Meng Qiu has, he will soon notice that something had happened, and by the time when Lord Ye Jue turns up, the first thing Meng Qiu will question will be whether if everything that has happened is related to Lord Ye Jue. Thus, to prevent Meng Qiu from getting suspicious, I can’t leave.”

“But… But… If you guys don’t leave… what if those guards come and take you away?” Long Jiu was slightly distressed. There were spirit envoys who would be taken away from the Soul Prison everyday, and Qin Song and the others had also mentioned it themselves, that they were uncertain about the place where those spirit envoys were taken to. If they continued to stay here… wouldn’t it be too dangerous for them?!

Qin Song shook his head.

“We can still bear the risk. As long as Meng Qiu can be defeated and the seal on the Spirit Tree can be removed, no matter how much we sacrifice, it’s all worthy.”

Qin Song and the rest of them must stay, and this was also why Jun Wu Yao didn’t straight off kill those guards but just drugged them with the Black Snake when they came to the Soul Prison. Before learning thoroughly about the situation in the Soul World, they must do their best to not beat the bush and startle the snake since nobody knew what was going to happen next.

The spirit envoys in the Soul World could do nothing about the seal on the Spirit Tree. They could only entrust their hopes onto Jun Wu Yao.

Long Jiu had nothing to say anymore. If he still insisted on getting Qin Song and the others out of the prison, then he would be really dumb, but the moment he thought about the risk that his comrades might probably suffer from, he felt extremely depressed. Now, all he wanted to do was just to get rid off those traitors and revive the serenity of the Soul World!

“Lord Ye Jue, we’ll leave everything to you.” Once again, Qin Song looked at Jun Wu Yao and said genuinely.

Jun Wu Yao responded, “Even if it’s not for you, I’ll still save the Spirit Tree.” He wasn’t going to accept the indebtedness.

Jun Wu Yao slowly raised his hand and wrapped his arm around Jun Wu Xie.

“All the things I do are for the sake of my wife. There’s nothing to do with the others.” He had no intention in making himself the saviour of the Soul World when he came to this place.

Dumbfounded, Qin Song looked at Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao who were hugging each other. The things that he missed to catch just now due to nervousness were now fully displaying in front of his eyes. He felt an unreasonable catch of suffocation radiating from his heart, it was so painful that the colour on his face went pale.

After making the effort in finding his voice back, slightly trembling, he spoke, “I see. Anyhow… I still want to thank you.”

Jun Wu Yao did not say anything. Since they had already known about the condition of the Spirit Tree, then it would be up to him and Jun Wu Xie in taking the next step.

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