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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2581 - To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (1)

Chapter 2581: To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Meng Qiu left the Soul Mountain. It was until when he walked out from the region of the Soul Mountain that the expression on his face began to have a slight change.

“Jun Gu, uh… Look how the table has turned!” Sneered, Meng Qiu turned his head and looked at the Soul Mountain which was already far away from him with a trace of coldness in his eyes.

He knew very well what was the woman, Yan Xi, worrying about, but since things had already come to this point, he certainly wouldn’t choose to expose everything out. He had his own plan and target, no matter what was the purpose of the Upper Realm, as long as he was able to achieve everything he wanted to, then it would be alright!

“The aroma of the Rhinoceros Horn… The Upper Realm has surely made a lot of effort, how unexpected… that they actually favour Jun Gu so much, haha… He’s just a human soul who has undergone the metempsychosis once… Who would have known that the aroma of the Rhinoceros Horn would actually make such a huge change in a person’s mind? The Upper Realm is really something else.” Meng Qiu snorted as he moved his legs and stepped forward.

The Soul Sacrificing Event was going to be held three days later. By the time when everything had been settled down, no matter who it was, he or she had absolutely no way to twist it back. And now, the only thing he needed to do was just to go and capture his disobedient “disciple”.

At the same time, while there wasn’t anyone following behind him, Long Jiu who had just fooled a group of black armored spirit envoys nipped into a dense forest. After making sure that there wasn’t anyone after him, he then sat under a big tree, gasping heavily.

“You enjoy it very much, don’t you?” Jun Wu Yao’s voice suddenly came out from the other side.

Eyes widening, Long Jiu followed the voice and looked in the direction of the voice. He then immediately noticed Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie who were walking abreast towards him. The moment he saw them, Long Jiu let out a sigh of relief. Looking half dead, he leaned on the trunk of the tree. The exultation and presumptuousness that he projected during the time when he tricked the black armored spirit envoys were nowhere to be found.

“Gosh, how is it that I’m enjoying? I’m almost going to lose half of my life. You guys didn’t know that, now, when those guys saw me, their eyes almost bleed. I think once they catch me, I’ll definitely be taken to the Soul Ascending Altar and they’ll straight up strip apart my soul.” Plaintively, Long Jiu complained.

At first, it felt quite interesting for him to fool those black armored spirit envoys, but after doing it for consecutive days, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Though he looked like he was flaunting on the face, but actually, he needed to be chased by a lot of black armored spirit envoys, and at the same time, he couldn’t be caught. After that, he needed to trigger them again so that they would continue to run after him. Moreover, he needed to provoke them, to the point that they began to harbour an intense hatred toward him. This job wasn’t as relaxing as he thought it was!

“By the way… Jun’s girl, is Meng Qiu really coming if I follow your instructions? I’ve never thought that he’ll take me seriously.” Long Jiu scratched his head. Jun Wu Xie had asked him to incite the enmity of the black armored spirit envoys towards him with all his effort, and he thought that he had already succeeded in doing so, but could he, the only scourge, really force Meng Qiu to show himself up?

Long Jiu was slightly unsure about it. Although he was once a student of Meng Qiu, but among all the students, his strength was considered in the low ranking. Compared to those geniuses like Qin Song, there was no way he was able to attract Meng Qiu’s attraction. Even when it was during the past, he could feel the refusal shown by Meng Qiu in acknowledging him.

While looking at Long Jiu who was extremely tired, she replied flatly, “He’ll come.”

During these few days, besides letting Long Jiu distract the attention of the black armored spirit envoys, they had also gone to the Soul Prison for a few times to keep in touch with Qin Song. Qin Song hadn’t found anything yet, and the black armored spirit envoys didn’t take any more spirit envoys out of the Soul Prison during these few days, leading Jun Wu Xie in thinking that something was going to happen.

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