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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2582 - To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (2)

Chapter 2582: To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

If it was true that something was going to happen, Meng Qiu would definitely not leave Long Jiu the troublemaker alone and let him fool around the Soul World.

Moreover, just by looking at the disparity of Meng Qiu and Long Jiu in terms of strength, it was such an effortless act for him to take Long Jiu down, so why wouldn’t he make any action?

“Really? Don’t bluff me. I almost broke my legs after running so much for these few days, if we fail to make it, then I-… I’m really going to cry,” said Long Jiu pitifully. Luckily he was a soul entity, if it was a body of a mortal human, his legs would probably be fractured by now.

Being chased and attacked by more than a hundred spirit envoys wasn’t really something to be joked about. If it wasn’t for Jun Wu Yao who had secretly given him some help from time to time, he would have been caught by the group of black armored spirit envoys who were all acting either like a fierce wolf or a violent tiger.

Jun Wu Xie couldn’t help but gently shook her head.

Long Jiu’s personality was truly similar with Qiao Chu’s. There had been many times where she doubted that if there was any unknown relationship between both the two people.

Both of them were just dumb and dumber!

“But… if he really comes, you guys must show up in time… I-… I really can’t beat him.” Long Jiu suddenly changed his expression and looked at Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao with a pretentiously dolorous gaze.

Meng Qiu was his Master and he was the weakest one among all of his students. One just needed to think by using the legs and would then immediately know that there was no way for him to be the opponent of Meng Qiu. Maybe not more than three attacks, and his ass would already be beaten up by Meng Qiu.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

After grasping the time to take some rest, Long Jiu aimed at those black armored spirit envoys in the mountain who were busy searching for him, and once again, he got out of the forest. Stepping on the rock, arms akimbo, he warmed his throat up and began to shout, “You bastards! Your grandpa is here! Come and chase me!”

One shout and all the creatures in the forest fled.

At the instant, those black armored spirit envoys took their aims at Long Jiu, but this time, they didn’t rush recklessly forward and play hide and seek with Long Jiu. Instead, each of them was just standing there, staring at Long Jiu without even moving a muscle.

Their gazes crept Long Jiu out with no reasons, constantly giving him the feeling that there was something wrong.

But before Long Jiu could even figure it out, a familiar voice came abruptly into Long Jiu’s ears!

“Long Jiu.”

The moment the voice was heard, his whole body shuddered, as if he had gotten an electric shock. He raised his eyes subconsciously and suddenly saw a familiar figure slowly walking into his sight from behind the group of the black armored spirit envoys.

Just a glance, and Long Jiu’s mind was blown off!

Imposingly, Meng Qiu moved forward as all the black armored spirit envoys gave out their way for him.

Long Jiu stared at Meng Qiu who he hadn’t been seeing for years. The spirit envoy who he once admired the most, his Master…

“Ma-…” Long Jiu looked at Meng Qiu in stunned. While losing himself in the reverie, it was as if he had gone back to thousand years ago when the havoc in the Soul World had not happened, and Meng Qiu was still the most honorable and the strongest Master of him.

But just as the word was about to come out from his mouth, Long Jiu suddenly regained his consciousness. The expression on his face too, changed immediately!

“Meng Qiu!” There was an unhideable wrath coming from his tone!

Leisurely, Meng Qiu stepped forward and stood more than ten metres away from Long Jiu.

“Long Jiu, you’re getting ruder and ruder now. You actually have the nerves to directly call your Master by his name?” Meng Qiu narrowed his eyes, there wasn’t much expression on his face but he looked domineering.

Glaring furiously at Meng Qiu, Long Jiu covertly clenched his fists as he forced his rage down.

“You betrayed the Spirit Tree! You don’t deserve to be my Master!”

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