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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2583 - To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (3)

Chapter 2583: To Catch A Big Fish, One Must Cast A Long Line (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Meng Qiu looked at the furious Long Jiu, but his face still held the cold arrogance.

“Betrayed? Long Jiu, do you think so?” Meng Qiu smiled and shook his head.

Long Jiu frowned and looked at Meng Qiu. He once believed in every sentence Meng Qiu said, but now everything in the past made him feel disgusted, and he was unable to accept it.

Meng Qiu raised his hand and his eyes looked around the surroundings.

“Long Jiu, do you think that Soul World is still the Soul World of the past? It has already changed, it has changed many years ago, the benevolence of the Spirit Tree has caused everything here to no longer be as pure as before. How many spirit entities have darkness growing in their hearts? What is the difference between here and the Upper Realms? If you continue, it will only become as filthy as the Upper Realm. Don’t tell me you want your Soul World to become like that?”

Long Jiu looked at Meng Qiu, his eyes became a bit conflicted. After the Soul Devourer River was not used, the Soul World has nothing to cleanse the spirit entity. In the span of a thousand years, the growth of the spirit entities’ wants and desires were the same as human beings, such that there was little difference. The only difference was that the Soul World had no power, no wealth, and no desires that humanity blindly pursued.

This also allowed the Soul World to keep a thread of purity.

However, this purity was not easily maintained. As Meng Qiu said, the longer the spirit entity survived, the more complicated its soul would become. The Soul Devourer River could help them to stabilize it, but nowadays, this method had long been abandoned.

No one wanted to endure the pain of drinking the water from the Soul Devourer River, they were strangely convinced that their hearts would not be polluted by any emotions.


The appearance of Situ Heng and other spirit entities refuted this point.

“Long Jiu, I just want to let the Soul World return to the past, back to the time when there is no darkness, no desires, don’t you want to go back to the past?” Meng Qiu looked at the Long Jiu, the deep and steady voice made people felt involuntarily convinced.

Long Jiu looked at Meng Qiu, and returned to the millennium. At that time, he stayed with Meng Qiu and Qin Qi, and looked at the powerful and loyal Master.

At that time, Meng Qiu once said that the Soul World was the only pure land among the three realms. The Spirit Envoys who remained in the Spirit World had only one mission, which was to protect the pure land from being tainted by any desires.

Those words, clearly imprinted in his mind, have been the belief of Long Jiu for many years.


Meng Qiu, who said this in the past, became the chief culprit in destroying all of this!

“Enough! No matter what you say, it is just to whitewash all the sins you have committed! What is going back to the past! The Soul World has never changed! The ones who really changed are you group of bastards who betrayed the Spirit Tree!” Long Jiu suddenly paused, Meng Qiu’s words held a certain magical temptation, it was easy to convince others of what he said, once Long Jiu felt that this was the strength of belief, but now he was conscious that this was the result of Meng Qiu secretly infusing his words with his soul power to enforce that belief!

“Stop using your soul power! Your eloquent words can’t lie to me! You are the ones betraying the Spirit Tree! You are the ones with the tainted souls! To achieve your goals, you bow down to the Upper Realm! You are not worthy to stay in Soul World!”

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