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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2584 - Estrangement (1)

Chapter 2584: Estrangement (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Meng Qiu blinked and looked at Long Jiu. “You are learning to be smart. It is no wonder that you can toss out these things. Long Jiu, it seems that you really learned a lot in the Three Realms.”

The powerful soul power could silently and secretly lead a spirit entity’s thoughts. Meng Qiu, in the past, had always done this, so in the Soul World, his position was second only to the Spirit Tree. Throughout the whole of Soul World, there wasn’t any Spirit Envoy who was stronger than him. As to his method, no one ever found out.

Unexpectedly, Long Jiu actually broke the spell.

“Whether you believe it or not, Soul World has already changed, it’s just that you’ve not realised it yet.” Meng Qiu’s spoke lightly, not caring that his movements were exposed by Long Jiu.

“Why?” Long Jiu suddenly said.

“Why are you betraying the Spirit Tree!”

“You are already supreme in the Soul World, the Spirit Tree trusted you. What more are you unsatisfied with! Why did you betray the Spirit Tree! Betray the Soul World!” Long Jiu clenched his fists tightly, and trembled with repressed rage, as he shouted out the biggest doubt in his heart.

Despite seeing Meng Qiu, despite already knowing that he had betrayed Soul World, Long Jiu still could not accept all of this, he did not understand what was unsatisfactory to Meng Qiu?

However, this time, Meng Qiu did not answer him. Meng Qiu’s eyes were unusually cold. Looking at an extremely agitated Long Jiu, he was still calm. As if everything that Long Jiu said had nothing to do with him. He was just looking at Long Jiu as if Long Jiu was a poor idiot.

“Say it! Why won’t you answer me!” Long Jiu looked at Meng Qiu, how he hoped that Meng Qiu would tell him that he didn’t have a choice, that he was forced…

However, Meng Qiu’s eyes made that last hope in Long Jiu’s heart extinguished.

All of this was through Meng Qiu’s willingness.

“You are a traitor!” Long Jiu’s eyes were red, and his heart had forgotten the plan between Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yaol. He summoned his soul power and rushed toward Meng Qiu!

Loyalty to Spirit Tree and the many years of trust in Meng Qiu caused Long Jiu’s heart to be filled with rage, and he had long lost his mind to that anger.

Seeing Long Jiu rushed toward himself, Meng Qiu’s mouth broke into a sneer, and he stood still without fear as his thick voice sounded at this moment.

“Long Jiu, you are still too naive.”

The moment his voice sounded, Long Jiu had already rushed to his front, but Meng Qiu just raised his hand and waved it hard!

The body of Long Jiu shot out in an instant!

He slammed into the tree by the side and squatted on the ground!

The pain in his body made the soul of Long Jiu tremble. The gap between him and Meng Qiu was so great!

The power of the first soul of the Soul World was something he could not resist!

Long Jiu has not yet climbed up, Meng Qiu’s figure has already flashed to his side, stepping on the back of Long Jiu, and stepping on the ground.

“Long Jiu, do you know that you are so stupid? I used to think that you are really stupid and incorrigible. If it is not for Qin Song who protected you, do you think that a piece of trash like you can have me as your Master?” Meng Qiu looked down at a battered and exhausted Long Jiu. Since a long time ago, he did not like this disciple who was rude and impetus, impulsive and inflexible; like a piece of unbreakable stone. If Qin Song had not been pulling Long Jiu along, Meng Qiu was not willing to teach an idiot.

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