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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2585 - Estrangement (2)

Chapter 2585: Estrangement (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

With his teeth clenched, Long Jiu tried to get himself up, but before he could even lift his body up even an inch from the ground, he was then kicked violently back onto the ground by Meng Qiu. Meng Qiu’s foot was just like a huge rock pressing on his back, not letting him move at all.

“Who wants you to be my Master! It’s the shame of my life to have such a Master like you! Just kill me if you got the balls!” Long Jiu bawled.

“You’re still acting stubborn, huh?” Meng Qiu sneered.

Seeing that Long Jiu who had been fooling them for days was finally being stomped under Meng Qiu’s leg, there wasn’t any sympathy and pitifulness found on the faces of those black armored spirit envoys but just full of exultation.

“Long Jiu, aren’t you good at running? Why aren’t you running now?”

“Hahaha, he’s just like a dead dog now, being stepped on the ground by Lord Meng Qiu, how should he run? It’s better for him to crawl!”

Those harsh voice of insults went into Long Jiu’s ears. He couldn’t believe that those words were actually spoken out by his past comrades. These black armored spirit envoys were once the most devoted disciples in the Soul World, protecting the Soul World for hundreds or even thousands of years. Long Jiu had once travelled all around the places in the Soul World together with them, and had also listened to the rustling sound made by the leaves of the Spirit Tree due to the blowing breeze. But now, these spirit envoys had already betrayed the Spirit Tree, the faith that they once strongly believed with their whole hearts.

“Bring him to the Soul Prison.” The moment Meng Qiu looked at those black armored spirit envoys, they quickly hid the complacent on their faces and moved forwards submissively, getting ready to cuffed Long Jiu who had been causing chaos for days up with the chains which they had earlier prepared on their hands.

“What a crowded place is here.”


A sonorous voice came abruptly from the forest.

All the black armored spirit envoys shuddered and immediately got alert. Meng Qiu raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the source of the voice.

Just a glance and it had instantly gotten Meng Qiu stunned.

There came two figures, one big and one small, walking gracefully out from the heavy forest. It was a tall and handsome man, as if it was the God who had descended into the mortal world, whereas for the maiden who was staying beside him, she was peerlessly beautiful.

Meng Qiu fixed his eyes on the handsome man. The moment his eyes met the pair of purple eyes, it was as if his heart was heavily hit by someone using a hammer.

“Ye Jue?” With his eyes widened, Meng Qiu looked at the figure who shouldn’t be appearing in the Soul World, almost thinking that it was just an illusion which he created by himself.

The Ye Jue, who had once caused a huge panic in the Soul World…had actually appeared again!

Jun Wu Yao tripped into the sights of all the black armored spirit envoys. There was a naturally born charisma radiating from the tall and firm body. With a faint but devilish smile hanging on his perfectly sculpted face, he slightly narrowed his pair of eyes and glanced casually over the black armored spirit envoys in front of him.

“It’s been years since I last visited the Soul World. I didn’t expect that this place will change so much.” Insinuatingly, Jun Wu Yao looked at Long Jiu who was being stepped under Meng Qiu’s leg. It wasn’t hard for them to notice the sarcasm in his words.

The expression of Meng Qiu changed slightly, and even the other black armored spirit envoys felt chills running all over their bodies.

Except for the soul entities who were created within the thousand years, there wasn’t a single person in the Soul World who didn’t know about the person who was now standing in front of them.

Ye Jue, the one who was once the most important guest of the Soul World, and also the one and only human in the Three Realms who had gotten the attention of the Spirit Tree. He was allowed to enter and leave the Spirit Tree without any restriction, sit beside the Spirit Tree in parity, receive the acknowledgement of the Spirit Tree, and enjoy the greatest hospitality in the Soul World.

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