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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2586 - Estrangement (3)

Chapter 2586: Estrangement (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

But it was also him who had brought turmoil to the entire Soul World when he left the Upper Realm.

Taking away the most precious seed of the Spirit Tree and caused the entire Soul World to fall into panic. It was until hundreds of years later that the situation had slowly gotten stabilized.

Ye Jue was the one and only “honored guest” of all time in the Soul World, and also the one and only “wanted criminal” throughout the history of the Soul World!

The appearance of Jun Wu Yao had caused the expression on Meng Qiu’s face to subsequently change, but it then returned to its calm expression as he suddenly put a light smile on his face.

“Lord Ye Jue, it’s been a long time, how are you?” Meng Qiu’s attitude towards Jun Wu Yao was exceedingly courteous, as if Jun Wu Yao was never the “wanted criminal” of the Soul World. Without leaving any trace behind, his gaze glimpsed at Jun Wu Xie who was standing beside Jun Wu Yao, secretly scrutinizing the maiden who he was unfamiliar with.

When did such a figure begin to appear beside Jun Wu Yao?

“What do you think?” Jun Wu Yao raised his brows. It could be said that his attitude towards Meng Qiu was extremely arrogant and supercilious.

However, Meng Qiu did not dare to have any bits of discontent inside him.

The strength of Jun Wu Yao was so strong that even Meng Qiu wouldn’t have the courage to disrespect him. He still remembered the time when Jun Wu Yao visited the Soul World for the very first time. As the guardian of the Spirit Tree, Meng Qiu had led his fellow people and gone to stop Jun Wu Yao from trespassing on the land of the Spirit Tree, but the consequences came out as wretched and miserable.

Hundreds of the strongest spirit envoys in the Soul World, which he was also included in the list, couldn’t even withstand one attack from Jun Wu Yao. In just a twinkling, everyone had collapsed onto the ground. During that time, Jun Wu Yao just stepped casually over them who were unable to move and walked towards the Spirit Tree, and he was then accepted by the Spirit Tree.

Since then, he had also gotten the Soul World’s permission to enter and leave the Soul World whenever he wanted and nobody was allowed to restrict him.

Meng Qiu had once fought with Jun Wu Yao, but it was exactly this one time that had become the most miserable fight which he had ever experienced before in his life. This was the first time he realized that his power was actually so weak. He looked so pathetic when he was in front of Jun Wu Yao, as if he was just a tiny dust.

Even after a thousand years, Meng Qiu was still able to picture every scene of the incident that had happened in that particular year.

“Just by looking at Lord Ye Jue’s face, I know that you must be all good.” Although Meng Qiu’s face was holding onto a reverent smile, he was inwardly pondering the current situation.

Jun Wu Yao hadn’t been visiting the Soul World for a very long time. During that time, in order to find Jun Wu Yao, they had sent Long Jiu and the others to the Three Realms, but ever since, they hadn’t been receiving any news from them. It was until when Meng Qiu got in touch with the Upper Realm, only then he was able to vaguely learn about the things that were related to Jun Wu Yao.


Wasn’t Jun Wu Yao imprisoned in the Upper Realm now?

Why would he suddenly appear in the Soul World?

Meng Qiu totally had no idea about it, but he was a little panicked. Speaking on strengths, he was definitely unmatched to Jun Wu Yao. Moreover, Jun Wu Yao and the Upper Realm were deadly enemies of each other, if the matter about him cooperating with the Upper Realm was found out by Jun Wu Yao…

A sense of horror went across Meng Qiu’s mind. Carefully to not give himself away, all he could do was just to covertly observe Jun Wu Yao’s reaction, making sure whether if Jun Wu Yao had already known about the havoc in the Soul World.

“We haven’t been seeing each other for a long time, but you’re getting better at speaking,” said Jun Wu Yao perfunctorily.

Not daring to show any unhappiness, Meng Qiu could only save his face by responding with a smile, “Thanks for your compliment, Lord Ye Jue. May I ask that… if there’s any important things for you to visit the Soul World all of a sudden?”

“Of course there is, but looks like you’re busy too?” Jun Wu Yao arched his brows with his gaze naturally fell onto Long Jiu who was being stepped under Meng Qiu’s leg.

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