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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2587 - A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (1)

Chapter 2587: A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

At the moment, Long Jiu was still trying to say something but he failed to do so as Meng Qiu had secretly used his power to restrict him from opening his mouth. Meng Qiu then covertly made a gesture to the black armored spirit envoys who were still standing aside, stunned. Those black armored spirit envoys immediately moved forwards and tied Long Jiu up. After sealing his mouth, they dragged him to the side.

“It’s just a spirit envoy who has done something wrong, and we’re going to send him to the Soul Prison so that he could reflect on himself.” With a natural expression on his face, Meng Qiu smiled and said.

“Oh, really?” While holding onto an unfathomable expression, Jun Wu Yao cocked his eyebrows.

Meng Qiu quickly changed the topic of the conversation and asked, “Is there anything that Lord Ye Jue wants me to do? If there’s anything that needs my help, I’ll definitely do my best.”

Meng Qiu was trying to sound Jun Wu Yao out about the reason of him coming to the Soul World.

If it wasn’t necessary, he totally didn’t want to have anything to do with Jun Wu Yao, but… on second thoughts, Jun Wu Yao was the person wanted by His Lord, and now that he was here, did this mean that he had already broken free from the restrains of the Upper Realm?

If he was able to deliver the news to Jun Gu…

Although there was a trace of smile starting to emerge within Meng Qiu’s heart, it was still a complete calmness on his face.

While looking at Jun Wu Xie who was standing beside him, Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and pulled the petite lady into his arms, “My wife has cultivated the Soul Cultivation Method of the Soul World with her mortal body by accident, and she has been suffering the torments brought by the chaotic energy since then. The Soul Cultivation Method belonged to the Soul World, the Spirit Tree should have the methods to solve the problem.”

Jun Wu Yao’s words had loosened the tightened heartstrings of Meng Qiu. The havoc in the Soul World was held furtively, plus it had been many years since Jun Wu Yao stepped into the Soul World, of course it was impossible for him to know about the matter. It was him who had been overthinking. Then, his gaze fell onto Jun Wu Xie.

When Jun Wu Yao appeared, Meng Qiu had already noticed the existence of Jun Wu Xie. It was just that he had never expected Jun Wu Yao to get married!

Despite looking small while standing beside Jun Wu Yao, she was born with a gorgeous face. She looked young, but the pair of cold clear eyes seemed to have the ability to look through a person’s mind. Meng Qiu had actually lost his courage to make eye contact with her. The moment their eyes met with each other, there was always a kind of indescribable nervousness felt inside him, as if the pair of eyes had already figured everything out.

With the discerning skill of Meng Qiu, he had actually failed to discern the strength of the soul power that Jun Wu Xie got, and this had truly made him a little bewildered. But, there was one question which had been confusing him very much… How did Jun Wu Xie get to learn the Soul Cultivation Method of the Soul World?

The Soul Cultivation Method was the profound cultivation of the Soul World. It was able to show an exceedingly great effect in boosting up the soul power. Such profound cultivation method could also be cultivated by the ordinary people. It was just that it would bring the person who cultivated it a really huge side effect. Although it was able to enhance both the soul power and the spirit energy, since it was the cultivation method used by the soul entity, it will cause the boundary between the soul power and the spirit energy to weaken, resulting both the energies in blending together, forming the chaotic energy.

Although the strength of the chaotic energy was strong, it would endanger one’s life, and this was why Jun Wu Yao had decided to bring Jun Wu Xie here.

“I see. It’s not hard to solve the problem, it’s just that resolve it will take a rather long time. May I ask if there’s any other important thing that Lord Ye Jue needs to do? If no, you may stay in the Soul World for a period of time so that your wife is able to recuperate from the chaotic energy.” Maintaining his composure, Meng Qiu said. While the suspicions within him reduced, another thought was stealthily produced inside his mind.

Not only he wouldn’t let Jun Wu Yao find out about his cooperation with the Upper Realm, he also wouldn’t let him leave the Soul World in such a peaceful way. Although he wasn’t the opponent of Jun Wu Yao, but for the current Jun Gu… It might not be impossible for him to fight against Jun Wu Yao!

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