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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2588 - A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (2)

Chapter 2588: A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Alright.” Without hesitating, Jun Wu Yao agreed.

There was a touch of gladness emerging from Meng Qiu’s eyes, but he had failed to notice, that Jun Wu Xie who hadn’t been speaking anything for the entire time was secretly observing his every single movement.

“If that’s so, how about I bring both of you to have some rest first?” Smiling, Meng Qiu asked.

Jun Wu Yao slightly nodded his head.

“You guys bring him to the Soul Prison.” Meng Qiu immediately ordered those black armored spirit envoys to take Long Jiu away. Still struggling to break himself free, Long Jiu who was being tied up by the chains glared furiously at Meng Qiu with his pair of eyes.

Ignoring the gaze, all Meng Qiu did was just leading Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie to the other direction, worrying that the other black armored spirit envoys would show the cloven hoof due to the fear they felt for Jun Wu Yao.

Surreptitiously, Jun Wu Xie observed every movement of Meng Qiu as she slowed down her walking pace. Meng Qiu was talking with Jun Wu Yao at the front. During the conversation, quite a lot of compliments could be heard from his words. He didn’t pay any attention to Jun Wu Xie who was left behind them since for him, Jun Wu Yao was the main person who he should be tackling with.

A trace of coldness flashed across Jun Wu Xie’s eyes. Soundlessly, she called Blood Velvet out.

“Meng Qiu,” said Jun Wu Xie all of a sudden.

Subconsciously, Meng Qiu turned his head back.

Suddenly, a beam of red light pierced into his chest, causing him to feel a slight pain. Eyes widening, Meng Qiu looked at Blood Velvet who had appeared, without him knowing when, beside Jun Wu Xie!

An inauspicious feeling began to arise in Meng Qiu. With the knowledge of the soul entity he had, he could easily tell that the real identity of the teen boy was actually a stalk of Blood Velvet!

It was almost in just an instant, Meng Qiu had drawn himself away from Jun Wu Yao for quite a distance.

“Lord Ye Jue, what are you doing?” Heart heavily pounding, Meng Qiu asked.

Jun Wu Yao slowly walked back to Jun Wu Xie and casually stroked on Jun Wu Xie’s smooth hair.

“Take a guess.”

The expression on Meng Qiu’s face changed abruptly the moment he realized that things weren’t actually as simple as the way he thought to be!

“You’ve already known about it?” Meng Qiu narrowed his eyes.

“Do you really think that you’ve hidden it well?” Jun Wu Yao chuckled.

Meng Qiu immediately understood that the appearance of Jun Wu Yao in the Soul World wasn’t a coincidence. All the things he told him just now was just for the purpose of taking his vigilance down!

“Lord Ye Jue, this is the internal matters of the Soul World. You wouldn’t want to interfere in these things, will you?” Meng Qiu forcefully calmed himself down, but the agitation inside him was getting larger and larger.

Not speaking a word, Jun Wu Yao was just smiling, but the smile had caused Meng Qiu to fall into a great trepidation.

“Ye Jue, I was being respectful to you, but I didn’t expect you to actually act so boldly. I won’t stop you from helping the Soul World, but let me remind you something, I’ve already cast the Contemporaneous Knot to the Spirit Tree. If you’re going to attack, hurting me was just the same as hurting the Spirit Tree! You better think carefully!” Holding tightly onto the very last bargaining chip, Meng Qiu let in a deep breath. He couldn’t understand why would Jun Wu Yao involve himself in this matter, but if he wanted to take any action, then there should be some scruples that could make him reconsider his decision, and the Spirit Tree would be the strongest lucky charm of Meng Qiu!

Jun Wu Yao looked at Meng Qiu with a spurious smile in his gaze, as if he was just looking at some hilarious jokes.

“Do you think that I’ll give a damn about it?”

Though it was a cheerful speaking tone, it had actually caused Meng Qiu to go cold all over with no reasons.

“I’m supposed to be the heir of the Spirit Tree since I’ve taken its seed during that year. Killing you means to destroy the Spirit Tree. Well, killing two birds with one stone, this sounds like a good method. Wouldn’t it be better if I just grow a new Spirit Tree again using the seed?” Jun Wu Yao sneered.

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