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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2589 - A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (3)

Chapter 2589: A Stratagem Hidden in Another Stratagem (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Jun Wu Yao’s words had caused Meng Qiu’s face to take on an extremely ghastly expression.

Just to know that the person standing in front of him now wasn’t those loyal spirit envoys of the Soul World but the “wanted man” who had personally stolen the seed of the Spirit Tree! It was simply just a silly joke to threaten Jun Wu Yao using the Spirit Tree.

Not to mention that Jun Wu Yao had totally nothing to do with the fate of the Spirit Tree, even the chaotic energy that he mentioned just now was probably just a lie he made to throw dust in his eyes.

At first, Meng Qiu was still questioning how would a human get to learn the Soul Cultivation Method of the Soul World. However, he was busy covering his crime during that time, resulting him in mistakenly missing such a suspicious point. Thinking aback, Jun Wu Yao had actually had everything planned beforehand!

The skeptical character of Meng Qiu had made him believe that everything Jun Wu Yao did was just a camouflage, without knowing that he had, unluckily, left out the one and only truth spoken by Jun Wu Yao.

It was true that Jun Wu Xie was suffering from the chaotic energy.

Jun Wu Yao dared to tell Meng Qiu about this because he was sure that with the personality of Meng Qiu, he wouldn’t believe it at all.

And now, it was as if Meng Qiu had fallen into an endless abyss, the bargaining chip which he grasped tightly in his hand was totally useless to Jun Wu Yao!

“Ye Jue, what are you trying to do? We have no rancour with each other, why would you come at me?” Meng Qiu began to panic. The Spirit Tree had no use in coercing Jun Wu Yao, and this meant that he had lost all his conditions that he was able to rely on. Moreover, he had purposefully drawn all the black armored spirit envoys away, even if they were really going to have a fight now, nobody would come and help him.

Considering his strength, once he faced Jun Wu Yao, death would be the only fate left awaiting him!

While looking at Meng Qiu who looked a little miserable, Jun Wu Yao didn’t even bother to pay any attention at him but just moved his gaze attentively onto Jun Wu Xie.

“Little Xie, what are we going to do now?”

Jun Wu Xie cast a glimpse at Jun Wu Yao. She had to admit that this guy was really good at confounding white and black and talking barefaced nonsense. It was obvious that he did care for the Spirit Tree, but the attitude he displayed was just as if he was saying, “Just destroy it if you want to, I don’t give a damn”, aggressively pressuring Meng Qiu to the point that he had nowhere else to escape. Killing two birds with one stone? Huh… The seed of the Spirit Tree had already blended into her soul, how was he going to grow a new Spirit Tree?

Was he going to bury her into the soil of the Soul World?

This was the first time Jun Wu Xie saw Jun Wu Yao jerking someone around, and it was truly eye-opening.

It seemed that not only was the strength of this man strong as hell, so was his skills of acting.

“Since you dislike him, just kill him.” Cooperatively, Jun Wu Xie replied.

It was just a casual and simple sentence, but it had caused Meng Qiu to be on guard.

“As you wish.” The figure of Jun Wu Yao disappeared from the side of Jun Wu Xie in just a twinkling. The whole body of Meng Qiu suddenly jittered, and it was almost at the same instant, he turned around and ran.

While smiling with his eyes squinting, Blood Velvet who was standing beside Jun Wu Xie looked at the fleeing back figure of Meng Qiu, he couldn’t help but scoffed, “Master, we’ll just let him run away like this?”

“Can he?” Jun Wu Xie slightly raised her eyebrows.

It was almost at the same moment when she had just finished her words, there came a huge banging sound!

The figure of Jun Wu Yao had landed in front of Meng Qiu. Not even giving Meng Qiu the time to make any responds, just as how Meng Qiu had treated Long Jiu a moment ago, he lifted his long leg up and straight off kicked on Meng Qiu!

It was just that this time, Jun Wu Yao didn’t even want to raise his hand even a bit, refusing to touch the filthy spirit to prevent his hand from being dirtied.

Meng Qiu fell heavily onto the ground. The force Jun Wu Yao used when kicking him was much stronger than the force Meng Qiu used when he was beating Long Jiu!

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