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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2193: Another Story of Huaxia (34)

Chapter 2193: Another Story of Huaxia (34)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

“Well, today we held a class party in the Spring Snow Restaurant. Xiaoyu just came here for the party, but she left because she had something to attend to. Do you mind if we go to your room?” the woman across the line proposed kindly.

Fu Qing sneered. They just wanted to amuse themselves by enjoying her embarrassment. After all, everyone knew that her dad was fired by the school and her family had no money left to afford a meal in the Spring Snow Restaurant. More importantly, no one told her there was a class party until now…

“Fu Qing, don’t blame us for not notifying you.” The woman on the other end of the line had thought of this, so she said, “We’re going Dutch this time, so we didn’t notify you for fear that you couldn’t afford the money. Now that you are here, why don’t we stay together? Which room are you in?”

Fu Qing pursed her lips. Just when she was going to refuse, she heard Yun Luofeng’s indifferent voice.

“Let them come over.”

It seemed that it was time for her to remove all the hidden dangers for Fu Qing so that she wouldn’t be bothered by these people again.

“Ok,” Fu Qing nodded slightly and then answered,” I’m in the Spring room. You can come here.”

Not far away in another room, a petite pretty girl hung up the phone and made an OK gesture toward the men and women in the room.

“No problem. She’s agreed, and she’s in the Spring room.”

“The Spring room?” A shrewd-looking man in the crowd was shocked.

“Lin Qi, what’s wrong?” The others all turned to the man.

In fact, common people were unable to set foot on the Spring Snow Restaurant. No one could book a box unless he did it a year in advance. This time, with Lin Qi’s help could they get into the Spring Snow Restaurant. Of course, the bill for the party would also be paid by Lin Qi. What that girl told Fu Qing just now was just an excuse.

Lin Qi gradually recovered from the shock and said with a complicated look, “These numerically ranked rooms are just ordinary ones, but there are four rooms in the Spring Snow Restaurant that can’t be reserved even if you have the money. Those are the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter rooms. Only extremely powerful people in Huaxia can reserve these rooms.”


The students were shocked.

Pang Ziyue, the girl who just called Fu Qing, looked shocked and asked in disbelief, “Does… Fu Qing really have a sugar daddy?”

“Fu Qing has a sugar daddy? When did this happen?”

“Well… “Pang Ziyue hesitated and seemed too embarrassed to say it, “Just now Xiaoyu called me and told me that Fu Qing admitted that she had a sugar daddy who reserved the room for her… ”

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other, and their eyes were filled with intense disdain.

“Fu Qing is really lucky. It seems that her sugar daddy is not an ordinary person but very powerful.”

“Don’t say that.” Pang Ziyue bit her lips, “Not all women want to marry rich men. At least I want to marry a man who I love. There are very few girls like Fu Qing. After all… I’d rather die than sleep with someone I don’t love.”

When Pang Ziyue said this, all the male students who were sneering at Fu Qing gave her a look of approval. Although Fu Qing looked pure and innocent, she did such a shameless thing! Fair without, foul within! No wonder her dad would sexually assault female students…

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