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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2196: Another Story of Huaxia (37)

Chapter 2196: Another Story of Huaxia (37)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

Pang Ziyue was a little angry and stood up from her seat with a roar, “You did that on purpose!”

Hong Luan coldly glanced at her. “I’ve apologized, but I can’t help it if you insist that I did it on purpose. Besides, look at my shoes. Do you think I can step on you very hard with these shoes?”


Pang Ziyue trembled in anger but she couldn’t say anything.

The others rose to their feet and looked at Hong Luan only to see an ancient-style pair of flats. No one would feel a great pain being stepped by such shoes. Pang Ziyue really exaggerated.

Pang Ziyue also realized this, so she bit her lips tightly. “I’m sorry I did overreact, but it was really painful when you stepped on me! I’m sorry for any offense.”

Hearing this, Hong Luan didn’t say anything more. She sat down and said with a smile, “Luofeng, I am hungry. Have you ordered dishes?”

“Yes, they will be served soon.”

Sure enough, as soon as Yun Luofeng said this, the waiter came up with a dish. The smell of the dish immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They forgot the conflict just now and began to eat. The dining atmosphere was quite harmonious. Those people didn’t dare to say a word more during the meal, but their occasional looks of disdain betrayed them.

Time passed quickly, and the dishes were soon finished.

After Yun Luofeng asked the waiter for the bill, a waiter ambled over with the bill in his hand.

“Hello, Miss, you’ve spent four and a half million yuan this time.”


Upon hearing this, Lin Qi, who was wiping his lips, immediately jumped up with fear and said angrily, “Are you kidding me? I’ve been to the Spring Snow Restaurant a dozen times, and the cost of the meal wouldn’t exceed thirty or fifty thousand yuan at a time. Now you are telling me it cost four and a half million yuan?”

If his words were heard by others in the restaurant, they would probably sniff at him.

But the waiter was very polite and not upset but explained to him patiently, “Sir, you did come to our restaurant several times, but every time you went to ordinary rooms, where the dishes are much cheaper. Even if you order the best food and the most expensive wine, the fee won’t exceed one hundred thousand yuan. However, this is a VIP room, and the dishes here are different from those in the ordinary room.”

Lin Qi looked pale. Indeed, these dishes were more delicate and delicious than those he had eaten before, but the price was… was way too high.

“Sir, there are thirty of you in total, and the price of a bottle of wine is one hundred thousand yuan, so the wine alone already cost three million.”

Lin Qi shivered even harder.

That bottle of red wine cost one hundred thousand yuan? I was literally drinking RMB just now!

A young man stood up. “Lin Qi, I don’t care. You said it was your treat this time so I won’t pay a penny for this meal.”

“Shut up!” Lin Qi, with bloodshot eyes, shouted angrily, “That’s millions, not a few yuan. Where can I get these millions of yuan? We must split the bill! I won’t pay the money for you!”

“Don’t be nervous,” Pang Ziyue said softly, biting her lower lip. “We must have been set up. It’s just a bottle of wine. Why does it cost so much? With this money, we could almost buy a car.”

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