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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2198: Another Story of Huaxia (39)

Chapter 2198: Another Story of Huaxia (39)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

Fu Ru’s face turned pale and he could hardly stand.

Fu Qing almost cried out…

Just when they thought that Yun Luofeng would be hit by the car, a miracle suddenly happened. The white-clad woman suddenly thrust out her palm, and with a loud crash the car that was going to hit Yun Luofeng was immediately pushed away and flipped upside down.

What happened?…

All the people at the entrance of the restaurant were shocked by her movement. In particular, the classmates of Fu Qing all covered their mouths in shock, unable to say a word, and they were trembling.


How could this be?

How could a human being be so strong that they can even overpower a car?

In an instant, everyone was frightened. Those who had bullied Fu Qing looked even paler, for fear of being attacked by Yun Luofeng.


Yun Xiao quickly went to Yun Luofeng’s side and checked her up and down. When he made sure she was safe and sound, he was relieved and turned his cold eyes to the car that was thrown upside down.

He quickly ran to the car and punched the car door, and the car immediately flew away, but then he found it was empty! Unable to find the culprit and vent his anger, Yun Xiao kicked the car again…

With a thud, the car was kicked ten feet away and then fell apart while the public stared. Everyone swallowed.

Was this couple… a pair of freaks?

Their strength was frightening!

“Driverless cars?” Nangong Yunyi’s eyes darkened, “I think there must be someone in the dark controlling this car and aiming at Yun Luofeng.”

Looking at the scrapped car, Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile. “A gold-seeking hamster brought me a recording pen when we were having our meal. Would you like to hear it?”

Recording pen? Nangong Yunyi was surprised.

He knew that Hong Luan suspected Zhao Meixue and her daughter, and that Yun Luofeng had sent a gold-seeking hamster to spy on her, but he didn’t expect they found some clues so quickly.

A complicated gleam flashed through his eyes when he thought of this. He wished he could ruin the mother and daughter who insulted and bullied him over and over again. But the man they were trying to harm was his grandfather!

How disappointed Grandfather would be if he found out that they did it!

“Don’t worry,” Hong Luan patted Nangong Yunyi on the shoulder, “I can tell your grandfather doesn’t like them. Since he never liked them, how will he be disappointed with them?”

Nangong Yunyi was stunned and then nodded.

Yes, he never liked them, so how would he be disappointed?

“Hong Luan, Luofeng, let’s go to the villa.” Nangong Yunyi’s eyes darkened. He would never allow anyone to hurt his grandfather again.

Yun Luofeng nodded slightly and turned to the frightened Fu Ru. “Teacher, I have something to attend to, so please go home. But you might be in danger because of Nangong’s matter, so I’ll give you my hamster. It will protect you.”

With that, Yun Luofeng took out two gold-seeking hamsters, one male and one female, and handed them to Fu Qing.

“If you are separated from Teacher you must take one with you. They will protect you.”

Fu Qing looked so surprised. She only knew that a loyal dog could protect people, but could a hamster do it too?

This little hamster… looks like it would die instantly if was accidentally stepped on.

It seemed that a gold-seeking hamster sensed Fu Qing’s contempt and showed her sharp teeth at her. Her humanized expression startled Fu Qing.

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