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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2200: Another Story of Huaxia (41)

Chapter 2200: Another Story of Huaxia (41)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock


Zhao Meixue was almost suffocated, her face turned purple, and she kept beating the man with her hands and feet with fear in her eyes.

The man finally let go…

Finally able to breathe, Zhao Meixue fell heavily on the ground. She looked scared and turned her eyes to the man standing in front of her.

“I really didn’t know… ”

“Humph!” the man snorted. “I can help you deal with Nangong Yunyi, but I will never mess with that woman again. After I succeed, you have to give me some money and I will leave Huaxia immediately!”

“Okay!” Zhao Meixue clenched her teeth, “I promise you.”

As long as Nangong Yunyi could disappear, she could pay any price.

The man glanced at her only to see her heaving chest. A lascivious gleam flickered across his eyes and he strode over, picked Zhao Meixue up, and said threateningly, “I can’t come here for nothing. You have to sleep with me!”

“Now?” Zhao Meixue paused for a moment and said, “Alright.”

She had to cajole the man into doing things for her.

“Well… can we go into the room?”

“Women are troublesome!” The man sounded impatient, but he still complied with Zhao Meixue. “Come on, make it quick. Then I can leave here as soon as possible.”

Zhao Meixue gave him a sweet smile, straightened her messy hair and walked to the second floor.

In the luxurious European-style bed, the man was thrusting in and out over a beautiful woman, and the beautiful woman below him was sweating and gasping.

Thinking of the time, Zhao Meixue urged anxiously, “Hurry up, Lan ‘er is coming back.”

The man left Zhao Meixue after venting his sexual desire, looking even more impatient. “Lan’er is my daughter. Even if she sees me, so what? Nangong Chuan is really stupid. He has raised my daughter for more than ten years without knowing it. What an idiot! I wonder why the Nangong Group hasn’t collapsed under his management!”

Zhao Meixue bit her lips and looked at the man. “I’ve satisfied you. You can leave now.”

This time the man didn’t say anything. He went to the door and opened it with a thud.

Zhao Meixue wanted to go out with the man only to see several figures standing in the doorway. She screamed with fear, “Ahhh!”

At the door of her room, Grandfather Nangong stared angrily at the naked Zhao Meixue, his face livid, his eyes burning with a raging fire.


Zhao Meixue put on her clothes in a panic and said hurriedly, “Father, I can explain this to you.”

“Explain?” Grandfather Nangong snorted. His face was livid, “Cut the crap! Yunyi, call your dad and ask him to come back to see his good wife, and call Nangong Lan here! We are not stupid enough to raise someone else’s child!”

Zhao Meixue collapsed to the ground. If she was only caught in the act of adultery, Nangong Lan would be able to stay in the Nangong Family, and then she could still seize the Nangong Family’s fortune. But now…

Did Grandfather Nangong hear the conversation they just had in the room? How long was he standing there?

Zhao Meixue bit her lips tightly with a ghastly pale face. She was full of resentment towards the man beside her who also looked awful. If he hadn’t come to her, how could this have happened?

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