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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2201: Another Story of Huaxia (42)

Chapter 2201: Another Story of Huaxia (42)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

Nangong Chuan was handling important matters in the company but suddenly received a phone call from Nangong Yunyi. Without even thinking about it, he scolded Nangong Yunyi.

Just as he was going to hang up the phone, Nangong Yunyi’s indifferent voice came from the other end, “Grandfather asked you to come to the villa. Something happened to Zhao Meixue and her daughter.”

After Zhao Meixue entered the Nangong Family, Nangong Yunyi never called her Mother but called her by her name. Nangong Chuan was angry at him for this in the beginning but eventually became accustomed to it. However, when he heard that something happened to Zhao Meixue and her daughter, his anger burned again.

“Nangong Yunyi, did you do something to Meixue and Lan’er? Lan’er is your sister, and Meixue is your mother. Why did you pick on them all the time? Can’t you just stop hurting them? You are crazy!”

Nangong Chuan’s voice was extremely angry as if it was not his son at the other end of the line but a familiar stranger.

The Nangong Family’s villa.

Nangong Yunyi’s hand that was holding the phone shook, but then he expressionlessly hung up.

“He’ll be back in a minute,” he said, looking up at Grandfather Nangong in front of him.

As long as Zhao Meixue had any problem, he would hurtle back hurriedly.


Grandfather Nangong was not deaf, so he heard Nangong Chuan’s angry voice and he looked a bit embarrassed. “Yunyi, these years, you were really wronged.”

Nangong Chuan was too biased against Nangong Yunyi and blamed him even without asking what happened.

How could a father treat his son like this?

Nangong Yunyi didn’t speak. He looked at the pale Zhao Meixue and said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, soon Nangong Chuan will know his beloved woman has cuckolded him.”

Even his favorite daughter was his own…

“No!” Zhao Meixue screamed and burst down on her knees, crying, “Father, I know I’m wrong. I really know I’m wrong. Please don’t tell Chuan about this. He won’t be able to bear it.”

As his wife, no one knew the man better than she. He loved her and even spoiled her, but he also had his bottom line. If he knew she was cheating on him, then he would never forgive her!

“It’s none of my business here. I’ll leave first.”

The man moved around Grandfather Nangong and tried to leave but was stopped by Nangong Yunyi. Since Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao didn’t want to meddle in the Family affairs of the Nangong Family, they didn’t come to the villa and left after handing the recording pen to them. Therefore, the man, who didn’t see those two freaks, immediately kicked at Nangong Yunyi when he saw that Nangong Yunyi dared to stop him.


Just as he kicked out his foot, Nangong Yunyi had held it tightly.

“Did you cause Grandfather’s car accident? And did you control a driverless car to hit Yun Luofeng today?”

The man’s expression changed and he said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He hadn’t revealed that he had hurt Grandfather Nangong, so he wouldn’t admit it now.

Seeing that the man refused to confess, Nangong Yunyi didn’t say anything more. He sneered and took out a recording pen. When he pressed the button, a familiar voice came from the pen, which made the man immediately turn pale.

“B*tch!” The man’s expression changed and he punched Zhao Meixue. “Did you sell me out? Did you inform the Nangong Family people to come here today?”

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