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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2202: Another Story of Huaxia (43)

Chapter 2202: Another Story of Huaxia (43)

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Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

Zhao Meixue was bleeding profusely from the punch, but she bit her lips tightly and said nothing.

At that moment, the door was opened and then Nangong Chuan, carrying a briefcase, quickly walked in. As soon as he saw Zhao Meixue whose face was covered by blood, he flew into a rage and rushed over.

“Meixue, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

With an aching heart, he looked up at Nangong Yunyi in anger. “Nangong Yunyi, I didn’t expect you were so daring! How dare you beat up your mom? I am going to call the police to arrest you. From now on, I, Nangong Chuan, don’t have a son!”

When Nangong Chuan said this, no one stopped him but just quietly listened.

But Grandfather Nangong’s face was full of disappointment. He was thoroughly disappointed in his son.

“If you weren’t Nangong’s Dad, I would have been rude to you!” Hong Luan clenched her fists and her eyes were full of killing intent.

“He got somebody to beat his mom, and you guys want to be nasty to me?” Nangong Chuan sneered and helped Zhao Meixue stand up from the ground.

He felt Zhao Meixue was trembling. Thinking she was too frightened, he felt his heart ache for her again.

Since Meixue married him, she had never enjoyed her life. When they lived with his father, she had to please his father, and these people still came to hassle her, even though they had moved out and lived by themselves.

Did they really think he wouldn’t get angry?

“Nangong Chuan,” Grandfather Nangong sneered, “what kind of a father would blame his son without knowing what happened? Why are you so sure it’s his fault? Is he really your son?”

“Dad, don’t try to defend this little b*stard. He broke into my house with his men and seriously injured Meixue. I’m not going to let him off!”

Nangong Chuan rushed to beat Nangong Yunyi, but Grandfather Nangong shielded Yunyi with his body.

“If you want to hit Yunyi, hit me first!”

At the moment, Grandfather Nangong looked so angry and even his clenched fists were trembling slightly.

“Dad!” Nangong Chuan cried incredulously, “This b*stard has done such a terrible thing. And you still try to protect him?”

Grandfather Nangong smiled coldly, “Even if Yunyi beat her, she deserved it. She has cuckolded you many times over the years, and even your beloved daughter is not yours! Now she was having sex with her lover in our family’s villa and scheming how to seize our family’s property. Don’t you think she deserves it?”

Zhao Meixue shook even more violently and she dared not say a word. She kept her head down and covered the despair in her eyes.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Nangong Chuan was a bit angry, “Meixue is not such a person! When I chased her, she thought I was broke and didn’t know I was President of the Nangong Family! How could a good woman like her scheme to seize my property? That’s what Nangong Yunyi’s mother would do! She married me for my money, didn’t she?”


Grandfather Nangong was so angry that he slapped the face of Nangong Chuan. He said tearfully, “Ling’er was the daughter of my old friend! That friend owed me one. He wanted to repay me in other ways, but I, I was too stupid and asked him to marry his daughter to you!”

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