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Girls Blue (Light Novel)


Riho, Misaki, and Kisaragi attend a school known for being a collection of students that scrape the bottom of the barrel with its idea of a “passing average” being a collective 100 out of 500 points from all five subjects. Riho is dumped by her boyfriend only weeks before her 17th birthday. Misaki is a girl who’s spent her life in-and-out of hospitals, but who hates being pitied. Kisaragi is constantly compared to, and lives in the shadow of, his talented baseball player older brother Mutsuki. With the summer before their last year of high school quickly approaching, it’s a time for change and growth as they prepare to transition into adulthood.

100 • 2019-08-31 00:04:13


The chapter Addition Time
Part 42019-08-31
Part 32019-08-31
Part 22019-08-31
Part 12019-08-31