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Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~ (Web Novel) - Chapter 133 – 《Rejoice》Celebration! Zodiac Knight

Chapter 133 – 《Rejoice》Celebration! Zodiac Knight

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I don’t know, I just don’t know. When people gathered together, apparently they tend to become confused on what they should do.

Even after we arrived back at Tetra, my heart was still rumbling in uncertainty.

I separated with Roxy at the inn. I remembered that she had a worried look on her face then.

Even so, I wanted to be alone for a while, so I headed out without saying anything.

I looked up to the stars above as I walked along the main street. Black Sword Greed then called out to me.

『What’s wrong? I thought that you’ve already resolved yourself that you’ll fight your father. But what’s with that long face?』

[That one has indeed been decided, I’m no longer bothered by it.]

『Then what bothers you now?』

[I only realized now that I know very little about my dad… all I know was that he’s a kind father who would always protect me. That’s all.]

『That’s because you were just a kid back then. As a young kid, you won’t be able to understand what your parents were doing.』

[….but still, I should’ve asked why he returned with a lot of wounds back then. Roxy said that the templar knights are strong. Then what did my dad fight at that time? I was close to him but never tried to understand him. I just thought that it was natural that he protected me, and I didn’t even bother to think why.]

『Do you think it had something to do with your skill?』

[There is a possibility for that.]

Laplace has been worshipped since the olden days. Its church, established by the believers, is said to be even older than the kingdom.

Roxy said that according to some literature the religion dates back to before the fall of Gallia. While having a history of being worshipped for over thousands of years, the religion is almost forsaken now.

The supervising organization called the Laplace Church also disappeared 1000 years ago. The reason behind the disappearance is unknown.

With nothing leading and keeping them together, the churches are mostly operating independently. Perhaps this was one reason why the religion declined.

For example, there was the church at the slum. The sisters there made a lot of efforts to help those in need.

The sisters were kind-hearted. Not only that they have to take care for themselves, they also raised orphans, and gave food to the homeless.

It’s definitely not something that can be done half-heartedly.

They were people who deserved respect.

Dad turned out to be a level higher than them, being the virtuous Templar Knight. Now that I think about it…. Dad was really kind, just like those sisters.

However, the ‘dad’ who stood in front of me with black spear in hand was different.

Red glowing tattoo on his face. As well as that distorted face and forced smile.

Dad wouldn’t make that kind of face. That face back then, was not someone I know.

But I know now. I know now that my dad was once a templar knight. Not that it surprised me. Cause since I was a kid, I’ve always seen my dad as some sort of hero anyways.

『It’s alright to be disappointed, but we’ll be going tomorrow morning. You need to keep up a good appearance until then. How about a glass or two?』

As if on cue with Greed’s words, I could see a sign of a tavern nearby.

[Right. You actually say a good things for once.]

『That’s just you being superfluous. This me will only suggest things that’ll help you.』

[Hahaha. Then I shall do as you say.]

The tavern was still open, and it seemed crowded. The noise inside could even be heard even before I entered.

It’s one of the things Roxy taught me. If you feel gloomy, just go to a bright place.

It’ll at least distract you from the gloominess.

I looked for a vacant seat, but found none. When I thought that the night just gone bad, a young man who was sitting on a round table smiled when he saw me.

It’s such an amiable smile that I thought he had mistaken me for someone else.

But he’s definitely waving at me.

That man, he wore a well-made clothes that gives off a religious feeling.

[Please have a sit. Everyone who is supposed to come, has come as preordained. So there is no need to refrain yourself.]

As of now, I don’t think I could find another tavern soon enough. Moreover, I was also curious about this silver haired guy.

My eyes darted to the rosary hanging around his chest.

[Why such a scary face? Didn’t I give you a place to sit already? Fate Graphite…no, it’s now Fate Barbatos, isn’t it?]

[Why do you know my name. You…]

[Well, sit down first.]

The young man said as he received the wine from the waitress. He then poured wine to two out of thirteen glasses that had been arranged in advance on the table.

One for himself, and the other for me.

[Please have a drink. It’s a good liquor. This town is the only logistics base in the south, so a lot of things can be obtained here. Guess I’ll bring some as a souvenir for others. Please wait here.]

I sat down, and asked the young man.

[Before that, who are you?]

[You don’t waste time, do you? Well I guess it comes in blood. Oh well. As you may have guessed, I’m a Templar Knight. My code name is Libra.]

[What is your relation with my father?]

[Compatriot in battle. I felt his presence, so I came here. But because of slight delay, I didn’t manage to meet him. It’s a pity though, I actually wish he could enjoy some liquor with us all here. Can’t have all the good things in the world, I guess.]

This ‘Libra’ seemed to be an acquaintance to my dad.

I opened my mouth to ask again, but was he raised his hand first.

[Enough for now. Let’s not waste this perfectly nice wine. Snooping around is rude. Sometimes you should act ignorant to please others.]

[But, you were the one who invited me.]

[Ah, you’re right. I just wanted to get a closer look to Dean’s child that he willingly protected to his death. Then let me tell you about one more thing.]

When he pointed his finger to his face, a red tattoo emerged on his face. That’s…. A different pattern but with similar air to what my dad had.

[This sacred engraving is our covenant with God. It gives us enormous power that could rival even the Mortal Sin skill. After all, this power is meant exactly to counter it.]

In essence, people like Libra exists to hunt the holder of Mortal Sin skills. Upon realizing that, I couldn’t help but to place my hand on the handle of my black sword.

[I don’t have any intention to fight you now. But may be later in the future. It’s an ironic story, that a Templar Knight with sacred engraving…had a son who holds a Mortal Sin skill. That’s why… he escaped from the church.]


[Indeed. At that time Dean’s wife was pregnant with you. You know full well where they ended up staying on. Then Dean’s wife died from giving birth to you. Probably because she was too exhausted from the long run.]

When he told me the reason why my mother died, I loosened my grip on Greed’s handle.

Libra then continued while sipping his wine.

[It’s natural for parents to protect their loved one. You shouldn’t go any further. Perhaps, that’s what Dean would want.]

[Are you… trying to warn me?]

[Just giving an advice. You are the son of my compatriot in battle. I don’t want to see you suffer under the burden of Gluttony skill. Nor to see you turn into a berserking monster from fighting against your own father. The was I see it, the wait won’t be too long.]


[Oh well. We’ll meet again when that time comes.]

Libra got up from his seat and left the tavern. In front of me was the only glasses that was filled with wine. Still left untouched.

Greed spoke to me via 《Mind Reading》.

『What’s wrong? Aren’t you going here for a drink?』

[How can I have the appetite now? Does Greed know? About this Templar Knights?]

『I guess so. Look at the empty glasses. How many are there?』


『There 13 templar knights who bear the sacred engraving. As Libra said, these knights had signed a covenant with God that they absolutely must obey.』

[Is it the same contract my father mentioned?]

『I suppose so』

[Then, why did he make contact with me?]

『He meant no harm, merely want to see your face. The Door to ‘His’ Land is about to open, so of course they also start moving.』

[To stop it? Or the opposite?]

『To fulfill their covenant. Since we can’t possible tell god’s will, then there is no telling the reasoning behind their actions.』

Dad also seemed to be prioritizing something back then. He didn’t take the life of those soldiers and holy knight he froze.

If what Greed said is true, then it’s because of this covenant.

However, having to do everything the covenant said is…

[Do I have to fight them?]

『That’s how it is. There are thirteen of them. Fate alone won’t suffice.』

[Not only Shinn….the templar knights will be there as well…]

『It’s like those days when we are up against the Tenryu.』

[I guess the situation is similarly egregious like back then, huh?]

The templar knights probably belonged to Area E, just like me and Eris. If that’s really the case, then we’ll be sorely outnumbered.

At this rate, I would probably meet Libra again at Hauzen.

As I looked at the glass of wine in front of me, Greed quipped.

『Want to ask for a replacement?』


I don’t want to drink the wine in front of me, but I felt the need to have some drinks.

So I asked the waitress to bring me a new one.

[If this one is not to your liking, shall I bring another wine?]

[Sure, this one was ordered by that person I spoke to just now after all.]

[Understood. I’ll bring the order right away.]

At the very least, I found out that my dad is really a Templar Knight, and he’s bound by some sort of a covenant to God.

That’s all that guy who called himself Libra told me.

Perhaps just like my dad, was he revived back to this world by the Door to that Land?

And is it the same for the remaining 11 knights?

Strong individual like them might reappear again in this world. I shouldn’t be surprised too much already.

The Door to that Land must be closed at all cost. It’s something that hadn’t changed.

The waitress reached out to retrieve the glass in front of me.

But someone immediately took it away. When I wondered who, it was Eris.

[Ey, this one looks delicious. Let me have it!]

Eris downed the wine and placed the emptied glass on the table. She appeared to be in a good mood.

[I sensed that something was odd, so I came in a hurry. Turns out I was late.]


[This place is too noisy. I want to enjoy some night breeze. Let’s get out of here.]

[I know I know.]

In the end I left the tavern without drinking even a drop of wine.

We walked through the slope leading to a small hill. It seemed that Eris had sobered up from her drunkenness earlier today, as she pranced lightly.

[That wine was good. It’s refreshing.]

[Coming from a heavy drinker.]

[Wine is good to help forget unpleasant memories though.]

[What’s wrong? It’s not like you to act like this.]

She strangely looked more mature. But due to the suddenness, I could only feel that she’s up to something ridiculous.

Eris came close to me and hugged me.


[Eeee. It should be alright now. I’ve been very thoughtful already during daytime.]


[Sighing is forbidden! I’m the Queen of this kingdom. Be respectful!]

[Seriously, what’s wrong?]

The place we walked in has a good view. We could watch Tera’s cityscape from here.

Sparkling stars when you look up to the sky. And brilliant lights of the town that resembles the stars when looking down.

[See, beautiful, isn’t it?]

[Indeed it is. I didn’t know there is a place like this.]

[Eeh, that’s a missed opportunity! You should’ve said “ But Eris is even more beautiful”]

[Sorry, sorry.]

[How thoughtless! Well…it’s Fate after all…]

There were just the two of us here. Spending time like this isn’t so bad as well.

Better than drowning myself in liquor.

Eris slowly opened her mouth.

[You met a templar knight, didn’t you? Someone called, Libra.]

[Looks like he was searching for my dad. Apparently they were supposed to meet here. I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not]

[I see… Fate’s father story, as well as the tattoo on their face… I knew that he’d told you that much.]

Her body trembled ever so slightly.

She seemed to be holding up to something if looking at how she’s biting her lower lip.

[This time, I’ll send that guy to the afterlife with my own power. Fate, will you help me?]


She asked me to tell her what that guy told me. From this, I came to understand something.

That templar knight Libra who I met earlier, he must’ve had some connection with Eris in the past.

This is why living a very long life can be troublesome sometimes. That is, because many kinds of bonds may be formed along the road. Be it something we want, or not.

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