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Go to Hell, White Lotus (Web Novel)


As an obscured and transparent slag gamer in the gaming world, Bai Lian Hua (White Lotus) had always been fond of those trash forum posts. Until one day: “White Lotus! Go check out the forum! 233333! You’re getting flamed!!!”

Cut scene 1:

Roommate: “Hi~ White Lotus! How is the taste of being flamed?
White Lotus: “Very good. Daily verbal warfares allowing me to enhance my reputation, exercise my typing speed and even improve my psychological endurance.”
Roommate: “Shock! So good?”
White Lotus: “…just that there’s the occasional ambush while clearing a dungeon, getting ambushed while at the recreational area, getting ambushed while buying medicine in town…”

Cut scene 2:

One day, the great god came to him.
You are the renyao White Lotus?”
White Lotus: “I am not a renyao!!!!!”
Great God: “Let me do you.” (跟我搞基吧 – ??)
White Lotus: “Do your big uncle!!!”

Cut scene 3:

Reporter: “White Lotus student, what are your thoughts around the hot forum topic for the past two weeks about you?
White Lotus: “I think…”
The Great God interrupted: “Lotus sister, if you don’t want to be mistaken for being gay, you should change your habit of selling Meng…”
White Lotus: “Lotus your sister!”
The Great God gave him a deep look: “Yes, Lotus my sister.”

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The chapter Addition Time
Extra 2: Side character’s story part 22019-07-21
Extra 1: Side character’s story part 12019-07-21
Chapter 62.5 Extra “Forever and Ever”2019-07-20
Chapter 62 Final2019-06-18
Chapter 61 - Countdown until completion 22019-06-17
Chapter 60 - Countdown until completion 32019-06-16
Chapter 59 - A Different Voice2019-06-15
Chapter 58 - Suddenly came the spring breeze2019-06-14
Chapter 57 - Lovesickness can lead to dependence2019-06-13
Chapter 56 - [This Chapter has lots of pointless chatter]2019-06-12
Chapter 55 - I will update even if I die2019-06-11
Chapter 54 - I should update on a good day2019-06-10
Chapter 53 - Rain drizzling onto the footpaths2019-06-09
Chapter 52 - This is Madness2019-06-08
Chapter 51 - The Star River Leading to the Sky2019-06-07
Chapter 50 - April 1st – April Fool’s Day2019-06-06
Chapter 49 - Extra: Smile in Tears2019-06-05
Chapter 48 - Moon finally updated2019-06-04
Chapter 47 - Romance may not Bloom with Spring Flowers2019-06-03
Chapter 46 - [This Chapter’s three views are correct]2019-06-02
Chapter 45 - This article is really not heavy2019-06-01
Chapter 44 - There are not many Qixi days2019-05-31
Chapter 43 - Smile is a Real Man2019-05-30
Chapter 42 - It’s not good to be arrogant2019-05-29
Chapter 41 - It’s so difficult updating with my phone2019-05-28
Chapter 40 - The Great God is Like Flower and like Jade2019-05-27
Chapter 39 - The Earth Shattering Truth2019-05-26
Chapter 38 - Today Moon Will Post One More2019-05-25
Chapter 37 - Today’s three more second hair2019-05-23
Chapter 36 - First Release for Today2019-05-23
Chapter 35 - Cannot Distinguish Between Real and Fake2019-05-22
Chapter 34 - Extra – When They First Met2019-05-21
Chapter 33 - Silently Fixing the Text Part 22019-05-20
Chapter 32 - Silently Fixing the Text2019-05-19
Chapter 31 - Sun Moon Holy Cult is Happy2019-05-19
Chapter 30 - My Heart is Directed to the Dragon Egg2019-05-18
Chapter 29 - Sentiments of an Incomplete Song2019-05-17
Chapter 28 - Ten miles of Red Lotus2019-05-16
Chapter 27 - [The Author has Problems with their IQ]2019-05-15
Chapter 26 - [Engaging with Death, Engaging with Fights and Engaging with Pregnancy]2019-05-14
Chapter 25 - Longing for Yet Unable to Meet2019-05-13
Chapter 24 - Even at the End of the World is Shenzhou2019-05-12
Chapter 23 - My Heart’s Direction is Pure2019-05-11
Chapter 22 - The Master Will Not Perish First2019-05-10
Chapter 21 - The Immortal under the Peach Blossoms2019-05-09
Chapter 20 - Tao Hua Xi's Water Depth is a Thousand Feet2019-05-09
Chapter 19 - Since Then, Another Concern Arose2019-05-09
Chapter 18 - Flowers Flying All Across The Sky2019-05-09
Chapter 17 - The Past Can Fade Like a Puff of Smoke2019-05-09
Chapter 16 - Long Live the Great God2019-05-09
Chapter 15 - Lotus Continues to Laugh at the Spring Breeze2019-05-09
Chapter 14 - One Flower, One Leaf, One Bodhi2019-05-09
Chapter 13 - Last night’s Broken Wishes2019-05-09
Chapter 12 - Entering the After World2019-05-09
Chapter 11 - Smile's Anger2019-05-09
Chapter 10 - Half-hearted Smile's Crazy Antics 22019-05-09
Chapter 9 - Half-hearted Smile's Crazy Antics 12019-05-09
Chapter 8 - Flower Viewing in the Fog2019-05-09
Chapter 7 - Accompanying Spring and Night Outings2019-05-09
Chapter 6 - Naturally Inspiring and Hard to Give Up2019-05-09
Chapter 5 - Wu Ling Young Contenders2019-05-09
Chapter 4 - The Great God's Charming Smile2019-05-09
Chapter 3 - Who Sent Roommate through the Cloud2019-05-09
Chapter 2 - The Rise of Two Hackers2019-05-09
Chapter 1 - The Lower Limits of a Group of Idiots2019-05-09