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God Emperor (Web Novel)


Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however Ruo Chen didn’t just leech off his status as emperor’s son. He proved himself to be a dragon amongst men, possessing a heaven defying body, and managing to cultivate to Greater Perfection within the Yellow Horizon Realm, at just the young age of 16.

But even though he stood at the summit of the younger generation and had a boundless future, he sadly died at the treacherous hands of his own fiancee at a young age.

Reincarnated 800 years later in the body of a young boy who shares his name, he found out his former fiancee already unified Kunlun’s Field and built the First Central Empire, and was now known as Empress Chi Yao… Empress Chi Yao—Her Majesty governed the mortal world and enjoyed prestige in all directions as well as an eternal life.

Zhang Ruochen stood outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, and the flames of hatred burned in his heart. “After I practice for 13 years, I shall send the empress to her doom!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1762: The Gift of the Jade Swallow Pendant2020-10-28
Chapter 1761: Unleashing Great Power2020-10-28
Chapter 1760: A Blessing in Disguise2020-10-27
Chapter 1759: A Lotus2020-10-27
Chapter 1758: The Elites Fight Against Ziyan2020-10-26
Chapter 1757: Two Shang Ziyans2020-10-26
Chapter 1756: Soul Refining2020-10-25
Chapter 1755: Space Exquisite Ball2020-10-25
Chapter 1754: Suppress The Godly Palace2020-10-24
Chapter 1753: Each Had Their Own Agenda2020-10-24
Chapter 1752: Anger2020-10-23
Chapter 1751: Nobody Can Fight2020-10-23
Chapter 1750: Shang Ziyan’s Sword2020-10-22
Chapter 1749: Eight Ninth-Step Saint Kings2020-10-22
Chapter 1748: Wan Zhaoyi’s End2020-10-21
Chapter 1747: Well-rounded Saint Master2020-10-21
Chapter 1746: This Taoist Will Shake The World Up2020-10-20
Chapter 1745: Show You My Might2020-10-20
Chapter 1744: A Bloody Battle2020-10-20
Chapter 1743: Blood and Tears2020-10-19
Chapter 1742: Enchantment Formation2020-10-18
Chapter 1741: Divine Planet and Purple God Mountain2020-10-18
Chapter 1740: The Powerful Zhang Ruochen2020-10-17
Chapter 1739: Enchantment Saint Master2020-10-17
Chapter 1738: Shocking Change2020-10-16
Chapter 1737: Heaven Divine Pill2020-10-16
Chapter 1736: Tianluo Dojo2020-10-15
Chapter 1735: Cross Dressing2020-10-15
Chapter 1734: The List2020-10-14
Chapter 1733: Friends of Life or Death2020-10-14
Chapter 1732: Ten Calamity Heavenly Lord2020-10-13
Chapter 1731: Elder Qi2020-10-13
Chapter 1730: Mirage Venom2020-10-12
Chapter 1729: The Pen That Kills2020-10-12
Chapter 1728: Bounty Ranking2020-10-12
Chapter 1727: Big Order2020-10-11
Chapter 1726: Fairy’s Flower2020-10-10
Chapter 1725: Tame a Top-tier Great Being2020-10-10
Chapter 1724: Emperor Yi Evil Spirit2020-10-09
Chapter 1723: Human Love2020-10-09
Chapter 1722: Crushing Defeat2020-10-08
Chapter 1721: Kunlun and Kongyue2020-10-08
Chapter 1720: A Big Issue2020-10-07
Chapter 1719: Eight-Dragon Umbrella2020-10-07
Chapter 1718: Cihang and Zhen Yuan2020-10-06
Chapter 1717: Suppression by a World2020-10-06
Chapter 1716: Amber Ash2020-10-05
Chapter 1715: Inescapable Trap2020-10-05
Chapter 1714: Negotiation2020-10-04
Chapter 1713: Big Brother’s Woman2020-10-04
Chapter 1712: Storms Don’t Stop2020-10-03
Chapter 1711: Seventh Level of Ocean Domain2020-10-03
Chapter 1710: Six Times Stronger2020-10-02
Chapter 1709: Second Level of the Godly Palace2020-10-02
Chapter 1708: Isolation2020-10-01
Chapter 1707: Leader2020-10-01
Chapter 1706: Secret Regarding Kunlun’s Field2020-09-30
Chapter 1705: Scale Rain2020-09-30
Chapter 1704: Divine Spring2020-09-29
Chapter 1703: Top Ten Godly Disciples2020-09-29
Chapter 1702: Heart Connection Bone Melt Chain2020-09-28
Chapter 1701: Mirror Scroll2020-09-28
Chapter 1700: Inside the Cave2020-09-27
Chapter 1699: Killing Queen Lian2020-09-27
Chapter 1698: Six Desires Breaking Venom2020-09-26
Chapter 1697: Sudden Siege2020-09-26
Chapter 1696: Demon Lady2020-09-25
Chapter 1695: They All Died2020-09-25
Chapter 1694: Divine Fire Jingmie, evolved2020-09-24
Chapter 1693: Six-Yao2020-09-24
Chapter 1692: Meeting Tianchu2020-09-23
Chapter 1691: Battling King Yan and Queen Lian2020-09-23
Chapter 1690: Saint Jade Emperor2020-09-22
Chapter 1689: Emperor Above2020-09-22
Chapter 1688: You Really Are Zhang Ruochen2020-09-21
Chapter 1687: Tao Garden2020-09-21
Chapter 1686: Kirin Absolute Complete Fruit2020-09-20
Chapter 1685: Multi-God Mountain, God-Naming Palace2020-09-20
Chapter 1684: Spatial Division Rune2020-09-19
Chapter 1683: Spatial Barrier2020-09-19
Chapter 1682: Marriage Proposal2020-09-18
Chapter 1681: Who Surrenders?2020-09-18
Chapter 1680: End Relationship2020-09-17
Chapter 1679: Exchange2020-09-17
Chapter 1678: Starry General2020-09-16
Chapter 1677: Barging into the Ancient Pavilion2020-09-16
Chapter 1676: True Power of the Time and Space Secret Guide2020-09-15
Chapter 1675: Third Step Saint King2020-09-15
Chapter 1674: Great Senior2020-09-14
Chapter 1673: Fairy Makes a Vow2020-09-14
Chapter 1672: Kaleidoscope2020-09-13
Chapter 1671: Saint Monk Xumi’s Relic2020-09-13
Chapter 1670: Origin2020-09-12
Chapter 1669: Duel of Two Spatial Manipulators2020-09-12
Chapter 1668: We Were Forced To Defend Ourselves2020-09-11
Chapter 1667: Heads Rolling2020-09-11
Chapter 1666: You’ve Gone Too Far2020-09-10
Chapter 1665: Come Hit Me if You Dare2020-09-10
Chapter 1664: Despicable Person2020-09-09
Chapter 1663: Leader of the Space Divine Pavilion2020-09-09
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