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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: Thirty-Six Quasi-Saintly Meridians

Chapter 808: Thirty-Six Quasi-Saintly Meridians

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A Flood Dragon Pearl’s value was comparable to a Half-Saint’s Light. It was even easier to absorb.

If the Flood Dragon Pearl was refined completely, it could give a great boost to his cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes. The fifth level of the Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture emerged in his mind. He raised his hands slowly.

As the technique went on, two small vortices appeared in his palms. They continuously absorbed the power radiating from the Flood Dragon Pearl into the Yangwei Saintly Meridian and Yinwei Saintly Meridian.

When the Flood Dragon Pearl’s power entered the Saint Meridians, it immediately gathered in the Sea of Qi.

Then that gust of power rushed out of the Sea of Qi. It entered the 36 meridians, flowing to different parts of his body. After circulating throughout his body, it gathered below his navel, connecting with the Developing Xuan Embryo.

During this process, Zhang Ruochen discovered with a shock that the 36 meridians kept widening and becoming sturdier. Evidently, this was the power of the Developing Xuan Embryo.

The so-called Developing Xuan Embryo was actually the vortex below his navel. This was formed after cultivating the “Xuan Embryo Devil Sky,” the fifth level of the Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture, to a certain level.

When the Xuan Embryo developed fully, the vortex would evolve into something like the Sea of Qi. It would help Monks store Holy Qi.

After all, the more Holy Qi a Monk had, the more powerful his martial techniques could be. He wouldn’t feel drained either.

For example, a Monk in the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm would use up at least 20% of his Holy Qi to cast a superior-class Ghost Level martial technique. He would use up most of his Holy Qi for a Consummate Skill.

But Zhang Ruochen was rarely drained because he’d reached the Peak Realm four times. His Sea of Qi already surpassed the other Monks. Even if he fought for ten days and ten nights straight, he wouldn’t feel exhausted.

However, like other Monks, he couldn’t use King Level martial techniques in the Fish-Dragon Realm or even before the sixth level of the Half-Saint Realm. These were also known as Saint Spells.

This was because his meridians were too weak for the power of Saint Spells.

It was different now. His meridians were expanding and widening quickly.

What was the difference between meridians and Saintly Meridians? If one compared meridians to capillaries, then the Saintly Meridian was like the aorta.

Meridians were the network used to move True Qi for martial artists in the Huang Realm. When True Qi flowed through the meridians, it could help martial artists perform the techniques. It also filled their flesh, bones, and organs, strengthening their physical bodies.

However, meridians were extremely fragile. They could only withstand True Qi and very thin Saintly Qi. If a Monk utilized a great amount of Saintly Qi through the meridians, the meridians would burst.

This was why very few martial artists in the Heavenly Realm could perform complete Ghost Realm martial techniques. In addition, the True Qi of the Heavenly Realm couldn’t support those techniques.

There was also a bigger reason. Most martial artists in the Heavenly Realm didn’t have meridians strong enough to withstand such intense speed of transporting True Qi.

Thus, a Monk would develop Saintly Meridians when they reached the Fourth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm. Only Saintly Meridians could withstand large amounts of Holy Qi and perform Ghost Realm martial techniques at will.

One month later.

Zhang Ruochen completed refining the Flood Dragon Pearl. His cultivation reached the peak of the Ninth Change.

What made him even happier was that the Xuan Embryo below his navel was already developed. It formed a second Sea of Qi. The Holy Qi stored in the Xuan Embryo was comparable to the amount in his Sea of Qi.

Furthermore, the 36 meridians had doubled in width. They’d become very resilient.

If Zhang Ruochen activated his Holy Qi now, his body would rumble as if it had dozens of rivers flowing within. Thankfully, there was a lot of Holy Qi stored inside his Sea of Qi and Xuan Embryo. He didn’t have to worry about using it all up.

The power that burst from the same technique now far surpassed the past. Imagine a car for a simple metaphor. In the past, you could only use 100 pounds of power to push it because of your physical restrictions. Now, you could muster 200 pounds to push the same car.

Because it received different amounts of power, the car’s speed would be completely different too.

I’ve finally completed the fifth level and formed my Xuan Embryo. The 36 meridians have doubled in width. They’re one-fifth the size of a Saintly Meridian now. I can totally call them “36 Quasi-Saintly Meridians.”

Now, he wouldn’t feel bloated even if he moved Holy Qi through the 36 meridians at full force.

What level can my most powerful attack reach with my current cultivation?

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruochen couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled out the Taotian Sword. Releasing Holy Qi, he grasped it in his hands.

The Taotian Sword was 27th on the Thousand-Pattern Saint Weapon List. It contained 8,989 inscriptions. In addition to basic and intermediate inscriptions, there were also 12 advanced inscriptions.

One must be clear that when the Abyss Ancient Sword absorbed a saint weapon, only one or two intermediate inscriptions would be added, along with a dozen basic inscriptions.

As for advanced inscriptions… Actually, inscriptions belonged to the principles of the Saintly Way. Only very powerful Spiritual Power Saints could engrave them.

Thus, even though the Taotian Sword was only a Thousand-Pattern Saint Weapon, it could unleash power equal to that of a Ten Thousand-Pattern Saint Weapon.

Zhang Ruochen started performing the technique. The Holy Qi in his Sea of Qi and Xuan Embryo instantly started tossing. They entered the 5 Saintly Meridians and 36 meridians, flooding out of his palms and into the Taotian Sword.


Various inscriptions emerged on the Taotian Sword’s surface, making the blade brighter and brighter. In the end, the light that shone from the sword was actually so bright Zhang Ruochen couldn’t keep his eyes open.

A moment later, the Taotian Sword’s sword spirit melded into the inscriptions. It flew into the sky, forming powerful saintly might. It burst out without holding back, sweeping hundreds of miles in the air.

Everyone in the scroll world was shocked by this moment.

Mu Lingxi had been refining the Saintly Source and comprehending principles of the Saintly Way. Sensing the powerful destructive ability from the distance, she immediately woke up.

Looking at the white ball of light flying in the air, she was deeply impressed. “What’s going on?” she asked curiously. “Did Zhang Ruochen reach the Half-Saint Realm? No, even the aura of a third level Half-Saint isn’t that powerful.”

At the same time, the Void Sword on Han Xue’s back started trembling quickly. If she hadn’t controlled it immediately, it might have flown out already.

The Taotian Sword was honestly too strong. With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation, he couldn’t control it at all. The Sword Qi that burst forth even hit himself. It pierced his shoulder, leaving a bloody hole the size of a teacup.

Zhang Ruochen immediately retraced his Holy Qi. He didn’t dare to continue running the Taotian Sword. Without the support of Holy Qi, the Taotian Sword gradually dimmed and fell from the sky.

Zhang Ruochen grasped the hilt and glanced at his shoulder wound. Activating Holy Qi, he sealed the veins at the wound.

Merely activating the sword spirit and inscriptions could create such terrifying power. No wonder it’s 27th on the Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon List. Unfortunately, my cultivation is far from being able to control it. If I forcefully activate it, it’s highly possible I’ll be gravely injured too.

Zhang Ruochen made a quick estimation. With his current cultivation, he could fight with Jialuo Yuan at his strongest state, even face-to-face.

Earlier, he’d used the sword of time to kill Jialuo Yuan. He’d won by being unexpected. If Jialuo Yuan had known that Zhang Ruochen was the Time and Space Descendant and had been prepared, it wouldn’t have been that easy.

During the past month, in addition to refining a drop of divine blood, he’d also raised his cultivation to the second half of the Ninth Change. He’d also completed the fifth level of the Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture. His abilities had reached a whole new height.

Right now, he could even fight an average third level Half-Saint. He was only in the Ninth Change, but he could fight a third level Half-Saint. If this news spread, it was likely that no one would believe it.

Because even a Saint Body in the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm couldn’t compare with a first level Half-Saint, let alone a third level.

Even the nine Heirs weren’t this powerful in the Fish-Dragon Realm.

If I activate the Taotian Sword’s power, Zhang Ruochen thought, I can probably defeat someone above the third level of the Half-Saint Realm.

The Taotian Sword could only be used as a hidden trump card. It was best if he didn’t use it unless he had no other choice. If he lost control, he would hurt himself and the people around him.

Zhang Ruochen felt like he still had potential. He could cultivate to an even stronger state. Thus, he didn’t rush toward the Half-Saint Realm.

Maybe I can try for the Divine Life Chart, the legendary Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes grew determined. They glowed brightly. No matter what, he had to try.

He’d already refined five drops of divine blood. With his current state, it wasn’t hard to refine a sixth drop. As for a seventh drop, it wouldn’t be that simple.

Of course, his biggest concern now was how he could get the sixth and seventh drops of divine blood.

Just then, Zhang Ruochen thought of the evil monks of the Death Zen Sect. Would the other monks carry divine blood too?

One month had passed in the scroll world. It had only been three days in the outside world.

The battle between the Wuchangs and Death Zen Sect was probably over now. With this in mind, Zhang Ruochen exited the scroll world alone, ready to investigate the situation outside.

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