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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1054: Breakout

Chapter 1054: Breakout

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Huang Yanchen walked to the back of the team. She used her saint sword to kill all the savage beasts that pounced from behind.

Her sword technique was very harsh, completely displaying the advantage of a swordsman. Each sword she cut out would fell a mass of beasts.

In 15 short minutes, they’d already killed more than 1,000 powerful savage beasts. Everywhere they went, they would leave behind many corpses.

One must know that the beasts that could come to the Blue Dragon Void World were at least Grade Four beasts. Each one was aggressive. There were no low-level beasts.

The humans all looked into the distance.

They saw that any beast groups that reached the edge of the black hole would either be turned into corpses or disappear. It was very odd.

“What’s…going on?” some humans asked. “How come a dark zone has appeared?”

They didn’t notice the black zone earlier, until the dark zone killed into the heart of the beast groups alone and left behind a pile of corpses.

“It must be some large force that wants to use the chaos to break through Yingsha City,” someone guessed.

Of all the humans present, probably only Wan Huayu knew that it was the group led by Gu Linfeng, Deity of the Blood God Sect. She had been watching Gu Linfeng’s every move and watched them kill toward the city gate.

At first, she’d thought that Gu Linfeng was on a suicide mission. She didn’t suspect that he could actually create a bloody path and reach the hole in the city wall.

Staring at the beast corpses on the ground, she was chilled. “It seems that I’ve still underestimated Gu Linfeng,” she muttered to herself. “He must have some other top fighters beside him.”

The battle between the purple-clad elder and Firegold Raven Beast King reached an intense level. Finally, because the elder was too old and couldn’t fight for long, his blood and Qi deteriorated and fell into a disadvantage.

Boom, boom!

The Firegold Raven Beast King was filled with energy. His attacks grew stronger and stronger.

The purple-clad elder could only keep retreating. He crashed against a wall and flattened all the buildings on the right of the street. His face was very pale and blood trickled out of his mouth. His wrinkled hands couldn’t stop shaking.

“If I…was 30 years younger…I would definitely defeat you…”

When he finished speaking, he immediately coughed. More blood flowed out of his mouth. He was heavily injured. His organs had all cracked. It was already a feat for him to have survived until now.

The other major battlefields were looking unpromising too. The Beast Kings were very strong. They left behind corpses wherever they went.

In the near distance, the Blood God Sect, Shangguan Clan, and Cai Family alliance were fighting against the Golden Scorpion King. Rather than defeating it, they suffered great losses instead.

Even Hai Lingyin, Shangguan Yi, and Cai Jinglun working together could barely counter the Golden Scorpion King.

Wan Huayu led the strong cultivators of the Wan Family to create a formation. They finally defeated the Firegold Raven Beast King and saved the purple-clad elder.

Scorn filled the Firegold Raven Beast King’s eyes. “What’s the point of struggling more? Of the 12 beast tribes, only six tribes attacked Yingsha City, but you can only defend passively now. Will you be able to survive if the other six attack too?”

Wan Huayu looked toward the hole in the city wall and immediately ordered, “Form a combined battle formation and follow that dark zone to break out of the city.”

The purple-clad elder said through his pain, “Princess, why are we breaking out from the front? If we open the other three defensive formations, won’t we be able to escape easily?”

Wan Huayu shook her head. “Only six of the 12 beast tribes have charged into Yingsha City. The other six are definitely in the south, west and east. Not only will we be unable to escape after activating the city defensive formation, we’ll also force the other human Monks into a surrounded situation.”

Everyone had different choices. Some wanted to use this chance to break out of Yingsha City and enter the vast Blue Dragon Void World.

Others wanted to defeat the savage beasts and hold down the military base, preserving their lives.

Without a doubt, the former was more dangerous. If the breakthrough failed, everyone would die. However, for those who chose the latter, they would still be stuck in the military base even if they could defeat the savage beasts that had broken in.

The Wan Family was a very powerful middle age family. It was also influential in the Ministry of War. Many military Saints relied on them. Thus, Wan Huayu naturally had countless strong cultivators under her.

Most of them were from the army and had rich experience. Dressed in armor, they formed a triangular battle formation and pushed forward, following Zhang Ruochen’s group closely.

Groups of firegold ravens swooped down from the sky, but they couldn’t break through the formation. Instead, many of them were killed or injured.


Wan Huayu stood at the foremost of the battle formation. Wielding a sword, she halved all the beasts that charged at her.

The Firegold Raven Beast King wanted to kill Wan Huayu. A translucent ox skull appeared between its hands. It was only the size of a fist but was very smooth like a jade carving.

The ox skull’s aura was terrifying. All the creatures in Yingsha City shivered.

“The aura of a Supreme Saint.”

Wan Huayu’s head shot up and she stared at the beast king. She immediately waved her battle sword and pointed in the direction of the beast king.

The combination formation’s power burst forth, forming the apparition of a huge battle sword. It cut down, crashing against the Firegold Raven Beast King’s ox skull.

There was a huge boom and powerful waves of Qi rippled out from the formation. All the beasts and humans nearby were thrown out. Some of them exploded directly, becoming pieces of bloody bone.

The Firegold Raven Beast King was indeed powerful. The ox skull was a powerful weapon too. However, it couldn’t counter the formation’s attack. A bit hurt, it retreated into the group of firegold ravens.

Zhang Ruochen looked back and was shocked. “She could arrange all the Monks into a battle formation and wound a beast king in such a short time. This Princess Wan is actually quite powerful.”

Without caring about them anymore, Zhang Ruochen continued opening up a path. His hand kept slapping down, killing all the beasts blocking his path.

Now, they’d already rushed out of the hole in the wall and entered the desert outside the city. There were still countless beasts on the ground and in the sky. They continued attacking the group.

Of course, the beasts weren’t as densely populated outside the city. Zhang Ruochen and Sun Dadi’s burden lessened greatly.

The Monks of the Wan Family rushed out immediately after. A large group of savage beasts already attacked them. Zhang Ruochen’s group naturally had less pressure, so they hurried up and charged into the desert.

The top families and clans inside Yingsha City saw that the dark zone and Wan Family had broken through the siege. They also rushed impatiently toward the outer city.

They wanted to enter the vast Blue Dragon Void World and look for an opportunity to become top fighters.

Some of the clans and families were attacked by beast kings and all of them died. Of course, some stronger ones broke out and started fighting with full power outside the city.

“Do not let them escape.”

A deafening dragon’s roar sounded in the clouds, shattering some Monks’ eardrums. Black clouds entered the sky and lightning and thunder rumbled.

A sandstorm lifted up from the ground and whooshed toward Yingsha City. One could vaguely see a huge horde of beasts running after the sandstorm, producing loud booms.

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