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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1055: The Heirs Arrive

Chapter 1055: The Heirs Arrive

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There was a group of Lion Camel Beasts behind the sandstorm. They were 15 to 20 feet tall, with the heads and fangs of a lion and the body of a camel. They were covered in scales and had sharp claws.

There were two Lion Camel Beast Kings in the horde. They were dozens of feet tall and were like two small mountains.

One had blueish green scales. The other beast king had red scales.

The ground within a few miles of the blue Lion Camel Beast King turned to ice. Snow floated in the sky. The surroundings of the red one turned into a zone of fire. The yellow sand turned red and was about to melt.

Wan Huayu’s eyes narrowed. Staring at the two Lion Camel Beast Kings and mass of beasts, she gasped. Her heart was in terror. If the beasts surrounded them, they would be attacked from all sides. The consequences would be unimaginable.

Plus, two beast kings had appeared at once. This was hopeless.

The other humans who’d escaped from Yingsha City felt despair too. They actually wanted to escape back into the city. However, with the current situation, they would suffer great losses to return to Yingsha City too.

“If I knew this, I wouldn’t have broken through Yingsha City. It’s even more dangerous out here.”

Some Monks felt regret.

“We must break through before the Lion Camel Beasts arrive. Otherwise, all of us will die.”

“Sikong One, Sikong Two,” Zhang Ruochen yelled. “Go hold down the two beast kings. You two will open the road up next.”

Earlier, Sikong One and Two had been responsible for defense. They hadn’t attacked actively. This was because Zhang Ruochen didn’t want them to have too much blood on their hands. He was worried it would affect their cultivation.

It was different now though. He had to use their strength to escape with the fastest speed.

“Those two monks against two beast kings? Are you sure you’re not sending them to their deaths?”

Sun Dadi hadn’t seen Sikong One and Two attack before. He doubted their combat abilities.

“Young man, you don’t understand our Buddhist techniques.” Sikong One looked at Sun Dadi with scorn and rolled up his sleeves.

Then he extended a huge golden hand and pated Sun Dadi’s shoulder. He walked to the front of the team.

“Tiger Guarding Hell.” Sikong One clenched his fists and massive Buddhist light poured out. A bright tiger’s roar erupted within him.

Immediately following, a white tiger dozens of feet long appeared. It overlapped with Sikong One’s body.

A powerful aura burst forth entirely. When the roar had sounded, all the beasts within hundreds of miles had shaken in fear. Some of the birds fell from the sky with a tragic cry.

Sun Dadi was frightened too. He took dozens of steps back and said in surprise, “The big monk’s cultivation seems very advanced. Why didn’t you have them attack when we faced powerful enemies earlier?”

“They’re Buddhist monks. It’s best if they don’t kill anyone.” Zhang Ruochen’s expression was serious.

Sun Dadi looked at the fat Sikong One and chuckled. He couldn’t tell how this monk looked like a cultivator of the Buddhist Way.


There was a dragon’s cry!

A huge black dragon appeared, combining with Sikong Two. Its aura was as strong as Sikong One.

Sikong One and Two attacked at the same time, going to meet the two Lion Camel Beast Kings.

Boom, boom.

The two beast kings couldn’t take the two monks’ attacks at all. They kept retreating and their huge claws actually trampled some weaker lion camels to death.

Seeing this scene, the humans outside the city were all overjoyed.

“Where did these two powerful monks appear from? They can actually crush beast kings?”

“Those two monks are powerful figures from the Outer Rank—Sikong One and Sikong Two. Of course they’re terrifying. When they work together, they’re equal to Kong Hongbi, the strongest human below the Saint Realm.”

There were only around 200 humans who’d made the Half-Saint Rank and Outer Rank. It wasn’t hard to recognize the two Sikongs.

“Our chance is here. Take this chance to rush out.”

Sikong One and Two had attracted most of the beasts. It was suddenly less stressful for the other humans.

The human forces outside the city immediately started pushing out into the boundless desert. Once they escaped from the beasts, it would be like a dragon entering the skies. They could parade throughout the entire Blue Dragon Void World. If they found a Genius Treasure, they would quickly become top fighters.

All the human Monks who’d rushed out were excited. They had strong feelings of superiority. The humans inside the city were jealous. They tried their hardest to rush out and break free.

“No human can dream of escaping!” came a loud roar from the sky.

Immediately after, a dragon claw hundreds of meters long reached out from the clouds. It radiated with a reckless aura. It was like an ancient demonic dragon.

The scales on the claw were the size of pans. Grand demonic Qi swept through the surroundings.

“The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon?”

Zhang Ruochen looked up. Staring at the cloud-sized claw, a chill went down his spine. Icy Qi surged from his feet, numbing his body.

Murong Yue, Han Qiu, Zhao Shiqi, Sun Dadi, and the high-level Half-Saints of the Murong Clan all paled. Their legs trembled involuntarily.

The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon hadn’t reached the Saint Realm yet, but its aura was more terrifying than some Saints.

Various clan alliances with close to 100 Half-Saint figures activated a combined formation to block the dragon claw’s attack.


The dragon claw had landed before the formation could form. The unstoppable force pierced the semi-transparent shield.



Pained cries sounded here and there. Merely a claw had turned dozens of Half-Saints into mush. The other Half-Saints who were a bit stronger kept their lives, but they were still heavily wounded. They escaped in all directions.

The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon was honestly too frightening. It hadn’t revealed itself yet, but merely a claw could kill dozens of Half-Saints.

Yingsha City fell into terror too. All the humans were floored by the demonic dragon’s power. If such a frightening creature entered Yingsha City, how many Monks could survive?


Zhang Ruochen sensed something. He looked up into the sky.

A flaming meteorite plummeted from the sky, falling in the direction of Yingsha City. However, it slowed down more and more. Finally, it stopped and hovered above the city.

The fire died down, revealing a Void Ship. There were thousands of human Monks on it. Each one was a top figure. Using physical techniques, they jumped down from the deck like little black dots.

Amongst them, two were the most eye-catching—one man and one woman.

The man was quite burly but handsome. He wore golden armor and had a Kylin Spear. A purple-red cape hung from his shoulders.

The woman wore a white martial robe with a dark sword on her back. She was as beautiful as a sword fairy from a painting.

Some Monks from Yingsha City recognized them already.

“Chi Wansui from the Lingxiao Heavenly King Mansion, one of the nine Heirs, is finally here. We’re saved!”

“Beigong Lan from the Wu City Academy, one of the nine Heirs, has arrived at Yingsha City Base. Which of the beast kings can take her sword?”

“Two Heirs have arrived. They’ll definitely drive the beasts our of the city.”

All the Monks grew excited. As if shot with adrenaline, they fought with 120% more energy and started attacking the beasts ferociously.

With the humans outside the city blocking the beasts, no more beasts rushed into the city.

The humans gradually restricted the beasts and started attacking with full force.

Chi Wansui and Beigong Lan flew down at the same time. They landed in Yingsha City and started attacking the six beast kings.

“How dare you set foot in the human military base?”

Chi Wansui waved his kylin spear. Holy light flooded out, sending the Golden Scorpion King flying. It landed on the ground with a boom.

Even with the Golden Scorpion King’s combat ability, it still couldn’t block Chi Wansui’s hit.

Beigong Lan put her fingers into a sword print. Her sword streaked out.


The dark saint sword pierced the Firegold Raven Beast King in the stomach as it flew in the sky. The sword created a bloody bowl-sized hole.

The Firegold Raven Beast King faltered and almost fell from the sky.

The other four beast kings in Yingsha City immediately rushed out. They united with the Golden Scorpion King and Firegold Raven Beast King to defeat Chi Wansui and Beigong Lan.

However, the two Heirs’s cultivations were boundless. They kept forcing the six beast kings back. A moment later, four beast kings were hurt. They rushed toward the city’s outside, trying to escape.

Only the Golden Scorpion King and Six-Armed Ape King could manage to hold on. Their bodies were bloody. It was only a matter of time before they were defeated.

“Haha! The Heirs that the Empress has emptied the human resources to train have finally appeared. I shall come meet you and see if you’ve actually learned anything.”

A dragon roared from the clouds. Rings of soundwaves spread to thousands of miles away.

Closely after, a black dragon countless of miles long flew out of the clouds. It rushed toward the hole in the northern city wall.

It shrank quickly. When it landed, it was only a few hundred feet long. Even though it had shrunk in size, its aura hadn’t weakened.

Black clouds tumbled and lightning cracked wherever it went. It was like the world was about to end.

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