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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1056: Omen

Chapter 1056: Omen

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“The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon cannot enter Yingsha City. I will stop him.”

Chi Wansui stomped on the ground and shot hundreds of feet into the air like a rocket. When he landed, he was already outside the city.

Several large flying beasts tried to stop him on the way, but he crushed them with his body. They fell to the ground in bloody chunks.


The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon spiraled hundreds of feet in the air. It shrunk into the form of a man in black clothing. Shreds of black dragon-shaped fog snaked around his body, wailing.

Right now, the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon looked no different from a human. Even a Saint wouldn’t be able to see his true form.

The man looked down at Chi Wansui and laughed. “I’ve looked at the Half-Saint Rank that the Saint Lady wrote. You must be Chi Wansui, ninth place. So what? Even the human Saints think that you’re weaker than me, but you still want to fight me?”

“The Half-Saint Rank might not be entirely accurate.”

Chi Wansui’s aura was vibrant. His entire body shining gold, he rose up gradually until he was at the same height as the man in black.

“Indeed, the Half-Saint Rank isn’t very accurate, but you aren’t my match,” the man said. “That part is true.”

The man and dragon were both determined. They didn’t believe in the Half-Saint Rank; they only believed in themselves.

The Holy Qi ripples between them grew stronger. Any creature that approached them would die.


A golden and black figure quickly intertwined. They collided, producing shockwaves that shook the sky as if wanting to rip it apart.

The spatial structure of the Blue Dragon Void World was already fragile. It couldn’t really take their strength.

Tiny spatial cracks appeared in the center of the battle zone. They were thinner than thread and healed quickly, so most Monks couldn’t feel it at all.

After dozens of hits, Chi Wansui couldn’t take the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon’s attack anymore. He flew back and hit the city wall.


The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon transformed back into its original form. Extending two large dragon claws, it pressed down, wanting to slap Chi Wansui into the ground.

The claw merely scraped the city wall, but the wall was already shaking. Fortunately, the city defensive formation was protecting it. Otherwise, another chunk of the wall would have fallen.

Chi Wansui rushed out from underground. Wiping the blood at his lips dry, he poured Holy Qi into the kylin spear. Concentrated runes emerged instantly. Forming the Destruction of the Thousand Runes, he attacked the dragon again.

With Chi Wansui’s cultivation, he could use the Destruction of the Thousand Runes without using up all his Holy Qi. He could utilize it many times.

Even faced with the Destruction of the Thousand Runes, the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon was still unfazed. “What about a Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon? My claws are more powerful.”

It struck with a claw, going straight against the kylin spear. The Destruction of the Thousand Patterns didn’t hurt it. Instead, its power repressed Chi Wansui, forcing him to retreat.

In the distance, Zhang Ruochen’s group had broken free from the beast groups and was hundreds of miles away but didn’t leave. They watched the battle at Yingsha City.

If the beasts really broke in and started to massacre the humans, Zhang Ruochen still wanted to help. He wouldn’t stay away.

Blackie constructed an invisibility formation with the fastest speed and shielded everyone.

Zhang Ruochen was still worried that some sensitive beasts could see through the formation and discover them. Thus, he gripped the Buddhist rosary that Master Yintuoluo had given him and poured Holy Qi into it.

The beads emanated a mysterious strength and covered them all. It could cover all types of auras and even avoid the calculations of Spiritual Saints.

Standing beside him, Huang Yanchen said, “Chi Wansui and Beigong Lan have finally arrived. They’re unable to break through the siege of 12 beast groups, but it won’t be hard for them to guard Yingsha City.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded, agreeing with him.

Blackie revealed its sharp teeth. “Chi Wansui is quite powerful. He has a human’s body, but he can fight with the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon for so long. If he was in the ancient times, he’d definitely become a top emperor.”

Blackie seemed to be praising Chi Wansui, but the humans present felt upset, like it was insulting humans.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m speaking the truth,” Blackie said. “In ancient times, the dragons were the sovereigns of the Kunlun’s Field. The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon race was one of the top three dragon races. The human emperor was leagues away at the same plane.”

Sun Dadi rolled up his sleeves, wanting to beat the cat up.

As if Blackie couldn’t see everyone’s angry eyes, it continued, “In the ancient times, especially in the beginning when the universe had just been born from chaos, a batch of creatures was born. They all had extraordinarily strong bodies. Some of them were even stronger than Zhang Ruochen currently. Unfortunately, at the end of that period, the laws of Kunlun’s Field changed dramatically. Many of the powerful creatures couldn’t produce offspring anymore and went extinct in the end.”

“Some of them used methods that went against nature to preserve the seeds of their lives. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to see pure ancient creatures now. The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon is one of them. It will once again challenge you humans’ status as the sovereigns of the world.”

Sun Dadi wasn’t impatient about beating it up. “You think the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon is undefeatable, but he’s only third on the Half-Saint Rank. There are still people who can defeat it.”

Blackie turned its furry and fat head and stared at Sun Dadi as if he was stupid. “The Half-Saint Rank only looks at their current abilities. The dragon clearly has a lot of room for improvement. It may very possibly become first in the future.”

Sun Dadi shook his head and chuckled. “If we’re talking about room for improvement, no one is better than Big Brother. No matter how strong the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon is, it won’t become first.”

This time, Blackie fell silent. It didn’t refute Sun Dadi.

It made sense. Zhang Ruochen was indeed an oddity. Even in ancient times when the world was in chaos, he probably could have still become a powerful figure.

“Chi Wansui is going to lose!” Huang Yanchen said.

Everyone looked toward Yingsha City. Chi Wansui’s armor was damaged and he was bleeding everywhere. He was horribly injured.

On the other hand, the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon only lost a scale. It wasn’t hurt at all.

The two had very different combat abilities. However, Chi Wansui was already very powerful. He’d gone against the dragon hundreds of times.

After all, most Monks on the Half-Saint Rank would find it difficult to take even one of the dragon’s hits.

While they were fighting, Beigong Lan had led the human Monks to drive most of the beasts outside Yingsha City. Dozens of formation masters also worked together to rebuild the hole in the city defensive formation.

Chi Wansui didn’t keep fighting against the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon. He immediately escaped back into the city.

The city’s formation was immediately activated. All the Spiritual Qi within thousands of miles converged toward Yingsha City. Beams of thick lightning fell from the sky.

Boom, boom!

Within 15 minutes, tens of thousands of beasts were struck by lightning, turning into piles of charred corpses.

In the end, the beast kings were forced to take their beasts and retreat to hundreds of miles away.

The first major battle between the humans and 12 beast groups finally ended. Both sides suffered heavy losses. No one had benefited.

“We finally saved Yingsha City,” a high-level Half-Saint from the Murong Clan said. “This is good. At least most humans are saved.”

Murong Yue walked toward Zhang Ruochen, bowing slightly. “Your Majesty,” she said. “Can we leave here now?”

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes. “No, no,” he mumbled to himself. “How can this be?”

“What happened?” Sun Dadi asked.

Everyone grew nervous. They pulled out their saint weapons with guarded expressions. Just then, the ground started rumbling and then shaking violently. It felt like the world was spinning.


The quakes reached tens of thousands of miles away and lasted for a candle’s time. Both humans and beasts were terrified.

“The tectonic plates are shaking. Is the Blue Dragon Void World going to be destroyed sooner than predicted?” some humans guessed.

The shaking was obvious within the city too. Many buildings collapsed, but thankfully, the Monks were all strong. There were no casualties.

Five hundred miles away from Yingsha City, a 100-meter-wide crack opened up. It stretched for 1,000 miles and was a shocking sight from afar.

Seven-colored lights emerged from the crack. They shot into the sky, connecting with the clouds. The entire sky became dreamy. The beams of light had a soft fragrance too, which spread out with the wind.

Blackie stood up like a human and widened its round eyes. It sniffed strongly and stared at the light in the distance.

“White, indigo, blue, green, red, purple, and black. The seven colors… That is a sign that a Grade Seven Saintly Source Spring will come into being.”

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