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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1057: Saintly Source Spiritual Qi

Chapter 1057: Saintly Source Spiritual Qi

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Blackie’s surprised cry was strange to everyone. They didn’t know why it was so shocked.

Sun Dadi couldn’t stand it anymore. Rushing over, he caught it and said, “Fat cat, what are you rambling about?”

Annoyed, Blackie uttered, “Let go.”


Sun Dadi didn’t fear Blackie at all and didn’t like it either. He wanted to beat it up.

With a whoosh, Blackie shrunk to the size of a mosquito. It escaped from Sun Dadi’s hold and climbed to his head.

Sun Dadi was in pain. Two bloody claw marks appeared on his hands. Instantly growing furious, he roared, “How dare a fat cat hurt me? I’m your lord!”

The man and cat started fighting.

Blackie was extremely fast and could change its size. Sometimes, it was only a speck of light. Other times, it was the size of a house.

Even with Sun Dadi’s cultivation, he still couldn’t catch Blackie. Instead, there were dozens of paw marks on him.

“Stop fooling around!” Zhang Ruochen pulled them apart and said to Blackie, “You mentioned the Grade Seven Saintly Source Spring. Is it related to the Saintly Source Sacred Liquid?”

The liquid was the main medicine for creating Divine Origin Pills. Zhang Ruochen naturally valued it.

Blackie stared at Sun Dadi with a provocative gaze. Then it sat on Zhang Ruochen’s shoe and said, “The so-called Saintly Source Spring is a spring formed by Saintly Source Sacred Liquid.”

“Fat cat, stop exaggerating. Saintly Source Sacred Liquid is extremely rare. Merely a small cup can produce a Divine Origin Pill. How can such valuable treasure form a spring?”

Then Sun Dadi continued, “From what I know, only the Saintly Source Spiritual Qi from spiritual leaves can form dew when a Void World dries up. You can only catch Saintly Source Sacred Liquid by using spiritual leaves. If you use regular stone, wooden, or jade containers, the liquid will lose their properties and become regular water.

“When a Void World dries up, it can produce around 800 to 1,000 cups of Sacred Liquid. That’s when you collect it in time. Usually, it’s already a feat to get 500 cups. The imperial court, ancient sects, middle-age clans, ancient races, and top clans will all fight for these 500 cups. It would be great for a force if they can get ten cups.”

Sun Dadi had read information on the Sacred Liquid before coming to the Blue Dragon Void World. He naturally knew some things about it.

Blackie scoffed. “Kid, you only know the surface information about the Sacred Liquid.”

Sun Dadi cracked his knuckles. He felt that this fat cat was purposely finding trouble for him. If he got the chance, he would definitely knock its teeth out.

“What you said was correct,” Blackie said. “However, these only happen when the Void World dries up. Lower level Void Worlds will at most produce some Grade Three Sacred Liquid for Divine Origin Pills at or below that level.

“The Blue Dragon Void World is an upper level Void World. It’s millions of times more vast than a lower level world. It naturally produces an immense amount of Sacred Liquid too. Different types of liquids have different colors. Grade One is white, Grade Two is indigo, Grade Three is blue, Grade Four is green, Grade Five is red, Grade Six is purple, and Grade Seven is black.”

Blackie pointed in the direction of the crack.

“The seven-colored lights you see is the Saintly Source Spiritual Qi. If you collect the white light, you can produce Grade One Sacred Liquid. If you collect the indigo, you can produce Grade Two Sacred Liquid and so on. Collecting black light will give you Grade Seven Sacred Liquid.”

None of the Monks present could stay calm anymore. They stared at the floating light with heated gazes.

Even Sun Dadi and Murong Chengfeng at the Ninth Level weren’t exceptions. They didn’t need Divine Origin Pills to improve their cultivations, but if they collected some Sacred Liquid, they could sell it for top prices in Kunlun’s Field.

By then, they could sell it for saintly pills to help them reach the Saint Realm.

“What are you waiting for? Go collect it! Once the Spiritual Qi reaches the ground, it’ll lose its properties.”

Sun Dadi was crazed. He immediately pulled out dozens of spiritual leaves he’d prepared and laid them on the ground to catch the Saintly Source Spiritual Qi.

Sikong One licked his lips. He was also tempted, but he patted around his robe without finding a single spiritual leaf.

He’d dug out a lot of spiritual medicine from the Sikong Zen Temple, but he’d already sold it all for Spiritual Crystals.

“I’ve miscalculated!”

He was full of regret now and couldn’t stop sighing.

The others were tempted too. They immediately took out all their spiritual medicine and put the leaves on the ground to collect the Sacred Liquid.

A while later, Sun Dadi laughed maniacally. “The first drop of Saintly Source Sacred Liquid has been produced!”

Seven-colored fog hovered over a palm-sized spiritual leaf. The leaf was damp and a drop of dew emerged. It shone with translucent light.

Sun Dadi immediately took out a gourd. He carefully put the first drop of Sacred Liquid into it. Then he put the spiritual leaf back onto the ground to continue collecting.

His gourd was also from a spiritual medicine. It could be used to collect the liquid.

Zhang Ruochen’s group was only a few dozen miles from the crack. They were quite close, so the Spiritual Qi was very thick.

In one short hour, Sun Dadi had already collected dozens of drops. It was almost one small cup.

Sikong One stared at Sun Dadi’s gourd. He rubbed his hands and stared with hot eyes, wanting to steal it.

The beasts seemed to sense the value of the Spiritual Qi too. They rushed to the crack and also took out spiritual leaves to collect with all their might. Some of them even stood near the crack and opened their mouths, breathing in the Spiritual Qi directly.

Humans couldn’t digest Spiritual Qi, but some descendants of powerful beasts or ancient races could do so with their strong physiques. For them, absorbing Spiritual Qi could increase their cultivation and transform their bodies.

Lower beasts could transform into higher levels. The more Spiritual Qi they absorbed, the bigger the transformations. Some Grade Four Beasts could even turn into Grade Seven Beasts and become kings amongst the beasts.

The Monks within Yingsha City were all excited. They couldn’t keep calm at all. They wanted to rush out of the military base and compete for the Spiritual Qi.

Yingsha City was very far from the crack, so even if the Spiritual Qi floated over, it was too thin to condense into liquid.

However, the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon had showed its true form, turning into a huge dragon, and curled up outside the city. It didn’t give them a chance to escape at all.

“A Grade Seven Saintly Source Spring will appear soon. If the 12 beast groups receive it, Grade Four Beasts will turn into Grade Five Beasts and so on. I don’t know how much stronger they’ll become. By then, it’ll be even less possible for us to leave.”

“We’ll die if we rush out now too.”

“We suffered great losses in the city battle. If we go out, it’ll be like an egg attacking a stone.”

The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon’s combat ability was terrifying. It traumatized the humans. No one was fearless before it.

Only Spiritual Qi was flooding out of the crack. One could imagine that later, large amounts of Sacred Liquid would come out. That was true Genius Treasure. Even a Saint would compete violently for it.

Thinking that the beasts would monopolize the spring, all the humans felt pained but were helpless.

Inside the invisibility formation, Sun Dadi was collecting Spiritual Qi happily. He was ecstatic.

Sikong One was so envious. He finally couldn’t take it anymore. He walked over and tried to take Sun Dadi’s gourd with his large hand.

Sun Dadi’s movements were fast. He immediately hid the gourd behind him and yelled, “Monk, what are you doing?”

Sikong One felt awkward, but he still uttered, “What are you nervous about? I just want to see.”

Sun Dadi didn’t believe him and felt worried. If this monk really wanted to take it, Sun Dadi wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

He looked toward Zhang Ruochen, wanting the man to help him watch over the gourd. Sensing this, Zhang Ruochen just chuckled.

“Don’t fight over some Sacred Liquid. I’ll collect it now and everyone will have a share.”

Everyone looked over at him in confusion. How would he collect the Sacred Liquid? Under their scrutiny, Zhang Ruochen took out the Universe Spiritual Map. He unfolded the scroll and the space rippled around it.


A huge branch rushed out and propped above everyone’s heads with a saintly aura. It was a branch from the Sky-connecting Divine Tree. Each leaf was the size of a pan. It filled the entire invisibility formation.

“Oh my, my…” Sun Dadi swallowed heavily. Staring at the divine tree, he said, “How big is this spiritual medicine? Big Brother, is this a saint medicine?”

Everyone present had entered the scroll world before. They looked at the leaves before them with reverence. They’d all benefited from the tree.

The vitality from the tree had increased their vitality greatly. Without it, they wouldn’t cultivate so quickly inside the scroll world either.

When cultivating under the tree, even breathing was like swallowing a spiritual pill.

Large amounts of Sacred Liquid soon condensed on the leaves and rolled down the sides.

“Help me create a Grade Six Divine Origin Pill. I must reach the Sixth Level before the Saintly Source Spring appears.”

Zhang Ruochen stared seriously at Blackie with his hands behind his back. He was interested in the Saintly Source Spring too, but he couldn’t compete with the beast kings in his current realm.

Once he reached the Sixth Level, his abilities would definitely improve greatly. His combat abilities would reach a new height too.

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