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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1058: Kiss Mark

Chapter 1058: Kiss Mark

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The invisibility formation was a few hundred square feet. It was quite a large space.

The leaves of the Sky-Connecting Divine Tree were like green tiles, covering the sky completely. They shone with green light and a few drops of Saintly Source Sacred Liquid would fall down every now and then. The collection speed was very fast.

Zhang Ruochen used the tree to create some wooden jars and gave one to everyone to store the Sacred Liquid.

Huang Yanchen looked in the direction of the gorge. Looking at the seven-colored Spiritual Qi, she said, “The Saintly Source Spiritual Qi coming out now can condense into 30,000 cups of Sacred Liquid every two hours. We can only collect a little bit while most are being taken away by the beasts.”

“We can’t help it,” Murong Yue said. “There are seven or eight beast kings guarding the gorge. Who can fight with them? The few forces that had run out with us are all hiding and collecting the liquid secretly. No one dares to go against the beast kings.”

A high-level Half-Saint from the Murong Clan said, “Actually, we’re already very lucky. The Monks trapped in Yingsha City can only watch from afar. They can’t get a single drop.”

As of now, Zhang Ruochen had collected a large jar of Sacred Liquid. The white Grade One Sacred Liquid was on the outside while the black Grade Seven Sacred Liquid was on the inside.

It looked like a full jar, but it was mostly low-level Sacred Liquid. There were only two or three drops of Grade Seven Sacred Liquid, while the Grade Six was only a small cup too.

Zhang Ruochen separated the Grade Six Sacred Liquid. It was just enough to make a Grade Six Divine Origin Pill.

“Blackie, it’s up to you now!”

Blackie took the Grade Six Sacred Liquid and looked at the divine tree jar on the ground. He took the jar too and jumped into the scroll world. Production would be faster inside the scroll world.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged on the ground. He prepared to fortify his cultivation plane and try for the Sixth Level.

Han Qiu walked over. There was a sweet smile on her face. “Your Majesty,” she said with a lovely voice. “Can I borrow your Shooting Star Invisibility Cloak?”


Han Qiu bit her lip girlishly with snow-white teeth. “I want to go to the crack and absorb the Saintly Source Spiritual Qi.”

She had the Form of Darkness and also cultivated the Way of Darkness. She could swallow anything in the world. Naturally, she could swallow the Spiritual Qi too.

“It’s too dangerous!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Han Qiu lowered herself gracefully and shook Zhang Ruochen’s arm with a pair of snow-white hands. Looking at him pleadingly, she said, “I have the power of darkness. I naturally have a way to fool those beasts. If I also have the Shooting Star Invisibility Cloak, I’ll be completely fine.”

Before Zhang Ruochen could speak, she continued, “I’m only in the Second Level now. I don’t want to be a burden. If I absorb a lot of Spiritual Qi, not only will my cultivation improve greatly, my Form of Darkness will also improve too.”

Han Qiu and Zhang Ruochen were very close together. They looked ambiguous.

Qing Mo looked with animosity at Han Qiu and grabbed Huang Yanchen’s shirt. “Princess, she’s so shameless. How can she flirt with Lord Zhang so brazenly? Doesn’t she know your relationship with him?”

Huang Yanchen turned around. Glancing at Han Qiu and Zhang Ruochen, she walked over.

Zhang Ruochen saw Huang Yanchen and was worried they would start fighting, so he immediately took out the Shooting Star Invisibility Cloak. He gave it to Han Qiu so she would leave.

Han Qiu was delighted to get the cloak, but she saw Huang Yanchen getting close in the corner of her vision. A sly look flashed past her eyes.

“Your Majesty, I love you!”

Her red lips quickly moved over and kissed Zhang Ruochen’s face. Then she put on the Shooting Star Invisibility Cloak and disappeared.

Zhang Ruochen froze. He didn’t expect Han Qiu would do that. Was she purposely causing trouble?

Huang Yanchen had walked over. Seeing the kiss mark on his face, she stayed calm. “Has Han Qiu completed the beginning of the Form of Darkness?”

Zhang Ruochen was relieved when he saw that Huang Yanchen wasn’t angry. Nodding, he replied, “She cultivated the Taichi Nature Technique from the Taichi Way and resolved the crisis from the Form of Darkness. It’s only a matter of time before she fully completes it.”

“You keep her by you because of her Form of Darkness, right?” Huang Yanchen asked.

Zhang Ruochen finally realized something was wrong with Huang Yanchen’s tone. He didn’t want to keep discussing Han Qiu’s body. Smiling gently, he said, “Han Qiu comprehends the Way of Darkness, one of the Nine Ancient Ways. Her potential is immeasurable.”

“There’s something that I want to say, but I’m afraid that if I say it, you’ll think I’m being jealous and petty.”

“Senior Sister,” Zhang Ruochen said. “We’ve gone through so much since the Wu City Academy of Heavenly Devil Mountain. What’s there that can’t be said?”

Huang Yanchen looked into the vast night sky with unfocused eyes. “The Form of Darkness is inauspicious, especially in the complete form. It gathers dark power and evil Qi. It’s known as the body of evil and is comparable to your Five Elements Chaotic Body.”

“I heard that the completed Form of Darkness can go between the netherworld and living world with ease. They can summon ghosts and dead spirits, ride dragon corpses, and command saint corpses. A completed Form of Darkness appeared in history and caused the catastrophe of an era.”

“You’re worried that I won’t be able to control her one day and will suffer from her backlash?”

“I wouldn’t be so worried if it was just the Form of Darkness,” Huang Yanchen said. “But she even comprehended the Way of Darkness. Together, it will definitely enable her to devour everything in the world. It may be possible for her to devour the entire Kunlun’s Field when she’s strong enough.”

The Way of Death, Evil, Demonic, Necromancer, Ghost Cultivation and more were all branches of the Way of Darkness. It was evident how terrifying the Way of Darkness was.

Han Qiu may very well become an evil creature. Huang Yanchen’s worries weren’t unfounded.

“Actually, I had the same worry before.” Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “But I’m confident in myself too. The Time and Space Descendant lives up to his name.”

Huang Yanchen looked at him with resentment. “Have you pretended to be Gu Linfeng for too long and really become an arrogant guy?”

“You should be confident in me.” Zhang Ruochen sighed.

Huang Yanchen smiled. Flipping her long blue hair, she kissed Zhang Ruochen’s other cheek. That moment, Zhang Ruochen seemed to turn to stone. His shock was even stronger than that from Han Qiu’s sudden attack.

Huang Yanchen smiled faintly. “How is it?”

“How is what?” Zhang Ruochen didn’t understand.

“Two beauties kissed either side of your face. It should feel different, right? Do you think it felt better when I kissed you or her? Or are both feelings great?”

Before, Huang Yanchen wore her heart on her sleeve. After cultivating in isolation in the Tianlun Mark for 15 years, Zhang Ruochen couldn’t figure her out anymore.

On the surface, she didn’t care if Zhang Ruochen got close to other girls. It wasn’t actually so though.

Zhang Ruochen grew more careful. Maintaining his cool, he wiped Han Qiu’s mark away. “Senior Sister, when did you become so immature?”

Then he changed the topic and asked when Huang Yanchen would reach the Ninth Level.

She had a Grade Nine Divine Origin Pill. When her cultivation reached a certain point, she could easily reach the Ninth Level.

“Should be soon!” she said. “After accumulating for a bit longer, I can have a breakthrough.”

Just then, something strange happened at the crack. The Saintly Source Spiritual Qi flooding out lessened considerably and thinned.

“What happened? How can this happen?” Everyone was shocked.

Confusion flurried through the savage beasts too.

“The Spiritual Qi coming out of the crack has decreased by at least half.” Zhang Ruochen shot up and muttered to himself with a suspicious expression, “Could it be her?”

He immediately closed his eyes and searched for the Shooting Star Invisibility Cloak with his Spiritual Power. He’d refined the cloak before and left a shred of his power in it. This way, he could sense where it was.

It was actually thousands of feet underground where the crack was. Clearly, Han Qiu had gone into the crack.

There are many unknown dangers below the crack, he thought. Not even the beast kings dare to go in, but she did. I’ve underestimated her.

Half a day passed and Blackie finally finished the Grade Six Divine Origin Pill. He also produced some low-level Divine Origin Pills.

Zhang Ruochen gave a Grade Three pill to Murong Yue so she could reach the Third Level as soon as possible.

Then he entered the scroll world and took the Grade Six Divine Origin Pill. He began trying for the Sixth Level with all his might.

After around five days, he successfully broke through and reached the beginning phase of the Sixth Level. He didn’t leave immediately though. Instead, he prepared to refine divine blood and continue working to improve his cultivation.

When he’d entered the scroll world, he’d told Blackie to notify him when the Saintly Source Spring appeared.

“I’ve turned the 14 apertures of my hands into saints. Now, I can refine divine blood and turn the 22 apertures of my arms into saints.”

If he did so, his arms would turn into two saint arms. This would be a boost to both his palm and sword techniques.

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