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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1059: Cooperation

Chapter 1059: Cooperation

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After improving his cultivation, Zhang Ruochen was much quicker at refining divine blood.

After a short while, Zhang Ruochen had successfully refined twenty-one drops of divine blood. A wave of heat was transmitted through Tantai Acupoint on his right arm. His arm became warmer and warmer, and then, it became a bright light spot.

The first acupoint of his arm started to be sanctified.

The strength of Zhang Ruochen’s body was improved again.

Both of his arms had been confined with holy-level dragon souls and elephant souls. As he practiced Seven-Apertures Blood Palm, the blood in his veins rushed into his arm, breaking all the apertures.

All he needed to do was to refine divine blood to sanctify apertures, which would greatly improve his body strength.

Just as I expected, there will be more and more divine blood consumed by sanctified apertures. It isn’t an easy task to be sanctified, Zhang Ruochen thought.

When Zhang Ruochen started to sanctify the first aperture, he only consumed seven drops of divine blood.

As for now, every time he sanctified the apertures on his arms, he needed more than twenty drops of divine blood, and they might need more in the future.

As Zhang Ruochen continued to refine divine blood, he transferred the holy power from the divine blood to Tantai Acupoint on his left hand. He refined twenty-three drops of divine blood before he sanctified that aperture.

And then, Zhang Ruochen refined more than one hundred drops of divine blood consecutively and sanctified four apertures on his hands.

After which, twenty apertures in Zhang Ruochen’s body had been sanctified.

He extended his arms, and twenty light spots showed up.

Enormous power ripples permeated, trembling the air around them, which made cracking sounds.

Not only did Zhang Ruochen’s arms get stronger, his cultivation also reached mid-level-six half saint.

“I’ve sanctified twenty apertures, and I have sixteen apertures left, which is why my hands and arms have been drastically changed. God knows how many valuables I need to refine my body.”

Now, Zhang Ruochen was only refining his body at an elementary level, yet it had taken him several hundred drops of divine blood.

If he wanted to sanctify his body, he might need tens of thousands of drops of divine blood to succeed.

No wonder there had only been a few monks who refined their bodies, as an entire ancient school was not enough for this.

It was a lot more difficult to sanctify one’s body.

“Zhang Ruochen, I need you to get out. A pretty girl wants to date you.” Blackie’s voice was transmitted to Zhang Ruochen’s ears.

What happened? Zhang Ruochen stopped refining divine blood and looked confused. He immediately walked out of the Scroll World and asked Blackie what happened.

Blackie lay on the ground without moving. He pointed at Sun Dadi and said, “I’m only responsible for sending a message. Ask him instead!”

Sun Dadi stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “That princess from Wan family sent a secret signal which said that she wants to meet with you.”

“How do you know?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“She used a secret contact method from Blood God Sect, which can control Spiritual Qi, which can condense some strange fonts in the air and send the message.”

Sun Dadi pointed at the northwestern direction of the sky and said, “Look, it’s right there.”

Zhang Ruochen looked to where Sun Dadi pointed. He saw the Spiritual Qi circulating in a weird way ten thousand feet high in the sky, and it formed some fonts.

“That Princess Wan is indeed something. She knows the contact method within Blood God Sect.”

Zhang Ruochen was surely able to understand the communications fonts from Blood God Sect. He quickly translated it and figured out where Wan Huayu was.

Murong Yue was pretty cautious. She said, “Your highness, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go there. If Wan Huayu set us up to try to kill us, we’ll be at a great disadvantage.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “Now, our biggest enemies are the twelve savage beast races. Wan Huayu has no motive to kill me whatsoever. I bet she contacted me because of the saintly source spring that’s about to be born.”

Wan Huayu was far from enough to seize the saintly source spring.

As for Zhang Ruochen, it would be very difficult for him to get the saintly source spring too.

If they could cooperate, they might stand a chance against the savage beast army to get the saintly source spring.

“There’s no downside to go see her. The more allies we have, the better.” Zhang Ruochen had made up his mind.

Huang Yanchen stood up and said, “I’ll go with you.”

“Better me than you. We need a master for the negotiation.”

Sun Dadi volunteered while spinning his iron rod, forming a rod shadow.

And then, a couple others also volunteered to go with Zhang Ruochen.

“The savage beast races are very close to us. It’s easy for them to sense the human beings. The less people, the better.”

Zhang Ruochen put his hand under his chin, looked around and contemplated. Eventually, he chose Sun Dadi.

Sun Dadi was naturally excited. He guffawed and said, “Only a top-tier master like me is qualified to go negotiate with our brother. Everyone, please rest assured. I’ll come back safely with him.”

Zhang Ruochen looked around in the invisibility formation, yet he didn’t find Han Qiu.

She was still absorbing Saintly Source Spring instead of coming back.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t ask any further questions. He walked out of the invisibility formation with Sun Dadi and rushed toward where Wan Huayu was.

The soldiers from the Wan family were staying in the faraway district, which was more than one hundred and fifty miles from the crack, and it was well hidden.

Inside the district, there were three levels of invisibility formations that had been arranged.

Zhang Ruochen only sensed the formation when he got close to them.

He heard silver bell-like laughter from the invisibility formation.

“Deity, your highness, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Wan Huayu was wearing a Fire Saint Gold Armor Plating. She looked like a heroine. She walked out of the formation herself to greet Zhang Ruochen.

There were tents set up in the formation, and hundreds of monks gathered there.

Almost all of them were half saints, and only a few were monks from Fish-Dragon Realm.

At the center of the formation was a sand table with a diameter of ten feet. There were cracks on the ground, Yingsha City and some other topographies on it.

More than ten monks were standing around the sand table. There were men, women, youngsters and elders. Every monk was incredibly forceful. Apparently, they were all top-tier masters.

Zhang Ruochen attracted everyone’s attention as he walked in.

A middle-aged man stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Is he the guest you were waiting for, your highness?”

“That’s right.”

Wan Huayu smiled and said, “Let me introduce him. This is the deity from Blood God Sect, Gu Linfeng.”

“There’s no need to introduce him to us, princess. Gu Linfeng has been well-known in Yingsha City. All of us know him,” the middle-aged man said.

Wan Huayu stared at that middle-aged man, and she looked slightly irritated. She didn’t say anything about that. Instead, she immediately introduced everyone present to Zhang Ruochen.

They were from Feng family in the south, Black Sword Clan from the central and Black Market Excellence Hall from the north.

They had all escaped Yingsha City while being encircled by tens of thousands of savage beasts, which meant they were powerful.

It took Wan Huayu a lot of effort to get all of them here.

That middle-aged man was called Feng Wanli, who was one of the leaders in Feng family from the south, and he had deep cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Feng Wanli, smiled and said, “It appears that you guys don’t want me here.”

Feng Wanli said, “We gather here to discuss how to get the saintly source spring. You’re powerful enough to help us, but you aren’t qualified to be a part of the decision team. All you need to do is to follow us, then when we get the saintly source spring, you’ll be rewarded with a part of it too.”

Sun Dadi sneered and said, “If our deity is not qualified to be a part of the decision team, you are then less qualified.”

Feng Wanli shot a glance at Sun Dadi, and he recognized him.

In Yingsha City, Sun Dadi crushed two pinnacle level-nine half saints with his iron rod so hard that they groveled, after which he gained his fame.

Feng Wanli frowned and said, “You two are indeed strong, but you don’t have enough people, so you can’t do a lot to help. When the war begins, you can restrain a beast king so that we have more time to get the saintly source spring.”

“If this is your attitude toward us, there’s no need for us to cooperate.”

Zhang Ruochent turned around and wanted to leave.

A purple-caped elder walked out and walked to Zhang Ruochen’s front. He cupped his left hand on his right one, smiled and said, “No need to rush, your highness. You’re an important guest to our princess, so you will definitely be a member of the decision team.”

Wan Huayu looked cold. She threw Feng Wanli an angry glance and said, “Senior Feng, please show some respect to Mr. Gu. If it wasn’t for him and the masters he led two days ago, we might still be trapped in Yingsha City now.”

Everyone in the tent was dazed.

Everyone was staring at Zhang Ruochen blazingly.

The first monk who made it out of the savage beast group was Gu Linfeng?

When they were trying to make a sortie, Han Qiu altered the darkness rules and covered the entire army, which was why only a few people knew that it was the deity from Blood God Sect who led the masters to make their way out of Yingsha City.

“That’s him?”

“I heard that the Saintess from Blood God Sect has already had most of the monks under her control. How can Gu Linfeng still have this much power.”

“That red-haired monkey who’s holding an iron rod himself is already as powerful as Feng Wanli. Perhaps Gu Linfeng still has some other great beings.”

“With Gu Linfeng’s power, even if he fights the Saintess from Blood God Sect directly, he might win.”

Everyone looked awed, and realized that they had to re-estimate the power of that deity from Blood God Sect

Even Feng Wanli went into silence and walked to the side.

If it was indeed Gu Linfeng who’d led the people out of Yingsha City, he must have cultivated unfathomable power, and there must be lots of masters on his side. Feng Wanli felt intimidated.

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