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God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1060: The Identity of Qing Mo

Chapter 1060: The Identity of Qing Mo

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Wan Huayu then started to talk about the serious issue. She said, “Based on the news the two heirs sent, we’re supposed to help each other and get the saintly source spring together.”

“When the saintly source spring comes out, they will lead the human great beings to check sky-swallowing demonic dragons and most of the beast kings so that we can have a chance.”

Everyone was discussing with the people around them.

If the human monks could really unite and collaborate with each other, they would stand a much higher chance of seizing the saintly source spring.

Feng Wanli then asked, “If we can get the saintly source spring, how are we going to distribute it?”

Wan Huayu said, “According to the two heirs, they will get seventy percent of the spring and distribute it to the fighting power in the city. As for the five powers outside, we can get the other thirty percent. Whoever contributes the most to seizing the saintly source spring will get more. What do you guys think?”

There were over a thousand sects and families in Yingsha City, and there were countless martial rogue cultivators and void world warriors.

It wasn’t outrageous for them to get seventy percent of the spring.

There must be a whole lot of the saintly source spring, which meant even thirty percent was still a great amount.

Nobody was able to get the saintly source spring by themselves, so they would do everything they could to cooperate with others.

Everyone present agreed with that.

The next step was to assign tasks to each party and to make a thorough plan.

“The Feng family is great at ghost cultivation techniques, so when the saintly source spring comes out, you can release the dead souls and demonic spirits and cause some chaos within the savage beast race.”

“Black Sword Clan will be responsible for constraining the savage beasts in the north, Black Market Excellence Hall will be constraining the savage beasts in the south. I will lead the armies from Wan families to attack them at the front.

Wan Huayu had been following Hua Zhaoyi to hundreds of wars of all sizes for a very long time. She was excellent at battling, and she felt like a natural commander.

Feng Wanli stared at the sand table and asked, “If we’re all going to fight the savage beasts, who will go get the saintly source spring.”

Wan Huayu shot Zhang Ruochen a glance, smiled and said, “Mr.Gu will be enough for this task.”

And then, Wan Huayu explained, “Mr. Gu has at least four masters who are powerful enough to fight beast kings. Out of the four of them, Sikong One and Sikong Two are both great beings from the ‘Half-Saint Outer Rank.’ They’re more than enough to get the saintly source spring as long as they perform normally. What do you think, Mr. Gu?”

Zhang Ruochen had stayed silent until now. He smiled and said, “I don’t have any objections.”

“I do.”

Feng Wanli stood up and said, “There are indeed lots of masters following Gu Linfeng, but there’s a chance that he might take the saintly source spring and keep it for himself.”

Other monks also had the same concern.

Among the representatives from Black Sword Clan, a thirty-something-year-old woman looked solemn and said, “What Feng Wanli is worried about makes sense. Seizing the saintly source spring is a big deal, so we must ensure there won’t be any accidents. I suggest that each of the four powers also send a top-tier master to fight with the deity from Blood God Sect.”

That woman was Half-Saint Jing Yi, and she was the wife of the leader of Black Sword Clan. She had great power in Black Sword Clan.

Also, the cultivation of Half-Saint Jing Yi was incredible. She had already passed the first trial of the pre-saint.

Meanwhile, another elder from Black Market Excellence Hall also stood up and gave a similar suggestion like the one from Half-Saint Jing Yi.

“There must be one from Black Market Excellence Hall to participate in seizing the saintly source spring.”

That elder was Huoyuan Elder, and he had also passed the first trial of the pre-saint. He was at the same level as Half-Saint Jing Yi.

Three Trials of the Pre-Saint were above level-nine half saints.

The three trials of the pre-saint were Four Nine Trial, Eight Nine Trial and Life or Death Trial.

It was not difficult to become a saint, and every trial was critical. One needed to be extremely careful, otherwise, his or her soul and body would be annihilated.

Certainly, each time when monks passed a trial, their saint souls and bodies would be greatly changed, and their cultivation would take a leap forward.

Only those who went through three trials successfully and completed three changes could become saints.

Most of the people in ‘Half-Saint Rank’ and ‘Half-Saint Outer Rank’ had passed two trials of the pre-saint, and some of them had passed three trials of the pre-saint.

Only those living beings with exceptional potential were exceptions.

For example, those human heirs were mostly level-nine half saints, yet they had made their way to Half-Saint Rank, and they were ranked at the front.

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon from savage beasts was not at pre-saint level yet.

More than half of the beast kings from the twelve savage beast races had passed two trials of the pre-saint.

Of course, some beast kings had only passed one trial of the pre-saint, but they had the bloodline of divine beasts, and when their power was let out, they could match the power of beast kings who had passed two trials of pre-saint.

The final plan was that Wan Huayu, Half-Saint Jing Yi, Huoyuan Elder, and Feng Wanli would go seize the saintly source spring with Zhang Ruochen.

And then, the decision team discussed some further details on the plan, after which they left.

When Zhang Ruochen and Sun Dadi went back to the invisibility formation, Qing Mo was cooking food. On the grill was a firegold raven that was around seventy feet long. It was crispy outside and juicy inside.

Near the grill were two large iron pots. One of them was used to cook soup, and the other was used to cook vegetables.

All the monks were surrounding Qing Mo, staring at the firegold raven and the two giant iron pots.

Blackie was squatting under the firegold raven meat like a small white dog. He opened his eyes wide, and he licked his lips and asked, “Is it cooked?”

“No yet!” Qing Mo said.

“I can’t wait any longer. Even if it’s not fully cooked, I can still have a bite now!”

Blackie couldn’t hold it anymore. It jumped up and threw itself to the firegold raven meat. It opened its mouth wilder and wilder, and in the end, it was more than seventy feet long, which was terrifying.

However, before Blackie could touch the firegold raven meat with its tongue, Sikong One grabbed its tail and dragged it back.

“Amitabha! Donor blackie, you’re so greedy! Do you want to eat the entire firegold raven by yourself?”

Sikong Two also stood up and said, “Donor Qing Mo said that the firegold raven is a level-nine half saint, and it has enormous essence.”

“And now, she’s using some special secret techniques and has added sixteen types of sacred medicine, which make the essence contained inside firegold raven meat thicker. You can’t eat it before it’s fully cooked, otherwise there might be some side effects.”

Blackie couldn’t be more pushy. It struggled and threw itself forward, yelling, “Do you really think I’ll be scared of that? I’ve eaten everything.”

Even Sikong One’s cultivation wasn’t enough to suppress it.

Sikong Two also had to make a move and form a palm print, pressing against Blackie’s head.

The two cooperated and successfully suppressed Blackie.

Blackie shouted, “You two bald idiots, do you really think that I don’t know what’s going on in your minds? You guys want to eat that too, don’t you? You are monks, so you’re supposed to eat vegetables. If you eat meat, you’re breaking the rules, which will damage your cultivation.”

Sikong One mumbled the name of Budhha. He looked solemn and said, “Vegetarian abstinence is by no means a critical rule so much so that Buddha centers in my heart. I can harden my state of mind by eating meat.”

“If you don’t let go of me, I’ll tell your master, Monk Yintuoluo, about this!” Blackie said.

Both Sikong One and Sikong Two were scared. They lessened the strength they put on Blackie.

Blackie seized this chance to quickly shrink its body to the size of a mosquito. It struggled out and rushed toward the firegold raven meat on the grill again.


Qing Mo waved the silver kitchen knife in his hand, and she easily slapped Blackie away.

Qing Mo curled her lips and said, “I told you it’s not fully cooked yet. You can’t eat it. Why don’t you ever listen to me?”

Zhang Ruochen saw what happened, and he was surprised.

Blackie was exceptionally fast, even Sun Dadi didn’t manage to catch him. However, Qing Mo slapped Blackie away by merely waving her kitchen knife.

Was that only a coincidence?

Everyone started to behave themselves again seeing Zhang Ruochen come back.

“What is that? Why does it smell so good?”

Zhang Ruochen also smelled the fragrance of the food, and his appetite was piqued.

His desire for food was even stronger than that for sex and money.

Even an exquisite naked woman or mountains of gold and silver were nothing compared to that piece of meat in front of him.

Zhang Ruochen tried to suppress his desire using his powerful will. He looked calm. He walked toward Qing Mo and started to observe her closely.

Qing Mo raised her head. She saw the way Zhang Ruochen looked at her, and she looked scared. She immediately looked away.

Huang Yanchen walked toward Zhang Ruochen and said, “Brother Chen, how’s your negotiation with Wan Huayu?”

Zhang Ruochen was still staring at Qing Mo. He said, “Qing Mo is very powerful, isn’t she?”

Huang Yanchen was dazed and said, “Nobody can hide anything from you. Qing Mo’s cultivation is indeed profound and sophisticated, however, she’s been growing in the internal world Tianlun Mark, so she’s never been exposed to the outer world, which is why she’s shy and innocent.”

“Growing? What do you mean?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Huang Yanchen said, “Qing Mo is no human, instead, she is a Qing Mo divine vine. She’s been growing in the internal world of Tianlun Mark for over forty thousand years, and she finally turned into human form sixteen years ago.”

Zhang Ruochen was confused. He asked, “If her cultivation is that great, how did she enter Blue Dragon Void World?”

Huang Yanchen hesitated for a bit and said, “When I tried to bring Qing Mo out of Tianlun Mark, the Empress knew about that. The Empress thought that such divine medicine that has been growing for more than forty thousand years would definitely attract lots of people.”

“Which was why Empress used an exceptional skill to cover the aura and power from Qing Mo. As long as Qing Mo didn’t use the power State of Saint, the space in Blue Dragon Void World would not break.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “That means Qing Mo is not a servant arranged by Chen family.”

Huang Yanchen stayed silent for a while, looked at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have lied to you.”

“I’m just really curious. Which stuff that you said should I believe?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Huang Yanchen. He felt that she was a bit familiar, but also a bit distant. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

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