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God Of Slaughter (Web Novel) - Chapter 1590 - The so-called opportunity

Chapter 1590: The so-called opportunity

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Translator: Sigma_ Editor: Ni Cang Tian


As Shi Yan departed, the others didn’t hesitate anymore. Even though they didn’t know the exact location, they began to scatter.

The place they had lingered in for a while was the threshold of the Absolute Beginning Gateway; thus, it didn’t have any wonder. Moreover, Shi Yan had also said that the Life Sea was pretty far away.

They naturally thought that the Power Upanishad Origin of their power Upanishads shouldn’t be right at the threshold. Perhaps, it would be very far from here.

As they cultivated different power Upanishads, the relative Power Upanishad Origin would be different too. That was why they couldn’t pair or group to explore around.

From this place, Han Tian, Hiro, Montecie, and the others scattered as they urged their power Upanishads and Soul Consciousness to sense and search.

As long as they spotted some resonance or familiar energy, they would take action immediately.

Han Tian, Judy, Gay, and Dracula glided through the empty space, trying to find the Power Upanishad Origin of their power Upanishads. However, they hadn’t found anything yet.

There was no sun, moon, star, or any source of light. There was no notion of time here.

Everybody was trying to search harder.

One day, a golden light emitted from Hiro’s body as he was releasing his Soul Consciousness, which rippled toward a very far place. All of a sudden, the Original Symbol in his tier of power Upanishads sent him a tiny vibe.

Hiro was shaken; he immediately withdrew his other wisps of Soul Consciousness and dashed in the direction the Original Symbol had sensed.

After an unknown amount of time, Hiro had golden electric beams running in his eyes as he screamed and disappeared shortly.

Hiro was different from Han Tian and Judy, as he got an Original Symbol gifted by Shi Yan. That Original Symbol was generated by the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was the key to open this place. Apparently, they had a subtle and magical connection. Because of that Original Symbol, he was the first expert in this group who obtained something.

Behind him, Mei Ji with the Ice Original Symbol and Emperor Sea Shark with the Water Original Symbol also had some decent findings.

After a long time of searching, their respective Original Symbols sent them a resonance when they got near to their Power Upanishad Origin. Finally, they had found the right direction for their search.

One particular day after a long time of flying, Hiro finally reached a strange area.

It was a mountain levitating in the empty void, looking like it was cast from hundreds of types of metals. The mountain flanks contained different abilities of the Metal Power Upanishad. The mountain hovered alone in the void; besides Hiro and the mountain, there was only nothingness in this place.

Hiro turned into a jet of metal light, descending on the mountain. The moment he landed, his head was shaken hard. The bright gold Original Symbol was struggling, trying to get rid of Hiro to merge with the mountain and become a little rock over there.

This feeling was so intense, but Hiro was thrilled. He had to try his best to stop the Original Symbol while eyeing the mountain, thinking hard how to obtain it.

Pretty far from him, Mei Ji was shivering in thrill. Her body emitted ice and mist, releasing a terrifyingly cold air.

In front of her was the perpetual glacier that existed everywhere. Standing here, she suddenly felt touched. The Original Symbol in her head had turned into a snowflake, dancing restlessly as if it wanted to merge with the glacier over there.

In another place, Emperor Sea Shark was facing a different world; it was a water drop, a very, very massive water drop. Hovering by that water drop, Emperor Sea Shark seemed so minute.

The hovering water drop had the sloshing and murmuring sounds of water. Emperor Sea Shark felt so comfortable when he saw that drop of water, his soul calm and comfortable. As he cultivated the Water Power Upanishad, he felt that he belonged to that water drop, and the Original Symbol he had was also a drop of water that should be one with that massive drop.

He looked at the water drop and saw so many forms and abilities of the Water Power Upanishad. Just standing here had brought him a deeper knowledge of Water.

If his Original Symbol didn’t float and fly away from his tier of power Upanishad to merge with that water drop, perhaps he would just stand here to learn more about Water power Upanishad.

Hiro, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark all had an Original Symbol each, which came from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Perhaps because of this, their sensitivity toward the Power Upanishad Origin had become more precise. After a long time of searching, they all had something to harvest.

They had reached the fountainhead of their respective Power Upanishads, but they hadn’t taken action yet. They were considering and finding the precise way to fuse with the Power Upanishad Origin.

At the same time, Han Tian, Judy, and Dracula were also searching. Since they didn’t have an Original Symbol, it was more difficult for them. Hence, it seemed that they would have to depend on their fortune.

Montecie also had bad luck; even though she had an Original Symbol, she had deviated from the right route to the Time Power Upanishad Origin. Thus, she was getting farther and farther from it.

Zi Yao was looking for her Power Upanishad Origin, surfing through the blank space aimlessly. After an unknown time, she finally halted, her face looking serious. She observed her side and found a black vortex as deep as a dark cave, with eight islands forming an octagonal ring to cover it.

A terrifying, evil energy gushed from that black vortex, subduing people’s mind.

Just after the first glance, Zi Yao was shaken hard. She immediately understood that the black vortex and the eight islands were related to Devour’s Power Upanishads. This place was the fountainhead of the Devouring Power Upanishad and the other eight evil powers!

They were also Shi Yan’s power Upanishads!

Zi Yao was baffled for a while. She moved further from that black vortex and released her Soul Consciousness to call Shi Yan, who should fuse with this Power Upanishad Origin.

If Devour found this place and merged with the Power Upanishad Origin, his realm would rocket incredibly! At that time, Devour would become Shi Yan’s nightmare. He would swallow the latter easily, making him a nutrient for his power!

Zi Yao stopped searching for her Power Upanishad Origin, and instead, continually expanded her Soul Consciousness to find Shi Yan. Unfortunately, even though her Soul Consciousness was superb, she couldn’t cover this place entirely to locate Shi Yan and send him the information.

She became nervous and wondered if she could leave this place and go find Shi Yan. However, she was worried because she couldn’t find any landmark here. Shi Yan, Hiro, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark could find the Power Upanishad Origin because of the Original Symbol in their heads. But once she left this place, she would get lost, and it wouldn’t be easy to find it again.

While she was hesitating, some shadows appeared in a remote corner of this place. Those shadows slowly materialized; the leader of this group was Sauron in his archaic, silver robe, which made him look like a great sage. As soon as he arrived, he closed his eyes while soul energy rippled furiously from his body.

Zhen Ru, Cantecie, Fan De Lei, and some other experts reacted exactly like Mei Ji and Han Tian at that time. They were so bewildered when they observed the blank space, frowning in disappointment.

Sauron reacted faster than Shi Yan at that time. After less than one minute, he smiled as he opened his eyes one more time. “This place is the wonderful place which stores the Power Upanishad Origins, which is a tier of Power Upanishads. You guys can scatter to find the Power Upanishad Origin related to your Power Upanishads. Every Power Upanishad existing in this world has a Power Upanishad Origin here. However, there’s only one Power Upanishad Origin for each power Upanishad. If someone got it before you, you would regret it for your whole life.”

Zhen Ru and Cantecie were different from Mei Ji and Han Tian, because they had heard about the Power Upanishad Origin from Sauron before they came here. Listening to Sauron, their eyes shot divine lights as they bowed to bid farewell to Sauron and go look for their opportunity and find their Power Upanishad Origin.

Sauron squinted, seeing them off. He stooped to watch the void underneath while mumbling to himself. “So, everything is true…”

Similarly, in another area of this unique space, Devour, Yuan, Serene Prison, Edgar, Rupert, and the others arrived. It seemed that the Absolute Beginning Gateway didn’t close after it was opened once. Anyone who could get through the Endless Abyss could find the Absolute Beginning Gateway and get to this place.

“Nothing’s here.” Serene Prison had a baffled face when he arrived and checked around. Devour appeared as a black shadow. As soon as he arrived, he started looking quite vague. Millions of black ropes shot from his body like tentacles, reaching in every direction and disappearing shortly.

Yuan Zu squinted as a murmuring sound came from his soul while he released his Soul Consciousness to check.

Yuan Zu didn’t make people wait for a long time. He turned to Devour and the two of them shouted at the same time as they were frantically thrilled, “It’s the land of Power Upanishad Origins!”

In another area…

A cyan lightning ball slowly emerged, carrying a towering Life Soul Tree. All of a sudden, the lightning ball shrank and exploded, with Desolate appearing in Ghost Hunter’s human form.

As soon as Desolate got to this place, many fragments of memory in his head were stimulated. A magnificent light space emerged from his head, inside which, beams of light shot and weaved with each other, creating a wonderful but complicated sea of light. Those shooting lights were actually the appearances of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and many power Upanishads.

If Shi Yan were here, he would know that the strange space above Desolate’s head was the so-called fountainhead of Power Upanishads where he used to visit when he got the heaven flames. This place was a marvelous land inside Desolate Continent.

“I finally understand!” Desolate laughed after hovering here for a while.

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