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God Of Soul System (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy

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All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes, Flowing Blade-like Flame!

Crossing over to the world of pirates(the one piece world) , in the era of pirates, the Roja from eleven years ago obtained a Sword Soul system that lets him strengthen infinitely and extract various kinds of skills.

Flowing Blade-like Flame (Ryūjin Jakka) , Mirror Flower, Water Moon (Kyoka Suigetsu), Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer (Getsuga Tensho), Thousand Cherry Blossoms (Senbonzakura)……

“If this sword descend, you may be roasted to death.” Roja looked at Akainu in front of him and seriously said.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 498: Delay.2020-07-01
Chapter 497: Six Paths of Pain!2020-06-30
Chapter 496: Ruined!2020-06-30
Chapter 495: Hancock Vs Akatsuki2020-06-29
Chapter 494: Hidan and Kakuzu2020-06-27
Chapter 493: I don’t know fear2020-06-26
Chapter 492: Powerful!2020-06-24
Chapter 491: Fusion2020-06-20
Chapter 490: Practice!2020-06-17
Chapter 489: Taken Away.2020-06-17
Chapter 488: Kurama Yakumo!2020-06-01
Chapter 487: Self explosion.2020-05-31
Chapter 486: Time Stand Still!2020-05-31
Chapter 485: Higashi: Kyokujitsujin! Kita: Tenchi Kaijin!2020-05-29
Chapter 484: Zanka No Tachi!2020-05-23
Chapter 483: Bankai! Kamishini No Yari!2020-05-22
Chapter 482: Momoshiki and Kinshiki2020-05-21
Chapter 481: Eighth Stage!!2020-05-19
Chapter 480: Temperature and Immortality2020-05-17
Chapter 479: Amaterasu2020-05-16
Chapter 478: Encounter2020-05-01
Chapter 477: Uchiha Itachi!2020-04-30
Chapter 476: Capture2020-04-30
Chapter 475: Hoshigakure!2020-04-29
Chapter 474: Destroying the Box of Ultimate Bliss.2020-04-28
Chapter 473: Villages’ Ninjas2020-04-27
Chapter 472: Monster!2020-04-27
Chapter 471: Just Passing By2020-04-27
Chapter 471: Just Passing By2020-04-23
Chapter 470: Kurenai And Hinata!2020-04-18
Chapter 469: Konoha’s festival!2020-04-16
Chapter 468: Destroy!2020-04-10
Chapter 467: Space Connection!2020-04-10
Chapter 466: Tenseigan!2020-04-10
Chapter 465: The Otsutsuki Clan on the moon!2020-04-10
Chapter 464: Teaching Haki!2020-03-27
Chapter 463: 2 Years Later.2020-03-26
Chapter 462: Izanagi!2020-03-24
Chapter 461: Kamui doesn’t work!2020-03-23
Chapter 460: Kyuubi’s Attack!2020-03-18
Chapter 459: Kimimaro!2020-03-16
Chapter 458: Encountering Orochimaru!2020-03-16
Chapter 457: Kaguya’s Rebellion!2020-03-16
Chapter 456: Changes!2020-02-28
Chapter 455: Shinobi’s disaster!2020-02-27
Chapter 454: Roja Vs. Dai!2020-02-27
Chapter 453: Eighth Gate!2020-02-22
Chapter 452: Out!2020-02-22
Chapter 451: Going To Konoha2020-02-22
Chapter 450: Killing!2020-02-17
Chapter 449: Trapped!2020-02-16
Chapter 448: Hancock Vs. Uchiha Shisui2020-02-01
Chapter 447: Betrayal2020-01-30
Chapter 446: Genjutsu2020-01-30
Chapter 445: Peace talks!2020-01-30
Chapter 444: Mei Vs. Hancock!2020-01-26
Chapter 443: Reigning Over The Mist!2020-01-25
Chapter 442: Annihilation!2020-01-20
Chapter 441: Truth-Seeking Ball!2020-01-19
Chapter 440: Fourth Mizukage!2020-01-17
Chapter 439: Roja is very Strong!2020-01-16
Chapter 438: Anger!2019-12-29
Chapter 437: Mei’s crisis!2019-12-28
Chapter 436: Prediction Ability!2019-12-27
Chapter 435: The Great Toad Sage!2019-12-27
Chapter 434: The Enemy.2019-12-25
Chapter 433: Return!2019-12-23
Chapter 432: The Rock Ninjas.2019-12-23
Chapter 431: Making a move!2019-12-20
Chapter 430: Travel Together!2019-12-20
Chapter 429: Coincidence!2019-12-18
Chapter 428: Agreement!2019-11-30
Chapter 427: Recovery!2019-11-30
Chapter 426: Roja Vs. Hollow Roja2019-11-29
Chapter 425: Rikujigen Roja Vs. Six-path Sage!2019-11-28
Chapter 424: Six-Path Mode!2019-11-27
Chapter 423: Truth-Seeking Ball!2019-11-26
Chapter 422: Ready!2019-11-23
Chapter 421: Kills!2019-11-22
Chapter 420: Roja Vs. Snake Sage!2019-11-19
Chapter 419: Snake Sage!2019-11-17
Chapter 418: Enemy!2019-10-30
Chapter 417: Land of Lightning!2019-10-29
Chapter 416: Scroll!2019-10-28
Chapter 415: Unreasonable!2019-10-27
Chapter 414: Ghost Roja!2019-10-25
Chapter 413: Didn’t make a move!2019-10-23
Chapter 412: Observation in the dark!2019-10-21
Chapter 411: Full of sluggishness!2019-10-19
Chapter 410: Have you played enough?2019-10-18
Chapter 409: The Power of The Raikage!2019-10-17
Chapter 408: Rock Vs. Raikage!2019-09-28
Chapter 407: Strength Level!2019-09-27
Chapter 406: Sen Maboroshi’s space!2019-09-26
Chapter 405: Slug!2019-09-24
Chapter 404: Explosion!2019-09-23
Chapter 403: Dust Release.2019-09-21
Chapter 402: 6 Attributes!2019-09-19
Chapter 401: Onoki!2019-09-18
Chapter 400: Shock!2019-09-17


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