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God of Fishing (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Romance

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In a world where humanity lives in suspended space, children undergo a fishing test when they come of age. Those with immaculate talents have the possibility of becoming great fishing masters.

In the endless sea, every life is imbued with a sacred mission. There are fish that can fly, turtles that have absorbed the worldly essence, and whales that can devour the heaven and earth… There are also countless fishers.

Fishing is an art.

There is an ancient saying: If you can’t fish, you might as well be bait.

393 • 2020-06-08 09:05:07


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 178 Set Off for the Level-Two Fishery2020-07-05
Chapter 177 Abduct A Girl2020-07-05
Chapter 176 Realm • Weapon • Combat Skill2020-07-05
Chapter 175 The Second Brocade Sache2020-07-05
Chapter 174 A Friend of Girls2020-07-05
Chapter 173 One Hundred-Game Winning Streak2020-07-05
Chapter 172 Han Fei Goes Ballistic2020-07-05
Chapter 171 A Strong Enemy2020-07-05
Chapter 170 Divine Healing Technique2020-07-05
Chapter 169 We Are Back2020-07-05
Chapter 168 The Real Thugs2020-07-05
Chapter 167: Provocation from the First Academy2020-07-05
Chapter 166: Here Come the Thugs2020-07-05
Chapter 165: Xia Xiaochan, Red Ribbon2020-07-04
Chapter 164: Xia Xiaochan Went Crazy Again2020-07-04
Chapter 163: Struck By Lightning2020-07-03
Chapter 162: Old Friends2020-07-03
Chapter 161: Image Spokesperson2020-07-02
Chapter 160: A Ten-Game Winning Streak2020-07-02
Chapter 159: The Thugs Deserve Their Reputations Indeed2020-07-01
Chapter 158: Return of the Thug Academy2020-07-01
Chapter 157: Thug Legend2020-06-30
Chapter 156: Blue Sea Arena2020-06-30
Chapter 155: Linglong Tower2020-06-29
Chapter 154: Take the Stage2020-06-29
Chapter 153: The Fish Dragons Have Come2020-06-28
Chapter 152: Mysterious Library2020-06-28
Chapter 151: The First Brocade Sachet2020-06-27
Chapter 150: I’ll Stand Still2020-06-27
Chapter 149: Xia Xiaochan Is Sick2020-06-26
Chapter 148: Secrets of the Five2020-06-26
Chapter 147: The First Class2020-06-25
Chapter 146: Geniuses Who Haven’t Seen Much of Life2020-06-25
Chapter 145: Can I Make You A Deal?2020-06-24
Chapter 144: A Bunch of Monsters2020-06-24
Chapter 143: A Strange Academy2020-06-24
Chapter 142: Set the Whole Town Astir2020-06-24
Chapter 141: You’re All Cowards2020-06-22
Chapter 140: What a Lousy School2020-06-22
Chapter 139: Heading for the Blue Sea Town2020-06-21
Chapter 138: Ultra-Quality Spiritual Stone?2020-06-21
Chapter 137: Undersea Mine2020-06-20
Chapter 136: You Guys Can Fight Me Together2020-06-20
Chapter 135: Slaughter2020-06-19
Chapter 134: You’re All Trash2020-06-19
Chapter 133: A Life-Or-Death Battle2020-06-18
Chapter 132: The Bloody Third Round2020-06-18
Chapter 131: An Adventure Game2020-06-17
Chapter 130: Did You Go Mining?2020-06-17
Chapter 129: Poison Man2020-06-16
Chapter 128: Return2020-06-16
Chapter 127: Purple-Tailed Scorpion King2020-06-15
Chapter 126: Scorpion Cave2020-06-15
Chapter 125: Han Fei, The Bastard2020-06-14
Chapter 124: Hothead2020-06-14
Chapter 123: A Despicable Lightning Crab2020-06-13
Chapter 122: Captains Meet2020-06-13
Chapter 121: Resource Competition2020-06-12
Chapter 120: Finished His Apprenticeship2020-06-12
Chapter 119: He Is My Disciple2020-06-11
Chapter 118: Jiang Qin’s Purpose2020-06-11
Chapter 117: Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp2020-06-10
Chapter 116: Their Strength Really Let Me Down2020-06-10
Chapter 115: A Manipulator2020-06-09
Chapter 114: Let Me Teach You A Lesson2020-06-09
Chapter 113: Violent Fatty Han2020-06-08
Chapter 112: Hey, Fatty!2020-06-08
Chapter 111: Han Fei, The Fatty2020-06-08
Chapter 110: Evil Human2020-06-08
Chapter 109: Like the Best Actor2020-06-08
Chapter 108: I Am an Agile Fatty2020-06-08
Chapter 107: I am a Fatty2020-06-08
Chapter 106: Don’t Touch Those Golden Things2020-06-08
Chapter 105: I’m Dying!2020-06-08
Chapter 104: Second Level of Void Fishing2020-06-08
Chapter 103: A Hexagon Starfish2020-06-08
Chapter 102: Seabed Grotto2020-06-08
Chapter 101: Treat Guests to Hot Pot2020-06-08
Chapter 100: Invincible Double Knives2020-06-08
Chapter 99: First Combat in the Level-one Fishery2020-06-08
Chapter 98: Main Function of Demon Purification Pot2020-06-08
Chapter 97: Power of Demonic Fishes2020-06-08
Chapter 96: Classification of Fisheries2020-06-08
Chapter 95: Everyone Loves The Fish Dragons2020-06-08
Chapter 94: Bamboozler Han2020-06-08
Chapter 93: Fish Dragon Card Room2020-06-08
Chapter 92: Yes, Young Master2020-06-08
Chapter 91: The Fish Dragons2020-06-08
Chapter 90: Li Jue’s Death2020-06-08
Chapter 89: Fighting Li Jue2020-06-08
Chapter 88: Indestructible Body2020-06-08
Chapter 87: Make A Fortune2020-06-08
Chapter 86: Mantis Shrimp King2020-06-08
Chapter 85: Boat Burying Pit2020-06-08
Chapter 84: Treasure Map2020-06-08
Chapter 83: Declaring War2020-06-08
Chapter 82: Provocation2020-06-08
Chapter 81: I Think He’s A Monster2020-06-08
Chapter 80: Five Basic Combat Skills2020-06-08
Chapter 79: Soul Warrior2020-06-08