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God of Fishing (Web Novel)


In a world where humanity lives in suspended space, children undergo a fishing test when they come of age. Those with immaculate talents have the possibility of becoming great fishing masters.

In the endless sea, every life is imbued with a sacred mission. There are fish that can fly, turtles that have absorbed the worldly essence, and whales that can devour the heaven and earth… There are also countless fishers.

Fishing is an art.

There is an ancient saying: If you can’t fish, you might as well be bait.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 481 Who Can Stop Me?2020-11-30
Chapter 480 The Tragic Li Hanyi2020-11-30
Chapter 479 Identity Exposed Again2020-11-29
Chapter 478 Sneak Away!2020-11-29
Chapter 477 Art of Invincibility2020-11-28
Chapter 476 A Vine2020-11-28
Chapter 475 The War From When?2020-11-28
Chapter 474 The Altar That Appeared out of Nowhere2020-11-28
Chapter 473 Legends of the Mermen (2 in 1)2020-11-28
Chapter 472 Lobster Demon (2 in 1)2020-11-28
Chapter 471 The Inferior Man-Fish Again2020-11-28
Chapter 470 Counting the Spoils2020-11-25
Chapter 469 Xia Xiaochan and Mo Feiyan2020-11-25
Chapter 468 Farewell (2 in 1)2020-11-25
Chapter 467 Ye Baiyu, the Fastest (2 in 1)2020-11-23
Chapter 466 The 200th Floor of the Desolate World (3 in 1)2020-11-23
Chapter 465 The Central Zone2020-11-22
Chapter 464 The Goddamned WMD2020-11-22
Chapter 463 His Hands Were Trembling2020-11-22
Chapter 462 The Unlucky Yang Deyu2020-11-22
Chapter 461 Sister-In-Law2020-11-21
Chapter 460 Fan Datong, You Wait and See2020-11-21
Chapter 459 Turn A Group Fight into a One-On-One Hit2020-11-21
Chapter 458 Trapped Beauty2020-11-19
Chapter 457 The Stupid Yet Strong Woman in White2020-11-19
Chapter 456 Play Dirty2020-11-18
Chapter 455 Poor Master Hexagon2020-11-18
Chapter 454 The Sects2020-11-17
Chapter 453 A Trap2020-11-17
Chapter 452 Unspoken Rule of the Level – Three Fishery2020-11-16
Chapter 451 Brotherhood2020-11-16
Chapter 450 Reunited2020-11-15
Chapter 449 Met Tang Ge Again (2)2020-11-15
Chapter 448 Meeting Tang Ge Again (1)2020-11-14
Chapter 447 Is He A Heavenly Talent?2020-11-14
Chapter 446 A New Ally2020-11-13
Chapter 445 Qiuqiu?2020-11-13
Chapter 444 A Couple and a Third Wheel2020-11-12
Chapter 443 Met In Advance2020-11-12
Chapter 442 The Ingenious Use of Soul Crystals2020-11-11
Chapter 441 A Professional Stabber2020-11-11
Chapter 440 The Poor Dragon Eel2020-11-10
Chapter 439 I Want Money, Not Life2020-11-10
Chapter 438 Start Looting2020-11-09
Chapter 437 Offer Up A Sacrifice2020-11-09
Chapter 436 Enter2020-11-08
Chapter 435 Little Fatty Cao With A Backstory2020-11-08
Chapter 434 The Most Approachable Patrician2020-11-08
Chapter 433 The Steps into the Sea2020-11-08
Chapter 432 Spiritual Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce2020-11-06
Chapter 431 Little Fatty Cao2020-11-06
Chapter 430 The Black and White Ghosts Are Here2020-11-06
Chapter 429 The Poor Li Hanyi (2)2020-11-04
Chapter 428 The Poor Li Hanyi (1)2020-11-04
Chapter 427 Show No Mercy2020-11-04
Chapter 426 Make A Name2020-11-04
Chapter 425 Void Breaking Technique2020-11-04
Chapter 424 Black and White Maniacs2020-11-04
Chapter 423 Black and White Ghosts2020-11-04
Chapter 422 Hey! Don’t Attack Yet!2020-11-04
Chapter 421 Return2020-10-31
Chapter 420 The Chaotic Original Water2020-10-31
Chapter 419 Opportunities From the Past2020-10-31
Chapter 418 Go Away, and Stay Alive!2020-10-31
Chapter 417 City Fall2020-10-29
Chapter 416 Shrimp Soldiers? A Crab General?2020-10-29
Chapter 415 Desolate City Drenched in Blood2020-10-28
Chapter 414 Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1)2020-10-28
Chapter 413 Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1)2020-10-27
Chapter 412 Stupid Xia Xiaochan2020-10-27
Chapter 411 Fight to Get Married2020-10-26
Chapter 410 This Is A Crazy Time2020-10-26
Chapter 409 A War Is Coming2020-10-25
Chapter 408 Drawing Circles2020-10-25
Chapter 407 Majestic Mystic Spell2020-10-24
Chapter 406 Secret Battle Technique2020-10-24
Chapter 405 Inferior Man-Fish2020-10-23
Chapter 404 Undead Merman2020-10-23
Chapter 403 Treasure Trove of Prison2020-10-22
Chapter 402 Demon Han’s Action2020-10-22
Chapter 401 Indirect Killing2020-10-21
Chapter 400 Perils in the Inner City2020-10-21
Chapter 399 Conspirators2020-10-21
Chapter 398 Two Schemers2020-10-21
Chapter 397 The 17th Place On The Wanted List2020-10-20
Chapter 396 Traitor on the Team2020-10-20
Chapter 395 You’ll Throw It When I Tell You To2020-10-18
Chapter 394 Entering the Undersea City2020-10-18
Chapter 393 Ask For A Battle in a Provocative Way2020-10-17
Chapter 392 Undersea City2020-10-17
Chapter 391 Lurk2020-10-17
Chapter 390 Robbery2020-10-17
Chapter 389 Unlucky Jiang Tong2020-10-15
Chapter 388 Third on the Wanted List2020-10-15
Chapter 387 A Fish Skin2020-10-15
Chapter 386 I’m Poor!2020-10-15
Chapter 385 Shopping Mania2020-10-15
Chapter 384 Disguise2020-10-14
Chapter 383 Exchange2020-10-14
Chapter 382 Spectral Horn2020-10-12
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